jungle jacket

Lean green screaming machine

i have almost memorized
the twists and turns
of hangers hooked so neatly,
counting them back and forth,
trying to make out the colors
of dresses and shirts and skirts.
there wasn’t much to do here at first.

i’ve tried for so long to see
the world beyond the closed hinges,
the breath of fresh air,
hues other than the usual grey undertones,
a space so far and wide i can easily stretch
without bumping into stray nails
or being splintered by wood
or enduring numbness in my legs.

but i heard them outside,
their whispers of treachery,
seemingly stabbing my back
and spitting on my identity,
their words of hate and spite
adding chains and locks
to the already closed door,
making me to seek shelter
among the jungle of jackets and sweaters.

so i’ve decided to stay a little longer,
carving poetry onto the hard wood,
fixing and matching clothes inside,
making my own portal to fictitious lions,
having adventures in between thoughts,
until the time the locks break,
the doors fall off,
and the voices shush.
—  stuck and staying in closets to Narnia

yugeom: iced chocolate, dirty dancing, disco balls, blushing way too hard, wearing your favourite clothes over and over again, back hugs, ice cream trucks, opening presents, building a snowman

bambam: sunglasses, shopping sprees, changing hair colours, going to vegas, room service, crazy karaoke sessions, nervous first dates, fireworks, silk pyjamas, neon lights, plane rides, energy drinks, fashion magazines

youngjae: baby otters, laughing to the point of crying, dandelions, staying up all night to play video games, singing loudly in the shower, comfy hoodies, hearing a new favourite song, long-distance relationships,  microphones

jinyoung: the smell of new books, soft sweaters, warm tea, korean barbecue with friends, getting a driving license, hand sanitizers, choreographing a new dance, rainy days, theatre clubs, cheek kisses, the smell of aftershave

jackson: jungles, denim jackets, beat boxing, meeting new people at parties, nightlife, billboards, reality shows, going to the zoo, tigers, snap backs, fencing, water balloon fights, dancing in a supermarket, vitamin c

jaebum: b-boying, pine trees, impromptu road trips, camping, comfortable relationships, gigantic slushies, burping competitions, eating ramen at midnight, bucket hats

mark: somersaults, fast food drive-ins, nose kisses, wearing oversized clothing, convenient stores, cycling date by the river, staying in bed all day, skateboarding, blowing bubbles with gum

bts ver.

I always dreamt of becoming a lawyer…
A very successful woman in terms of a good job, great papers,
Driving big cars,
Dating big names,
Living in big houses,
And a successful… Writer
Before life unfolded
Its meaness and worst face
To me.
I wasn’t worried about the future…
My mother kept telling me how
Smart l was (am)
And how the world
Favored people such as me…
She had a salon somewhere in Nairobi University Chiromo campus hostels
Where alot of young students…
Medicine practising students
Called home after
Long science classes…
She would make sure
I interact with a couple of them…
They loved my little brain at the time…
Especially how
I fused some good spoken English
With some deep Kawangware Sheng…
How l explained facts and my thinking.
So when asked
“So what do you wanna be when you grow up?”
I would smile…
Confidently say,
“ A Lawyer, A Model and A Writer ”
And everyone agreed,
I was on the right or should l (now) Say WRITE,,, Track
But somewhere between the lines
Of lonelyness, depression and bankruptcy
The Dream Became as So…
A dream
A mare dream

So years are gone now
My mother said,
( the other day in a joke…)
“Wewe Madam Lawyer… Si unitumie pesa ya Mothers day?!”
Which l did,
Then after,
Sat in my crib
Recalling all those times
I thought of the future
How l fought to get the latest Elle magazine…
In bids to update my understanding of lawyers dress codes
And poses by models
Reading the writings on the side
To improve my future writing skills…
Recalling how l slept for few hours
Reading about the worlds history
In order to understand the past present and future of the World Status
How l trained to speak before my mirror in courtrooms
This was supposed to be my heaven…
Then look at me now
Putting on combat side pockets
Jungle green jackets and Berets
With 3/4s of my head shaven
My fingers shinning some gold ring on each of them
In some boots
Before me is a microphone…
Am here before millions of eyes
To speak about justice
And about how “Rober…”
Was not suppose to die
How he did not want to steal
How big a sacrifice he became…

Look at how l condemn societies
In my sheng’
Look at how intellectuals are keenly listening
Look at how they follow up the story
Look at how lawyers are snaping to my punch lines
Look at how this male poets hate to love my writing
Look at how mothers who’ve lost sons in the name of mob justice look at me as their emotional saviour…
As their defender
As the Lawyer they could never afford…
Did l say lawyer?
Is it that l became a lawyer in the long run
But on a different angle and Approach?
I have no papers…
Am yet to complete the 8:4:4
Wait… what is the 8:4:4?
For good brains?
My father in all his arrogance and irresponsibility
Once told me
“Every one might take everything away from you
Even l might take alot from you,
But nobody, can take away your Brain
And God given ability to see things differently…”
So this morning l texted my mother
Using my private number
In the text l said…
“ I hope you got the ‘Pesa Ya Mothers Day’ cheque…
I have been defending voiceless people in this city
After l became a lawyer that writes about justice…
Its what l am doing in Nairobi…
My regards to Cedric
Tell him his fee is paid…

Lawyer Qui

Qui Qarre

Remember to purchase your ticket
To “tears of the pen”
Happening on 1st July 2017
Clarion Hotel Nairobi

Details. Jungle fatigue jacket.

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Looks like the Splativersary Collab zine is out, check it out!

I remember I wanted to get started on this one as soon as I could. I didn’t realize it’d nab me an early page ohoho My main for the longest of time was the Aerospray RG. I remember while I was still leveling up to 20, I ran into many lv 20′s that wore and used the same thing: Jungle Hat, Camo Jacket, Pro-Trail Boots, Aerospray RG. And I loved it.

I tried going for an angular style with this one, with eye-popping colors. Halfway through I found the half-toning, ehehee.

Porn time! Sorry to those who were really hoping to see some Klaroline, but I had to make my girl-on-girl debut. I can tell those of you who are disappointed, thought, that the next one-shot in my Originals series is probably going to make you quite happy. Dedicated to my Rebekoline anon, who hopefully doesn’t find this lacking.

Anyway. Warning for violence, and, you know, sex.

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You see this is what I miss.

Classic windswept, never-heard-of-hair-products, just-thrown-on-the-first-clothes-that-I could-find Benny.

Maybe I just like my men a bit dishevelled, but he’s gone a bit male-groomed and shiny for me at the moment.

So please Benny, throw away the hair products, bring back the charity shop clothes and start looking like yourself again.

Maybe I could just take him camping for the weekend. That could work. Nobody can look glamorous camping - right?