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story tags; angst,thriller,supernatural

casting; jungli (shipped as friends)

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In this world,people lives peacefully unlike in Soojung’s world.

Oh well she’s apparently the only one living in her own world,or what she calls her depressing place.

People who were called clever as kids,grew up and became clever people

People who were called pretty grew up and were all pretty

They called me psychopath


“Soojung felt like if everything was going down in disaster. Her mind however didn’t want to take order and obey her actions.

‘I need help’

Just three words. But especially those three felt as tought as millions of tons for her lips to pronounce,but she really,honesty had to make those three to be heard.

'Why can’t I cry’ them out?’  Soojung thought 'Why? Why is it so tough??”

As tears fell down Soojung’s cheeks,she started to breath forcefully until her entire body started to ache more than it already was. But she couldn’t,on how much she tried,control her breathing nor her shaking,bloody hands. She used to say 'I’m a strong girl’ to boost up her self confidence when the kids in middle school teased. Because she learnt that the weaker ones catches up on the stronger ones,her quote would work anytime,but now? Her mind didn’t want to hear them,totally refuses 'I’m a strong girl’ at the moment when she needs the courage and her words.

F*ck my life

No,she couldn’t stand like this.Soojung tried again but somehow her voice kind of..didn’t want to agree and just shout out the cry?

I need help’’

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