Leopard with jungle foliage for Nye who is the actual best. I’ve been so excited to share this one but I wanted to wait till it was done! Healed photos in a couple months. Thank you so much, lady. Black and color in plants healed; leopard color and background shading fresh.

Ok but what I don’t understand is that people say that dark skin is a “manly” feature and that’s why dark skinned girls are not attractive…because the darker you are, the more masculine you look.

In other words, light skin is a feminine feature and the lighter you are, the more feminine you look.

Using this logic, racists conclude that dark girls are not pretty because they look manly…well then, shouldn’t that also mean that light skinned men aren’t attractive because they look feminine?

Furthermore, shouldn’t that make white men the ugliest men in the world?

Amazing how the stereotype that is used to degrade black women hasn’t backfired on white men.

signs as women from current singing groups

aries: ally brooke hernandez

taurus: normani kordei 

gemini: jesy nelson 

cancer: lauren jauregui 

leo: perrie edwards 

virgo: jess plummer 

libra: leigh-anne pinnock 

scorpio: asami zdrenka 

sagittarius: shereen cutkelvin 

capricorn: jade thirwall 

aquarius: dinah jane hansen 

pisces: camila cabello

Dian Fossey loved gorillas so much, she dedicated her life to the study and preservation of them. In 1966 she went to live in the African jungle in order to get close to them, learn their behaviors and befriend them, while fighting off poachers who hunted them. She published articles to gain attention and support for gorilla conservation. In 1985, when she was 54 years old, Dian was found murdered in her jungle cabin. The mystery of her death was never fully resolved.


these beautiful girls need to blow up. neon jungle - hideaway (kieza cover)

they all have such beautiful hair, i can’t handle it. i feel like they very much represent the new generation of “tumblr” girls…diversity included. i wish i was a teenage girl right now, or this sort of fashion had been around then. or i had been creative / bold enough to go there. i would have rocked that shade of blue instead of being all emo or whatever.

(actually probably not, it looks like a lot of upkeep for a dark haired curly girl.)

“I’m from Busan.”
“As someone who doesn’t live here what kind of city does Seoul look like to you?”
“To me, Seoul looks a bit like a cement city. People here live in a bubble. However there are many creative people in Seoul, so inside this cement bubble are some unconventional things as well. It’s ironic, right? Even in such a dreary place there can be creativity.”
“Are there any other characteristics of Seoul you can think of?”
“There are many pretty women.”

“전 부산 사람이에요.”
“외지인으로서 보기에 서울은 어떤 도시 같아요?”
“서울은 저한테 약간 시멘트 같은 도시예요. 사람들이 틀에 갇혀 살죠. 근데 그 시멘트 속에 색다른 뭔가가 있어요. 서울엔 창의적인 사람들이 많거든요. 그게 아이러니 하죠. 그런 삭막함 속에서도 창의적일 수 있잖아요.”
“혹시 다른 특징이 있다면요?”
“예쁜 여자가 많아요.”