Since September 4th is the anniversary of Steve Irwin’s death, I felt like sharing this.

When I was a kid I didn’t want to be a doctor, or actress, or pirate when I grew up. I wanted to be Steve Irwin. I learned everything I could about animals. I was always catching lizards, frogs, and tarantulas, much to my mother’s dismay. My parents let me wear khaki shorts and animal themed t-shirts to school everyday, even picture day. 

For my 11th birthday, my mom emailed Steve Irwin at the Australia Zoo and told him that I was his biggest fan and that I told everyone that I was going to be him someday. My mom asked if he would be willing to autograph a picture and that she would even pay for him to mail it. She honestly didn’t even expect him to reply.

But he did. 

On my birthday there was a letter for me from the Australia Zoo. It had a card, autographed pictures, and a bunch of fliers about how to volunteer at the zoo. Most importantly though, look at that card. It’s not typed, or generic. It’s fucking glitter-glued. That card is handwritten with gel pens, the Happy Birthday is glitter, the stars are all drawn on with gel pens and glitter too.

Steve Irwin actually wrote me a real birthday card and it is still the most amazing thing I have ever gotten.

Steve Irwin will always be my hero because he didn’t just care about animals. He cared about 11 year old girls who dreamed of being him when they grew up. 

Nathan Drake steals things: Nathan Take
Nathan Drake uses a different name: Nathan Fake
Nathan Drake ruins everything he touches: Nathan Break
Nathan Drake eats meat: Nathan Steak
Nathan Drake falls into a large body of water: Nathan Lake
Nathan Drake gets hurt: Nathan Ache
Nathan Drake is attacked by jungle reptiles: Nathan Snake


John Favreau’s The Jungle Book- Kaa, the Indian Python

The Jungle Book was released in 2016 by Walt Disney Pictures, the noted creators of the classic 1967 animated feature film. Part live-action, part-CGI, the film was hailed as a benchmark for computer-generated realism in animation in regards to both rendering and motion-capture with the various animals and their associated actors. The tale follows Mowgli, an orphaned boy living in a jungle with several animal guardians. He must avoid the tiger Shere Khan and seek to find his place in a world where many feel he does not belong.

Kaa, voiced by Scarlett Johansson, is a 100-foot Indian Python, intent on devouring Mowgli. She hypnotizes Mowgli in an attempt to swallow him, but is stopped by the combined efforts of Baloo and Bagheera. 

You Can’t Stop Me...

Fandom: Marvel

Characters: Female reader, King T’Challa, palace guards, *original* Amai

Pairing: T’Challa x reader

Warnings: Again, sorry, it’s quite long, fluff (Usiku means night in Swahili)

Summary: For @cupcakequeen1999 who asked:

Hiya! Can you do a T'Challa x Reader where a large black panther follows her home in Wakanda and so she takes her in & T'Challa, her boyfriend, visits her and is confused at why there is a large panther laying on the couch just staring at him? I need some humor/romance…

Here it is! I hope its OK for you? Probably not what you were expecting but…

You’d never get used to the amazing beauty of Wakanda; walking through the jungle that surrounded the palace quickly becoming one of your favourite things to do. Your boyfriend, the King T’Challa, had warned you that despite the proximity to the palace there were still dangerous creatures in the jungle, like snakes, jaguars and – funnily enough – wild black panthers. You knew that it was reckless to go wandering through the jungle without one of the palace guards there to watch your back, but you enjoyed the solitude; it was a welcome break to the often-hectic kerfuffle of the palace which often drove both you and T’Challa insane. You smiled to yourself at the thought of your boyfriend, still struggling to believe that you were lucky enough to not only be dating such an amazingly kind man, but for him to be a King of a beautiful and equally amazing country.

As you meandered through the jungle on a path that you walked more times that you could count, running you fingers along the rough bark of the trees as you sauntered past, you couldn’t shake the peculiar feeling that someone – or something – was watching you. You slowed down and listened intently.


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I like the way this scene plays. We kept him looking at his book that he,s writting, until suddenly, she makes a move on him and then he just turns on her. Like Kaa, the snake in Jungle Book,…  - Marc Abraham ( I Saw The Light. Special features)