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“Rite of Passage”

Before the Philippines fell in the hands of the Spanish conquistadores, The Maharlika was the feudal warrior class of the Tagalog Region.

For the Maharlika, to become a man and a warrior, a boy begins training at an early age to prepare himself for the rite of passage. During puberty and when the moon is visible in the day light, he must hunt a ferocious beast and return with its deadliest body part as trophy. The more dangerous the beast, the manlier he becomes.

The Maharlika Initiate performs a ritual of sacrifice using a white fowl’s blood to create markings on his skin, as he follows instructions carved on a bamboo cylinder. The blood marks temporarily give its bearer protection, enhanced strength and speed; it can also enchant weapons to acquire magical properties.

The Sarangay was one of the favorite prey of The Maharlika Initiate and although a herbivore, turns hostile and attacks when provoked or threatened; it stands up on its hind legs to intimidate the threat and the natives mistaken it for a half-man monster. The Spanish Conquistadores slayed the few remaining ones for bounty, resulting to their extinction. Their ivory horns were highly valuable exports, traded via the Manila-Acapulco Galleon in the 16th and 17th century.

*This is a work of fiction, intertwining myth and history into magic realism. Magical blood markings and the reimagined sarangay creature were based from folklore. The rite of passage and the extinction of the creature are metaphors for the non-progressive traditions/practices of the natives and the Spaniards’ attempt to destroy the pagan roots of the ancient Philippines while exploiting the land.


Can we just take a moment to appreciate how diverse all the female body types are?

Up until recently it seemed like there was just a stock body shape for shows, and now I’m seeing so many different ones and it makes me happy. It’s just really lovely.

Adventure Time and Bravest Warriors both created by pen ward. Natasha Allegri is the creator of bee and puppycat, Rebecca Sugar is the creator of Steven Universe. Both have worked on Adventure Time as well.

A while back, a girl in class was telling me how lame she thought Power Rangers was. Of course I took it personally but I didn’t say anything about it. Then, she went on praising Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior. Don’t get me wrong, I love the movie, but what she doesn’t know is that Wendy’s best friends are Power Rangers. 😏

Don’t come complaining to me about the “pointless” fighting in Power Rangers when there’s just as much fighting in that entire movie. Power Rangers win.

Picture by: Henk van Rijssen
model / outfit by: Anja LivingDreadDoll

Second picture of this shoot. It was such an honor to do this photoshoot with Henk. He makes amazing pictures!
Even though the outfit was made for the Post Apocalyptic Wasteland Tribal style, it totaly suits this jungle vibe.


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A happy life

Request: Reader is searching for Jake and find him, and Eytukan makes Tsu’tey teach her, and she falls for him, but do nothing ‘cause of Neytiri and she tells him about it after defendin gthe skypeople

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Furrowing your hairless brow, you tried to get through thicket without stepping or breaking any plant that was surrounding you. You were Marine, back on Earth, but here you job was to protect scientists who were studding both fauna and flora of Pandora. Well, it was your job, until your fellow Marine, Jake Sully who get lost this morning while being on a run with your boss, Doctor Augustin and the new guy Norm Spellman. How did he do that, you had no idea, because you have had no time to ask Grace about it, quickly getting into your “coffin” as you liked to call it, and logged into your Avatar, which was a little darker than normal Avatar for person with (s/c) skin, but you payed it no mind. It was as unique as you. At least that’s what Grace liked to tell you from the moment you told her, that you understand why Na'vi were so bonded with their planet, when you were watching her work in the field, and studding one of the trees and it’s connection with the other plants surrounding it.

You didn’t tell it to anyone, but once you tried using your queue at one of the trees. It was mind blowing to put it mildly. You felt as if the whole planet was connected not only to your brain, but also to your heart and soul. From that moment you started to understand the natives of the planet. You also started to hate more and more with everyday what RDA was doing to this place.

You gasped, catching branch which luckily was right above you. You almost fall from the cliff. You took a deep breath, looking down at the waterfall. It wasn’t good, if what Grace told you was right, he run right in this direction, which mean that if he was as stupid ass almost all of the Marines you meet, that mean he jumped, or most likely didn’t saw where he was going and fallen. Groaning you toke two steps back and started searching around for any footsteps or other traces that could help you to find out if this whole Sully was clever enough to not to jump of the waterfall. Well, you didn’t got so much luck. You found trail of footsteps of boots and other, belonging to Thanator, running tight in the direction of cliff. You moaned internally and sat down thinking about what to do. If you will wait too long, that stupid bastard will die in there and tracks will get cold, so you will not be able even find his corpse. Which means that you will have to jump down the cliff, hoping that you will survive and then search for this guy’s tracks on the other side. Normally you would choose to walk along the cliff, hoping to find a dead body, but if he would die in this body, he would just woke up in his original one, and then RDA would inform you about it, so then you would search for a death Avatar, which means that you will have to jump, because he wasn’t polite enough to just die, or don’t get in trouble in the first place.

You got up from your position, corrected your backpack and huffed one last time before you got back a few steps before you started running right to the cliff, where you bounced off the ground and jumped, keeping your hands and legs in one line.

Falling into the water from that high wasn’t something that you would to do again, but fortunately it wasn’t that hard to swim to the edge of river and went out of the water, gasping slightly and shaking your head to get rid of the water form your hair and ears. When you were done, you searched around for tracks. And you found it after a while. There were clear prints of someone scrambling out of the water through the mud.

After five or six hours, the sun began to set. It wasn’t good for you, non for Jake. You were able to survive the night in the jungle of Pandora, you could not say it about him, who were totally not ready to even walk there in the light of day, what was confirmed by his accident today.

You were ready to give up on this guy and get back, until you heard something, what sounded exactly like a fool trying to survive. You turned in that direction and run there, just to find an Avatar, looking around him with dropped jaw. And you know why. There were dead Viperwolf, at least eight of them. Na'vi woman was prying near one of them, which meant that she saved him. You stood quietly, trying to show some respect to her and what she was doing, while that guy was trying to speak to her. When she finally finished, you quickly got to them and cached Jake by his queue, pulling him back from her. He screamed in pain, while woman looked at you with something in her eyes, whatever it was, you had no idea.

“You did not thank for death.” You murmured to him which make him look at you in shock. “Death is nothing else but something sad, you got it? You should be apologizing to her for making her killing them.”

“I…” You shook your head, looking at the woman, not sure what she will do to you. She looked strangely familiar to you, but you couldn’t put your finger for that.

“He is like a baby. Loud and clumsy.” You nodded. “He don’t know anything, like a baby.” You smiled slightly. You started to like her. When she walked away, you let go of his queue, what wasn’t something that you should do because he started to run after her. Swearing under your breath you run after the two of them.

Long story short, while you were trying to catch Sully again, and he tried to convince the Na'vi woman to teach him about their way of live. You were trying to apologize to her, but Jake was too loud for you to outshout him. After the weird incident when woodsprite sat on top of you and Jake. When they disappeared, your rescue mission went down, because in that moment she told to the both of you to follow her, which didn’t end well, because of Omaticaya warriors, who got to you and tried to get rid of you.

When you were standing in front of Eytukan and Mo'at, there were nothing more that you wanted to do than take Jake by his neck and just snap it because of his overtaking stupidity, which were only growing with passing time. You even tried to smack him, but when surrounding you warriors showed their readiness to attack you, you bite your lip and crossed your arms, glaring at your companion. You didn’t plan to get killed now, after two years of sitting on this Planet. Out of everyone who were in the Home Tree, only Mo'at was somehow friendly towards you two. After learning that the two of you are warriors, she let you two stay there, saying that the two of you may learn from her daughter Neytiri, which happened to be the one who saved Jake’s ass back in the jungle, and from the warrior Tsu'tey, the one who wanted to kill you almost fifteen minutes before. Jake got Neytiri as his teacher, while you got the unfriendly man, who couldn’t stop glaring at you as if he wanted you out of the home tree, which you wanted too. You weren’t suppose to be here, you were suppose to find Jake and bring his stupid ass right to the base of RDA.

You got “dressed” in Na'vi clothes which one woman gave you with disgust on her face. You couldn’t blame her. All natives of Pandora hated skypeople. Looking like that, you and your new teacher got to the dinner. The moment you cached Jake, you were ready to kill him, but for his luck, you were sitting too close to the Eytukan, while he sat next to you. You glared at him.
“What you were doing in the jungle?” You almost growled at him, but decided to answer him non the least.

“I was send to look for you, you piece of walking shi…” You bite your tongue, not wanting to show yourself in the bad light.


“One more word and I will strangle you with your own tail, you got that?” You snapped looked on the ground.

“We newer meet before, where were you fighting?” That brought attention of almost everyone around you. You sighed, looking back at him.

“Afghanistan. First front.” He whistled.

“It’s surprising that you live.” You rolled you eyes at that.

“Tell me something I don’t know. I got lucky back there, you know? I don’t know why, but it was really a miracle.” You took plate that Tsu'tey handed you. While chewing on some meat, you tried to think of what you could say next.

“Was it that bad as everyone describe it?”

“No.” You shook your head. He looked at you shocked. “It was much worse. Really the worst time of my life. And you know what was the worst? My friend was right next to me, prying to everything at once, to survive and got back to his wife and newly born son, and then bum! He was dead in the next second. It wasn’t suppose to be like that. I was suppose to stand at his place. That bullet was destined for me, not him.” You looked down at your hands, memories of that day coming back to you. “When I got back home, I was the one to look his wife in the eyes and tell her that her husband took my place in line and that’s why he will not be able to hold her, or watching as their kid gets older…” You closed your eyes sighing. “And she hugged me, you know? She hugged me and told me to live happy life, because that’s why he is dead.”

“And you did?” You looked at him in shock. “Did you live a happy life?”
“I’m still trying to, but I don’t have luck. He died for nothing.” With that you ended, not wanting to say anything more. Some of Omaticaya were still looking at you, but after a while they gave up and get back to eating.

Next few weeks were somehow difficult. Lessons with Tsu'tey was learn or die type of life. You were learning how to ride a Direhorse, shot with a bow and tracking and recognize the animals of Pandora. You were had to think and learn quick. It wasn’t that hard, not for you, but Jake was another different story. Tsu'tey maybe weren’t the nicest teacher you ever had, but every time you two were near Jake, he would look at you with something like pride on his face.

“This is Pali, you will learn how to ride it.” You nodded, trying not to scare the Direhorse that Tsu'tey stopped right in front of you. You weren’t sure what to do, which only made him mad at you. He furrowed his brow and waved his hand at you. “Go on, Tsleng Tsamsiju*” You furrowed your brow, not knowing what he just told you. But not wanting to make him angrier, you slowly approached the animal, putting one of your hands on it’s neck while your teacher took two steps back, to watch what you are doing.

“Relax girl, everything will be just fine. I’m afraid of you more than you of me.” Tsu'tey snored, but said nothing. You just gritted your teeth and stroked the Direhorse’s neck. She snored and looked at you, which make you smile. “I’m not gonna hurt you, yeah?” You raised your other hand and let her smell it.

“Bestride her.” Quick and cold command from Tsu'tey made you look at him with hard eyes. He only eyed you. Trying to keep calm, you looked back to Pali and putted your hands on it’s back, jumped slightly and quickly sat on her back. Pali snored stomping from one leg to the other. You putted hands on her neck, trying to balance. You looked at your teacher who came to you and took a thin antennae that emerge from the top of Pali’s skull.

“That’s Tsaheylu, the bond. You have to make a tsaheylu to be able to communicate with her.” You took antennae from his hand, embarrassment spreading through your body when he quickly took away his hand when you accidentally touched him. You looked at the antennae and smiled slightly when you saw the same tentacles that were in your queue. You took it and connected with animal. That was not something you expected. It was much stronger and deeper than connecting with trees. You felt as if you had not one, but two hearts. You took a deep breath, feeling Pali doing the same.

“Wow…” You gasped, patting animal on the neck, but you quickly stopped when you felt it in the back of your mind. You looked at Tsu'tey, trying to act calm, not to scare the animal you were connected with.

“You have to feel her breath, her strong legs and heart.” You almost flinched when he putted his hands on the Pali’s neck. “You can tell her what to do, in tour mind.” He touched his brow. “Now, tell her what to do. Tell her to ride.” You looked ahead, swallowing hard.

“Ride?” She took off at full speed, almost knocking you off her back. You squeezed your legs tighter, trying to stay on her back. “Take it easy!” She slowed down to walk and you patted her. “Good girl. Now turn back and let’s get back to where we were.” She did what you told her, coming back to Tsu'tey. Unfortunately, when you were almost at your destination, some Direhorse run right in front of you startling both of you. You looked in direction it came from and laughed seeing Jake, laying face down in mud. You disconnected yourself from your Pali and get down, ready to go to another Avatar, but your teacher stopped you, amusement clear on his face.

“You should go away, you don’t belong here.” Jake looked at the two of you, trying to get mud from his tongue. You putted hand to your lips trying not to laugh.

“You would miss me.” Your teacher rolled his eyes and said something in na'vi to Neytiri. You on the other hand crouched next to Jake and tried to wipe some mud from his face with your hands.

“How did you do that?”

“I have no idea.” You rolled your eyes and helped him on his legs.
Za'u.” You looked at Tsu'tey, who turned his back to you and walked away. Neytiri rolled her eyes and looked at you.

“Is he always like that?”

“You will get use to this.”

Za'u!” You sighed and run after him, waving at Jake and Neytiri. Tsu'tey pushed you in direction of your Pali, which was sipping syrup from flower. “Again.”

You didn’t talk much, at least not when you were busy, but when your day ended, he would teach you their language, talking to you in it, and explaining you different things. That was hard. You better learned manual tasks than languages. That’s why you were like a lost puppy when you were with Grace. But other than that you didn’t have any problem… well maybe there was one. And his name was Tsu'tey. You didn’t know when it started, but one night, when you logged off of you Avatar, you find out that you already missed him, even through you saw him only five minutes ago. It was torture for you. Day by day you found yourself falling deeper for him, which wasn’t nothing good because he was suppose to be mated with Neytiri.

That day, you woke up in your Avatar and got up from your hammock, seeing Tsu'tey still sleeping. You quietly moved down the branches, trying to find something to do. That’s when you found yourself eye to eye with Mo'at. You bowed your head showing her respect.

I see you (y/n).

I-I see you Mo'at.

“What are you doing without Tsu'tey?” You shrugged.

“He is still asleep, so I though that I could do something on my own. If not, then I can get back up and wait for him. I just want to do something useful.” She looked at you for a while and then skinned at you, walking indirection known only for her self. You quickly went after her, looking around you. You two stopped near the group of children, who looked at you with interest.

You may help with them. They get bored pretty easily.

They are kids, it’s normal.” You answered her, trying to speak as good as possible. She smiled at you and get closer to the kids.
This is (y/n). Deamwalker. You have to teach her how to play.” They smiled and got to you, pulling you by your hands and speaking to you, all at once. You only laughed, letting them to do with you anything they wanted. You looked back at Mo'at who sat down on large root, watching you.

Sister, are you a warrior?” You looked at small girl who were holding your tail. It was some king of game they were teaching you, you didn’t rally understand what that was about, but you played with them anyway.

I was, when I lived with skypeople.

And now?” You sighed, and raised your hands showing everyone that you want to stop the game before crouching in front of the girl, Neyra if you remembered correctly and smiled.

I don’t know. I hope that I will be good enough to become a part of the people.” She smiled and hugged you.

I want to be a warrior too! Will you teach me?” You laughed hugging her too.

“Have you ended being a child? If so, then come.” You sighed letting go of the girl and looked at her sad face.

Now you will have to take my role and win for both of us, don’t you?” She smiled, nodding her head and run to the rest of the children. You looked at Tsu'tey and raised your eyebrow. He furrowed his brow and started to climb up the branches. You went after him, waving at the kids for the last time. You two got to the top branches where Tsu'tey made a strange noise at which branches started moving. After a while a huge blue Ikran with black spots appeared, landing near the two of you. You backed a little looking at it.

Don’t look into his eyes.” You lowered your gaze a little, still trying to watch what your teacher was doing. “An ikran is not like a Pali. It can bound with only one person for whole his life. You did not choose one, it’s choosing you.” You nodded watching him carefully. He petted his companion and looked at you with something like an affection in his eyes. “When you have an Ikran, you are a warrior, a hunter.” He got closer to you. Only now you realized how much taller he is than you. You reached under his chin. You looked up into his eyes. “You will get one when you will be ready.

“When?” He chuckled, his breath caressed your check.

“When you will be ready. Don’t be impatient.” You nodded and stepped away from him, looking down on your feet. “Come, we have things to do. You have many things to learn.”

Running through the woods was as your second nature. And doing it while being with Tsu'tey was just like a dream. After some time he started to open up to you. He was laughing when you tripped, and when you were able, you cached him by his tail and pulled him to yourself. The first few times he scolded you, but after a while he just slowed down a little.

“What are we doing?” You tried not to groan. You were exhausted, after whole day of running, jumping and tracking, the only thing you wanted was to lay down, maybe bath and go to sleep. You were aware that when you will lie down, trying to sleep, you will go back to your human body, which means, that you will exhausted only mentally and not physically, like almost every day which started to be a pain in the ass for you. You preferred to stay in your Avatar form. It was much more natural now, waking in your hammock, next to the one belonging to Tsu'tey, going into the woods, learning how to be a warrior of Omaticaya and spending your time with kids and tribal women. Much more than waking back in your human body, much more skinny than when you came into your “coffin” in the day you went to find Jake. It was your real life, you knew that, it’s just didn’t feel like it. Being in barrack at the Hallelujah mountains felt like a dream for you, nightmare to be exact. You waited there, often sleeping with the help of sleeping pills, for the moment you will be able to get back there, to the Home Tree and to be with the tribe.

“Watch out!” Tsu'tey cached you by your forearm and in the last moment pulled you to himself. You were so lost in your thous that you almost run into a tree. “Skxawng, pay attention at what you are doing or you will kill yourself.”

“Sorry.” You felt blush creeping up on your face. He snored at you.

“What were you thinking about?” You looked up at him, trying to walk at his pace.

“That I don’t want to go to sleep, even though I’m exhausted.” He looked at you with shock in his eyes and unsaid question. “I don’t want to wake up it my other body.” He scowled at it, firs time in two months, for a while you felt that maybe he forgotten that you are Dreamwalker, but you quickly get rid of that though. It was impossible, not when there was so much physically differences between Avatar and real Na'vi.

He didn’t say anything for the rest of your walk and neither did you. The silence started to be unbearable, you almost couldn’t take until he finally stopped and brushed branches of your way. Your breath caught in your throat at the sing of the big, beautiful lake surrounded by soul trees and other Pandorian plants.

“It's… wow…” You looked around, coming into the edge of the lake. It was getting dark, and you were positive that soon, everything will start to glow, which will make this place even more prettier.

Narlor.” You looked at him with questioning gaze. “This place. Beautiful.” You smiled agreeding with him.

“Naloru?” He laughed at you, sitting down near the edge.

Narlor.” You nodded, sitting next to him.

“Narlor?” He smiled, which make his ears move a little to the back, which make you smile too.

Yuey. The beauty inside.” He touched your chest with his three fingers.

“Yuey.” You repeated and he nodded. You wee looking into his eyes and at his face, that you growe to cherish, and without knowing it, you cachet his hand, not even once looking away. “Narlor…” You realized what you just say in the moment his eyes got wide from shock. You quickly jumped back, and fallen into the lake. When you swam up got your head from the water, he was laughing at you.

You are clumsy.” You rolled your eyes, splashing water at him. He tried to catch you, but you wee quicker and cached his hand, pulling him into the water with you.

When you two got back to the Home Tree, it was way past the time you would normally log out, but you couldn’t care less. You felt much better than when the two of you went to the lake. You two get to your hammocks and went to sleep. Him facing you, for the probably first time in your time with the tribe and you, hugging yourself around the waists, face turned slightly in his direction. You weren’t sleeping like this in normal circumstances, but your Avatar were never sour from this position and neither it mover in her sleep, so you just keep doing it…

On the evenings, he would tell you tribal stories. You liked them, but it was better when kids started to accompany you. They were siting around the two of you, Neyra was sitting on your laps, playing with your hair. Tsu'tey would always look at you funnily. You never would know what he was thinking about then, but you just assumed that he was thinking about him and Neytiri, having their own kids, which was only making you sadder, because he wasn’t interested in you. Well, maybe he started thinking about you as his friend, but definitely it wasn’t enough for you, even through you tried not to show this.

Why did Neyra keep calling you ‘sister’?” You looked from sleeping girl, which was taken by her mother from you and shrugged.

I don’t know, maybe she likes me?” He just nodded, pulling you with himself to the skeleton that looked like a bigger version of Ikran. “What is that?”

“It’s Toruk. The last shadow. Before my father’s father was born, there was big war. Clans needed a leader. That’s when Torukmakto appeared. He united the clans and they won with the great evil. Then came the peace, and people didn’t need Torukmakto anymore.” He sat at the stone near the skeleton, looking at it with respect in his eyes. You sat near him, pulling your legs to your chest.

“That’s something.” He looked at you, moving his ears slightly when he smiled.

“Everyone lives for purpose. You too.” You smile disappeared. “That’s why you live.”

“If I could choose, I could die, day after day, but he should have lived.” He touched your face with one of his fingers.

“We don’t choose our path. Eva did. You lived because you are needed.” He was looking at you for a while before he took away his hand and stood up, looking away from you. You were looking at him for a while before looking away and sighing internally. “You should go sleep. Tomorrow we are going hunting.” You nodded and run away, as quick as you were able to. Your heart betting like crazy.

When you were told that you are going to be the one hunting today, you were as shocked as it was possible. You never though of hunting, not here, not with bow and arrow. You felt nervous just by thinking about it.

The whole time Tsu'tey wasn’t helping you at all. He just stayed back, watching what you were doing all time. You felt as if you were at some kind of exam, which wasn’t helping you with anything.

Taking a deep breath, you started telling yourself that it was just you and the forest, no Tsu'tey, no judgment and nothing. Just you, your bow and the Yerik you were tracking for almost and hour.

Opening your eyes you crouched and once again checked tracks. When you were sure of what you are going to do, you got up and walked quickly and silently in the direction of your target. When you saw it, you crouched again and toke your bow and arrow. You heard Tsu'tey crouching behind you, but you payed him no mind pulling the string and aiming at the animal. You were about to fire an arrow, but stopped when you was smaller Yerik coming to the bigger one. You stopped and lowered your weapon, watching them closely. A mother and her young. You scoffed watching them and them silently backed off, putting your arrow back to it’s quiver. You didn’t look at Tsu'tey, too afraid that he would be mad at you for what you did, instead of it, you looked for another tracks. You found them two hours later and started to follow them.

Whole time neither you nor he speak anything.

This time, Yerik you found was a big male. It was alone, drinking water from a river. This time you fired an arrow without second thoughts, hitting him right in the lung. You run to it and prayed, like Tsu'tey taught you, and then you stabbed it in the heart. Only when animal was dead, you looked at your teacher who looked very pleased.

You did good. You are ready.” Without a word, the two of you took Yerik to the Home Tree.

Tsu'tey! Here you are. We started to worry that this Deamwalker got you lost.” One man laughed seeing you two. You looked down while Tsu'tey stood infront of you, shielding you with his body.

She had to change her prey.” Na'vi looked at you over Tsu'tey’s shoulder with furrowed brows.

Why? First one escaped when it smelled her stink?” You gritted your teeth, not wanting to say something that you would regret later.

The one she tracked first was smaller, with a cub by it’s side.” That made him shut up. You looked at Tsu'tey with small smile, which he returned before he took your prey to the women who were cooking for tonight.

“Hi there.” You looked behind you and smiled seeing Jake and Neytiri. “So… You did that, didn’t you? Hunted down your first prey and killed it?” You rolled your eyes.

“Yes. What will happened now?” Neytiri smiled and hugged you lightly.

“In the two days from now, you will go to the mountains and then you will bound with your Ikran.”

“And we will become the part of the people?” She nodded. You grinned and looked at Jake who were looking at the back of Neytiti’s head. That was something that hurt you to. Jake was looking at Neytiri in the same way that you were looking at Tsu'tey. You sighed and stretched lightly looking over at your teacher. He was talking with some men, relaxed in a way he never was with you… well, maybe once, at the lake…

You almost jumped out of your skin when Neytiri touched your arm. You looked at her.

Ngaytxoa, I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“It’s fine. What is it?”

“Nothing much. I just wanted to say, that you and Tsu'tey became good friends.” You looked at him again, only to blush slightly when he cached your gaze and smiled slightly which made your heart to pound like crazy in your chest. You quickly looked back to Neytiri who had amused smile on her face.

“Yeah, friends… I couldn’t call it like that. Let’s say that he tolerate me.” She just rolled her eyes and took you wrist and led you to a two women, sitting by the fire. Their laughter died when they saw you, only for one of them, pretty one with a lot of beads in her hair to stand up and greet you as first.

“(y/n) this is Ninat. She has a beautiful voice.” You nodded to her and looked at the rest of them, which princess introduced to you. “Peyral, a good hunter. You could learn much from them. About how to be a woman of the tribe.” You looked at them with sudden hit of shyness. Ninat toke your hand and lead you to the fire they were sitting by, and just like that she started to do your hair. You looked questioningly at Neytiri who laughed, witting by Peyral.

“You should take care of your look. You will be a warrior, and part of the people, you should look good, for a man to mate with you.” You quickly looked back at her.

“Girl say what?” She looked at you funnily and took you by your shoulders to sat you properly.

“You will be able to choose a man, and if he will choose you to, you will mate with him.” You looked at Neytiri with big eyes.

“And what if I don’t want to mate?”

“It will come to you. It will come to everyone.” You wanted to nod, but Ninat’s hands prevented it. “You are a fine woman, you will mate quickly. You are strong and brave.” You bit your tongue trying not to remind them that you are a dreamwalker, and that this live will not be forever for you.

“I should go to sleep.”

“No you don’t. You need to sing.” You chocked on your saliva. “Do skypeople have their songs?”

“Well… they do, but…”

“Then sing.” You closed your eyes trying to thing about something, but your head was now like a black hole. Hearing laughter you looked over at Tsu'tey and then it hit you, you know one song you could sing.

“Ok, but i’m not really god at it, so if your ears start to bleed, don’t blame me.” They laughed and Peyral nodded at you to start.

(Wolven Storm – witcher III wild hunt, because why not? I love this song)

When you finished Neytiri smiled brightly and touched your shoulder.

“It was good.”

“No it wasn’t.” You blushed looking down, and then you realized that Ninat finished braiding your hair. Slowly you raised your hand and felt that all your hairs which wasn’t part of your queue, was braided in braids. You looked back at her and smiled, only to see that everyone who were around you was looking at you, Tsu'tey included. You quickly excused yourself and run to your hammock, quickly logging off.

You got your Ikran. You were the last one from your group of four and it didn’t helped you at all. When it was your turn, you circled nest four times, our hope for Ikran falling with every second, until out of nowhere, something landed behind you. It was it. Huge male, the biggest you ever saw, without his back left eye with dark purple skin and orange and black spots on his wings and around eyes and mouth. It attacked you with great force, and to be honest, you didn’t think you can make it. But you did, and you still don’t know how you managed it.

You still can’t forget about your first flight. It was something magnificent. The feeling of freedom and force that you felt from your Ikran was something like a drug for you. Wind on your face and speed you were flying at was something that you never wanted to give up. It get even better when Tsu'tey joined you. And then you saw Jake and attacked him, which ended with fight between you two, Neytiri’s laugh and Tsu'tey’s scoff… and you almost killing Jake, by forcing his Ikran to do a barrel in the air. Long story short, Neytiri scolded you while Tsu'tey was laughing like never in his life.

In the night you became part of the tribe, you lost track of Jake and Neytiri, but you payed it no mind. Instead of eating with the tribe and having fun, you sat near the skeleton of Toruk and watched everyone.

“Getting away?” You turned looking at Tsu'tey.

“Thinking. And you?” He didn’t answer and sat near you, looking up.

“You are a woman now. You can make your bow from wood of the Home Tree.” You nodded, looking up at the skeleton. He gave you a fruit and stood up. “I want to see you next to the Palis in the morning. We are going with other warriors to recon. You understand?”

“Yeah. See you tomorrow.”

Your first day as a part of the tribe brought to the clan nothing but pain and destruction. You couldn’t blame Omaticaya for being mad at skypeople and for their will to revenge. However, you tried to help Grace with her trying to lead them away from the idea of war. What didn’t helped you much was the fact that Jake and Neytiri showed up, mated… You tried to hold Tsu'tey back, but he was too strong for you, and he accidentally cut your check with his knife.

When you watched Grace Augustin dying under the Tree of Souls you weren’t able to think of anything more than your desire to get rid of skypeople. You weren’t able to do anything that wasn’t hugging Jake’s arm and crying into it.

When Jake gave a speech to Omaticaya, you looked at Tsu'tey, who was speaking with such passion that you felt your heart beating harder. When Jake told everyone to fly to every clan possible, your former teacher cached you by your wrist and pulled you to your Ikrans, telling that you have to stick to him.

You smiled seeing Jake and Neytiri kissing under the Tree of Souls when he woke up as Omaticaya. From what Mo'at said to you, your turn to change your body for good will be tomorrow at sunset. Until then, you have to wait.

“And there is my second favorite girl in the whole world!” Jake hugged you as tight as it was possible.

“I think Eva putted you upside down into this body. Stop hugging me!” You got free from his grasp and punched him in arm. “How was it?”

“Not much different than while you were logging in by machines… well, the lack of that metal coffin was something crazy, you know?”
“I can imagine.” You scratched your cheek looking at Neytiri. “So, you and Jake are together?”

“Yes. Now you don’t have to worry.”

“Worry?” She turned you around, showing you Tsu'tey, sitting alone by the fire. You swallowed hard looking at him. So Neytiri knew about your feelings for him. “He doesn’t like me…”

“You may never know if you will not try. Go to him. You saved his life and can’t talk with him? How long have that been?”

“Four days.”

“Go.” Jake showed you in direction of warrior. You took a deep breath and got closer to him, sitting by his side. That’s when he looked at you with shock in his eyes.

“Want to go to the lake?” He nodded letting you take his hand and lead you there.

“When will you woke up with only one body?” The both of you sat near the edge of lake, soaking your feet.

“Tomorrow evening.”

“And then what?” You looked him in the eyes, gathering up your courage.

“I want to find myself a mate.” The look he gave you was heartbreaking, but you wanted to play this game some more.

“I… who… Who got your attention?” You sat a little closer to him.

“A warrior. Very good one, he is also a great hunter… But he may love another one…” You looked away. Here with your courage.

You jumped slightly when you felt his hand under your chin. Looking into his eyes you had your heart in throat. You were curious what he is going to say. But he didn’t say anything, bowing his head down and connecting your lips. Your breath cached in your throat, eyes got wide and heart started beating with such force, you were almost sure that it’s going to jump out of your chest. When he started to pull away, you took him by his cheeks, holding him in one place and finally kissing him properly.

“I want to mate with you.” You gasped into his mouth, holding him close.



“I want to have you in the proper way, with you falling asleep and waking up in my arms. Only you and me.” He kissed you again before backing away. You smiled looking into his eyes and nodding.

“Then see you tomorrow.” You got up and run away, giggling at the speed he run after you.

Now you will live a happy life.

* Tsleng Tsamsiju – False warrior

*ngaytxoa – Sorry

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