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Eric’s opinions on music

Eric writes a rather rude and quite hilarious opinion piece on certain music in his typical no nonsense fashion. 

Stupid fucking saxiphone crap. I hate this kinda fuckin music. Goddamn white bushey apes and spear chuckers. Snappin their gay little fingers and tapping their faggot little shoes. I want to take that sax and toss it into a vat of molten steel along with it’s owner. Or maybe charge into their gay little night club blasting away with an AR-15 and kill every one of those punkass happy jazzy fucksticks. Oh jesus this is even worse than the last piece. This is what passes for music these days? Buddah(?) I could go get a music contract. What catagory is this BS anyway? Shell blowing-bone wacking tree shaking Jazz? I really dont want to learn about some annoying middle aged loser whining about his stupid stream of consciousness type lyrics. Next they will throw in some frogs croaking or chainsaws roaring.

Hmm, a bit calmer so far. No jungle bunnies running around banging on things. Is this a fast pace song for the Earth spirit club maybe? Thank God there aren’t any lyrics. I find that lyrics can often ruin good music. Well this shit isnt so bad, kind of trancey. Quick too, was that a dog. Oh goodie, I hear space invaders now. Damnit, more random crap. Jesus now its ruined, stupid symbols or whatever they are called. Must be hard to carry THAT beat. Ok now stop screwin with it.

Oh yip-ee. Enya wannabe. With a twist of 80s synthasizer in it. Now we are jammin dude. Ug i need some KMFDM. Is this the soundtrack to a fantasy movie about a boy and his starship cruiser? Sounds like something aerobics classes dance to when they forget their CDs. Hmm, for some reason I feel like flying through a city with the spice girls.

Uh this is undescribable, I feel like I’m walking around in a friggin cartoon for gods sakes. Bloody bourito boys and their little banjo barakas. What the fuck is this! Screw you guys, I’m going to lunch and listening to good fucking music.

(In circles)






It really worries me that 84% of this audience agrees with that statement, because the kind of people that say “political correctness gone mad” are usually using that phrase as a kind of cover action to attack minorities or people that they disagree with. I’m of an age that I can see what a difference political correctness has made. When I was four years old, my grandfather drove me around Birmingham, where the Tories had just fought an election campaign saying, “if you want a n***r for a neighbour, vote Labour,” and he drove me around saying, “this is where all the n***rs and the c**ns and the jungle bunnies live.” And I remember being at school in the early 80s and my teacher, when he read the register, instead of saying the name of the one asian boy in the class, he would say, “is the black spot in,” right? And all these things have gradually been eroded by political correctness, which seems to me to be about an institutionalised politeness at its worst. And if there is some fallout from this, which means that someone in an office might get in trouble one day for saying something that someone was a bit unsure about because they couldn’t decide whether it was sexist or homophobic or racist, it’s a small price to pay for the massive benefits and improvements in the quality of life for millions of people that political correctness has made. It’s a complete lie that allows the right, which basically controls media now, and international politics, to make people on the left who are concerned about the way people are represented look like killjoys. And I’m sick, I’m really sick– 84% of you in this room that have agreed with this phrase, you’re like those people who turn around and go, “you know who the most oppressed minorities in Britain are? White, middle-class men.” You’re a bunch of idiots.
—  Stewart Lee, “Political Correctness”
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>White people:</b> “Tar baby, shit skin, big-lipped, big-nosed, nappy-hair, jiggaboo, jungle bunny, porch monkey, ugly worthless nigger.”<br/><p/><b>Black people:</b> “Oh well. I love my ageless melanated skin, full lips, broad nose, beautiful kinks/coils/curls that grows up to the skies of heaven. Fuck your white standards. Black is beautiful.”<br/><p/><b>White people:</b> “*GASPS* Who taught you niggers to love yourselves!!?? Don’t you mean EVERYONE is beautiful!!?? You know, there would be an issue if we started saying ‘white is beautiful.’ You are racist!!”<p/></p><p/></p>
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