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Original!Graves/Credence Headcanons

-Their first kiss is the Christmas after everything happened. They’ve been growing closer and closer for months. Credence makes the first move because Graves is wary of forcing anything on the younger man (Credence has been waiting for Graves for a few weeks and finally takes matters into his own hands).

-They’re married two years later. Graves proposed.

-Newt comes all the way from the jungles of Asia to attend the wedding. He’s Credence’s best man. Tina is Graves’.

-Credence gets a wand, but never really clicks with it. As a result he mostly just does wandless magic (with the added bonus of freaking out all of Graves’ baby aurors - the seasoned aurors know that Credence wouldn’t hurt a fly and like the pastries he brings on the rare occasions he visits Graves at work).

-There’s a magical bookstore not far from their shared apartment that Credence gets a job at. Graves makes enough to support them, but Credence likes reading and is good at knowing what books people need without being told (Queenie thinks she rubbed off on him during the time he lived with her and Tina, but the truth is that Credence has just spent a lot of time people watching).

-Shortly after their fourth anniversary, Graves brings home a little eight-month-old no-maj born. He tells Credence the parents had abandoned her after they caught her making her toys fly, and Credence immediately falls in love with her dark eyes and little baby smile. He transfigures a bottle and fills it with warm milk, seeming to know from instinct how to care for her. Graves had only brought her home for the night, but the next morning Credence tells him in no uncertain terms that the baby is staying. Her name is Marigold, and the adoption is finalized only a few short months later.

-Marigold gets a little brother a few years later. His name is Jonathan.

-Graves never thought that the worst months of his life would lead him to this kind of happiness. Credence never knew this kind of happiness existed. They make it work.

-There are problems, of course: nightmares, flashbacks, problems punishing their children (Credence hates giving out punishments, reasonable as they might be). Graves takes on occlumency with a vigor that exhausts him for over a year until he’s mastered it. Credence still has to cast spells over his husband in the middle of the night sometimes to make sure that it actually is his husband. They both pretend that Marigold leaving to attend Ilvermorny doesn’t terrify them - they both fail.

-But there is more good than bad: Jonathan grows up never hearing Grindelwald’s name spoken in their house; Marigold is sorted into Thunderbird of all things; Credence flourishes under the teachings of his friends and mentors, Graves careful tutelage in Defense Against the Dark Arts, and of course the innumerable books he reads during the quiet hours at the bookstore (which the elderly owner sells to him when she’s ready to retire a few years into his employment); Newt is an excellent uncle to their children, always being some exotic beast to teach them about, and Tina a wonderful aunt; Jonathan takes after Graves at Ilvermorny, but it’s Marigold who becomes the auror and Jonathan who goes into teaching.

-Credence and Graves only retire after a particularly close call, one where Graves almost doesn’t come home. Even then, Graves does consulting and Credence has his bookstore. And when the children or grandchildren or great-grandchildren come over, they have chocolates to spare and chess to teach.

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the signs as ridiculous beatles stories

aries: john pissing in jayne mansfield’s cocktail for revenge after she groped george
taurus: george getting bored when they met elvis and smoking pot with elvis’s roadie
gemini: john firing the beatles official astrologist for telling him he should break up with yoko
cancer: paul getting put in prison for 9 days after ignoring being warned about cannabis laws in japan and straight up bringing half a pound of weed into japan
leo: john refusing to let the beatles voice the vultures in the jungle book and being all like “there’s no way the beatles are singing for micky fucking mouse!”
virgo: paul getting high for the first time and thinking he’d figured out the meaning of life and writing it down and then finding out the next day that he’d just written “there are seven levels”
libra: paul and pete best getting kicked out of hamburg for lighting a condom on fire
scorpio: paul trying to one up mick jagger at mick’s birthday party and slipping the deejay hey jude/revolution and mick getting super pissed
sagittarius: paul dressing in all black and sitting in a corner with a guitar speaking fake french to pick up girls and the song michelle being inspired by that
capricorn:george losing his virginity to a call girl in hamburg and pete best, john, and paul waiting around and clapping for him when he was done
aquarius: the boys dropping acid and john and george following paul in john’s rolls royce down the streets of london shouting “it is pointless to resist! it is pointless to resist!” at 3 AM through the loudspeakers
pisces: john getting nervous and dropping acid before meeting brigitte bardot

Ideal Disney Cover Album

So Fall Out Boy are featuring on a Disney cover album and all fans had false hope that the other associated artists and bands would be on there but the rest turned out to be big name pop stars.  So here is a list of of a possibly better cover album tracklist that may be a better one for Fall Out Boy fans.

Panic! At The Disco - Be Our Guest

Green Day - Bare Necessities

Fall Out Boy - I’ll Make a Man Out Of You

Amy Lee - When She Loved Me

Bowling For Soup - Hakuna Matata

Bad Religion - When You Wish Upon a Star

Blink 182 - One Step Ahead

Gerard Way - Poor Unfortunate Souls

Simple Plan - A Girl Worth Fighting For

All Time Low - Friend Like Me

Hayley Williams - I Won’t Say (I’m In Love)

Note: Let It Go is not on here in dedication of everybody who is sick of hearing the song.


The Sun Kingdom stretches for thousands of miles across the Mainland, separated only by sea and a thick magical fog from the Moon Kingdom. The Empire is ancient and powerful, its people dedicated to the Goddess of the Sun, the Golden Empress who is the source of all light and life in the world. As the largest of the kingdoms in the known world, its rule extends from the bitterly cold north to the lush tropical jungles of the south, to the fertile river valleys all the way to the impassible mountains and blazing deserts of the west.

Among the Golden Horde, the people of the Sun Kingdom, the highest form of beauty and prayer is found in martial arts. Men and women dedicate the study of battle to their goddess and their soldiers often serve as priests. Bravery, selflessness, and the dedication to protect others are their core beliefs. They are renown throughout the world as deadly but honorable soldiers, even by their traditional rivals in the Moon Kingdom.

Fifty years ago, the Emperor of the Sun Kingdom was overthrown by enemy invaders from the north. The Galra slaughtered all members of the royal family and executed all high ranking officials, taking control of the entire kingdom. Without the royal family’s bloodline and magic linking them to their goddess, the Sun Kingdom fell into chaos. The newly proclaimed Emperor Zarkon twisted the Golden Horde’s traditional beliefs, turning them from honorable warriors to invaders and slavers, eager for conquest and power. Few native Sun Kingdom people ever reach positions of power under the Galra, but one stubborn soldier, Lieutenant Keith of the 27th brigade, is still clinging to the old ways and is determined to climb his way to the top by skill alone.

Warning: Explicit, additional tags on AO3.


Nickname: garebear, uhhh I think that’s it essentially???
Star sign: libra
Height: 5′3 probably I can’t remember
Last thing I googled: Pictures of gorillas
Fav music artist: If I had to choose just one I’d have to say The Killers, but ABBA and Celine Dion are close runnerups 
Song stuck in my head: The Greatest by Sia
Last movie I watched: The jungle book remake’s probably the only one I’ve watched all the way through lately
What are you wearing right now: A christmas rooster teeth shirt and some grey shorts 👌👌
When did you create your blog: Who knows dude I’ve been on here too long
What kind of stuff do you post? Mostly fandom stuff but also my own art whenever I make any
Do you have other blogs? Too many if you ask me laughs
Do you get asks regularly? I haven’t gotten an ask in fifty years, my inbox crops are dying
Why did you choose your url? The same reason I choose urls and usernames anywhere else: for Kin Reasons™
Gender: Genderfluid (He/Him or It/Its)
Pokemon team: An entire team of slowpoke tbh 
Fav color: Green (Gold too though)
Average hours of sleep: Usually around 7-8 sometimes less if I’m the only one watching Caboose
Lucky number: I don’t have an Official lucky number but I tend to choose 7
How many blankets do you sleep with? 1, 2 if it’s really cold
Dream job: Entertainment of some sort, Actor, Voice Actor, Maybe twitch streamer or something
Following: 904 but I think a good chunk of them are inactive, I just don’t feel like going through and clearing it out rip 


I’m a bad d r e a m,

I’m a rad scene,

I’m a tad mean,

But I’m not a f r a i d to take you out.

Hit Them Until They Stop a mix for team Hawkeye

1. Sun Goes Down (feat. The Knocks & St. Lucia) - Icona Pop  2. You (Ha Ha Ha) - Charli XCX  3. Top Down - Fifth Harmony  4. Hypno - Kids of 88  5. Shots - Imagine Dragons  6. The Archers Bows Have Broken - Brand New  7. Television All The Time - Gerard Way  8. Run Through The Jungle - Creedence Clearwater Revival  9. Hard Time - Seinabo Sey  10. Uptight Downtown - La Roux  11. No Defense (Noone Remix) - 7 Days Before  12. Caffeine (feat. Lamar Hall) - Jeff Williams & Casey Lee Williams  13. Happy and I Know It - Kat Dahlia  14. Polaroid - Imagine Dragons  15. Home - Ella Eyre  16. Arrow - Tegan and Sara  17. When I Go Down - Relient K  18. Love Runs Out - OneRepublic  19. 3 Spoons of Suga - Sugababes  20. Giddy Up - Dragonette  21. London Rain - Neon Jungle  22. Time for Us - Elsiane  23. Don’t Wait - Mapei  24. Lifted (feat. Emeli Sandé) - Naughty Boy  25. Earthquake (feat. Tinie Tempah) - Labrinth



It pays to have insurance… I’ll become a traitor!


Jungle All The Way - Swede Mason


Swede Mason - Jungle all the way



cute girlfriends; for girls who love girls

i. cherry wine - paola bennet ii. the power of love - gabrielle aplin iii. come on get higher - ciara catalla iv. she is love - paola bennet v. bones - anna sophia vi. alone together - ally rhodes vii. take me to church - neon jungle viii. all of me - kina grannis ix. just the way you are - elise & meghan x. stars falling down - kina grannis

  • CA: Do you see a difference in writing Barbara as Batgirl and writing her as Oracle?
  • GS: I have talked about this a lot, but I am very inspired by the ideas of a real timeline…if you are a Conan fan, you can read stories of Conan when he was very young, all the way up to when he was an old king. If you love Tarzan, you can read stories from the Jungle Tales of Tarzan, where he’s just a kid, all the way up until he has a son of his own and beyond. Same with Batman, you can follow him from Gotham, as a kid, to Dark Knight, as a cranky old weirdo. I really love that.
  • So my thinking on Barbara is always about that, it’s a timeline. And for the canon in my head, I see the current run as very early in her career, all the way up to when she becomes Oracle. Same character, one life lived, but stories told at all different points of the timeline. Her experience and methods change, but the steel is the same from cradle to grave, basically.
  • There’s always a feeling of, “Oh, man, what if I blow it,” on every assignment, but this one is special and I did cry a couple times writing it, hopefully it will be okay. I found it really touching to work on
  • From an Interview by Comic Alliance's Steve Morris with writer Gail Simone on Convergence: Nightwing/Oracle
  • http: //comicsalliance.com/gail-simone-nightwing-oracle-convergence-interview/