Sy Lees nye liv: Fandt guld efter realitykarrieren

Den 26-årige celebrityblogger Sy Lee har brugt sine optrædener i ’Fristet’ og ’Divaer i junglen’ til at skabe sit eget brand. Men det er ikke pengene, der driver værketFotografen dirigerer Sy Lee rundt i lobbyområdet på Radisson Hotel. Den 26-årige tidligere realitydeltager har prøvet det mange gange før og tager det med et stort smil.

Foto: Asger Ladefoged

Slaver i Peru befriet efter 30 års fangenskab

54 voksne og børn er blevet befriet fra guerillabevægelsen Den Lysende Sti, der har holdt dem skjult i junglen i Peru i op mod 30 år. Kvinderne er blandt andet blevet voldtaget og brugt til at føde børnesoldater.Foto: MARIANA BAZO

Men det kønsstereotype som fænomen forsvinder jo ikke, hvis bare man holder op med at afbilde eller tale om det. Det findes derude, og det bliver det ved med. Og hvis det findes, skal det beskrives. Ellers kan vi lige så godt med det samme melde os under fanerne i Nordkorea eller hos den første og bedste overlevende amazonstamme i junglen.
—  Politikens Michael Boner forarget over, at man ikke længere kan tillade sig at være sexistisk uden kritik.
Interview with DJ Bailey

Firstly, thanks for taking the time to do this Bailey, you’ve been an inspiration to me for years.

How are you finding Ministry compared to where you were before? You seem to have a friendly banter with Chef that’s refreshing to listen to.

When Ministry Radio gave me full creative control it immediately relaxed me. It allows me to present the music I play in a way I see natural without boundaries. Chef is as passionate as me, not just about Drum & Bass, but music generally and that’s what you can hear coming through.

You recently became a Serato Icon… where do you see this type of software going in the future and how has it affected the way you play? Personally I love being able to bust out a quick mix or tease, which would be difficult/impossible on vinyl.

The main point for me and probably most people that use Serato is that you can carry way more music with you than you could if you used standard vinyl releases. It opens you up to all kinds of creative ideas within a set which can extend into a lifetimes worth of musical knowledge.

Speaking of Serato and vinyl… what is your collection like in terms of size, genre and era? Do you still collect or buy vinyl?

I haven’t got a clue of how much vinyl I have but I’ve been buying since the early eighties. I think the first record I bought with my own money was Mickey by Toni Basil in 1981. My Hip Hop selection is the second largest batch I’ve have as I religiously followed the music before I discovered House music. The main bulk of my record collection is from the House music era leading up to Drum & Bass but I do have a fair amount of Soul, Funk, Rock, Pop and Disco too. I don’t buy as much as I used to now unless it’s something collectable like a picture disc.

What effect has your musical background and personal up-bringing had on your music tastes? Did you grow up with a crew of DJ’s, MC’s and producers around you? Were your friends into the same sort of thing?

I was brought up on Motown Records compilations and Reggae albums from names like Burning Spear, Jimmy Cliff, Big Youth and others. They were the records my mother owned that definitely had an impact on my musical tastes. I and a few friends started a small sound system playing at house parties around South London. Hip Hop, Soul, Swing and Rare Groove were big at that point. It was nice to have friends with common interests to share your latest vinyl discoveries with.

What inspires you still? What keeps your progressing and motivated to move forward?

My current inspiration comes mainly from bedroom producers. Coming across an unknown name with a sick tune is like finding a diamond in the sand.

What’s your opinion on the current trend of DJ’s mixing DnB tempo, but not strictly/classic DnB style stuff at the moment (Sam Binga, Dub Phizix, Stray etc)? Do you see that moving to be a separate genre entirely or just another facet of the scene?

It’s good to experiment. That’s what got Drum & Bass here in the first place. Trying things out not knowing what results you’re going to get is risk I wish more people would take.

As a trend setter for years, who’s your hottest tip for 2014? For me personally, L-Side is really exciting and I see you’ve included some of his tracks on the Chronic compilation.

L-Side is my first choice too but it’s also important to mention Philth, Level 2, Acid Lab, Vigorous, Infamy, Boosta and Atmos T. I’m finding a lot of the new names coming out of Brazil have a great sound too.

As a Scottish DJ, I’m extremely interested in your opinion of DnB north of the border. Have you played in Scotland before? If so, where and when? Do you enjoy Irn Bru? ;)

I’ve played in Scotland numerous times from events put on by DJ Kid to a night put on by 1Xtra when it first launched. Generally what I find is that parties outside of London have more exciting vibes. Drum & Bass was born in London and if you pick a few flyers and look at the line ups, you quickly understand that London is spoilt for choice. Big line ups like these don’t exist elsewhere on a weekly basis but London is very used to seeing them. I love an Irn Bru btw!

What tune never leaves your bag (or metaphorical laptop record bag)? I find myself dropping S.P.Y. – Magic Hour almost every time I play.

It has to be Tuning Remix by D Kay & DJ lee. That one never fails me.

Finally, can I just thank you for the countless tunes you introduced me to via your radio shows. I’ve lost count of the number of tracks I’ve checked the tracklist for after the show, something I wouldn’t’ particularly say so much for the other big DnB radio shows.

You’re welcome. If people like you (with a brain of their own) didn’t exist, I’d have packed this job up years ago. Too many people are happy being spoonfed their own tastes these days. What a bag of shit!

Anmelselse: Abeskønt eventyr med Peter Pedal
Der er fuld fart over feltet i ’Peter Pedal: På eventyr i junglen’, hvor Peter Pedal møder direktøren for et rumprogram (der hedder Houston, og så ved den voksne del af publikum godt, at der er problemer forude!), der vil sende Peter ud i rummet for at hente en dims, der skal sættes på en sender i Afrika for at forhindre en kommende oversvømmelseskatastrofe. En stor opgave for en lille abe.


DnB Dojo Mix Series 06: G-reg

The 6th in our exclusive mix series comes from Aberdeen DJ G-reg. A resident at the city’s long running Jungle Nation club night, G-reg has established a reputation as a lightning fast selector wit…

Big thanks to Henry Wilson aka DJ Hex from Symbiosis in Glasgow for including me as number 6 in his mix series over at DnB Dojo.

Full tracklist, stream and download link below.

Download: http://dnbshare.com/download/DnB_Dojo_Mix_Series_06.mp3.html

Stream: http://www.mixcloud.com/DnBDojo/dnb-dojo-mix-series-06-g-reg/


Songbird – Tokyo Prose
Requiem – Anile
Valid Invalid – Dominic Petrie
The Clock Ticks – Dub Phizix
Dubmonster – L-Side
Skull & Bones – Dabs (feat. MC Kwality)
Repentance – Mefjus & Inside Info
Lef Dem – Sam Binga (feat. Redders)
Photone Recruits (Phace Remix) – Rawtekk
Count To Ten – Enei (feat. MC DRS)
Depth Sounder – Quadrant & Isis
Grand Funk Hustle – Die & Break
Lurkbox – Dabs
Guardian – Spectrasoul
Brainstorm – L-Side
Disco Ball – Command Strange
Maniac – Halogenix
Next Phase – Ruffhouse
Block Breaker – Krakota
Unofficial Jah – Dom & Roland
Little Fling – Noise & The Upbeats
Operation Ivy – June Miller
Surface – Kasra & S.P.Y.
Impressions – HLZ, Need For Mirros & Villem
Cooper’s Dream – Phobia & Jubei
Forsaken – Alix Perez
Suddenly VIP – Nymfo
Mosquito – Enei
Boss Man – BMotion
The Saboteur – Emperor & Centra
Deadlock – Misanthrop
Weep – Basher & Frankee
Speak To The Sky – Bcee
Cybergenic – BMotion
Loving You Is Easy (S.P.Y. Remix) – Camo & Krooked
Thrust – Calibre
Night Thought – Kove
Inna Streets (L-Side Remix) – DJ Chap
Strung Out (Calibre Remix) – Calyx & Teebee
Aftermath – Audio & Ryme Tyme
Rudeboy – Sigma
Milky Way – Ram Trilogy
Fighter (Unreal Remix) – Dr Meaker
All Over Town – Chopstick Dubplate (feat. Mr Williamz)
Peepshow (Audio Remix) – Cause4Concern
Life Forms – Cabin Fever
Scorpio – Loadstar
Everlasting Days – Nu:Logic
Conversations – Mutt (feat. Kevin King)


With Jubei on the horizon this weekend, the monthly shopping around for the biggest releases of the last month begins…

There’s a lot of great stuff out at the moment but this release really caught my eye. Rotterdam based Blendits have been pushing DnB and Dubstep in their hometown since 2008, but this is their first venture into releasing music.

The A-side is dark and growling and will quite clearly drive a crowd wild. There’s nothing better than a great tune on a small label… secret weapon for a DJ. The B-side is slightly more techy sounding, but steps it up in terms of production and class.

Definitely check this release out and add this to your list of labels to keep an eye on!