jungle illustration


John Favreau’s The Jungle Book- Shere Khan, the Bengal Tiger

The Jungle Book was released in 2016 by Walt Disney Pictures, the noted creators of the classic 1967 animated feature film. Part live-action, part-CGI, the film was hailed as a benchmark for computer-generated realism in animation in regards to both rendering and motion-capture with the various animals and their associated actors. The tale follows Mowgli, an orphaned boy living in a jungle with several animal guardians. He must avoid the tiger Shere Khan and seek to find his place in a world where many feel he does not belong.

Shere Khan, voiced by Idris Elba, is a scarred Bengal tiger, the largest of the jungle cats. He is a feared predator, although his many wounds come from his interqactions with humans. Thusly, he rules much of the jungle through fear, but himself fears and hates humans. He is hell-bent on killing Mowgli, as he establishes no human may live in the jungle.