Also, I really need to make my next background picture one with a building, just bite the bullet and try buildings again.  I’ll do it but I will also cry a waterfall.

SO this was me trying to do a smaller background..and then adding 930458409580439 plants and going that’s not enough tiny plants but I really am done with this.

By the way if you recognize her by her coat colors then that’s because this is miss imp redesigned AND I AM STUPIDLY HAPPY WITH HOW SHE CAME OUT.  I then went frick I have to add a background now..how do I simple background, oh, I don’t/can’t simple background because I don’t even know how to background..K.

The older picture of Miss Imp (still waiting for her name to translate) is right here http://fav.me/d6izs0y .  SHE’S ON A TREE AGAIN :D..lol.  While I dropped her horns I did have a rough sketch of them in place.  I’m not sure if she’ll have them.  I think some of the Imps (which is a nickname they hate I’m still waiting on a better name for their race to translate) have horns and some don’t.

Please excuse my dorky butterflies, I needed to add something in simple that wasn’t a Flying Eye because I use them a lot.  They’re good practice but I was like LETS TRY A SIMPLE BUG.

I’m stupid happy with how she came out aaah.  Also like Kajout, I like showing fangs for other expressions like happy/breathing ones.  She’s just like yaaaay butterfly LETS SHOW FANGS IN EXCITEMENT.  It’s more like she was sitting there and suddenly butterfly made her go HEY!

A quick run down which I’ve mentioned before.  Imps (working name) Goblins (working name) Trolls, Orcs, and Onis are all considered to belong to the Big Tusk family, or that’s what humans call them.  Imp’s are the more feral looking, fur covered of the family.  They’re also the shortest.  While their sizes have translated better they’re still considered the smallest.  Smallest aka, 6-8ft tall range.  Miss Imp is at least in the 6ft range.  They’re very monkey like and move nimbly through trees.  This is also one of Trevini’s many friends who her adoptive oni family is trying to get used to but has made leaps in that area..well one of them.  Hey I didn’t say the Tusk Family gets along, only a few of them do.

Everyone else, though mainly Onis honestly, gave the Imps their nickname, using it in a not so polite way and when their children misbehave they say ‘don’t act like an Imp”..hence why the oni get dirty looks from them.  Goblins are actually way more feral then Imps.  As in you can have a conversation with an Imp and survive, a Goblin not so much.  Imps and Goblins have magic and physical based attacks but aren’t as strong as the rest of their family.  They do have crazy speed on their side though.  While Imps live in trees Goblins live in the ground like scary ants.  Everyone else varies. Trolls are stupidly laid back and they are the most magic based.  Orcs are crazy political and very strategic and rely on magic but mainly their body strength.  Oni are a mix of everything, either they are feral or war generals and rely on their natural elements like everyone else, but also are the freaking tanks of the family.  Oni are also the tallest, ranging from 14ft and above.  They’re one of the few who never really stop growing and can become mountains.

ENOUGH BLABBING..WOO BACKGROUND.  I’m going to work on more backgrounds obviously, but for a bit I’m going to try and focus on figuring out my coloring style without backgrounds so I can at some point move to feeling comfortableish with trying a fully rendered background :D.  I look at my renders of Gwen and Kajout and go yeah lets try and push it more.  I see so much I want to fix so..figuring out my coloring style here I come.

I’ll upload a up close of her face followed by some head turns I sketched of her in a minute here.

Miss Imp and her race resides with meeee.


here are some photos from the actual hiking part of my Machu Picchu trip.
the trek lasted 4 days and it was really actually very spectacular (despite how unfit i am). it was also v cheap for me cos i had asked my mum to put back some money from my 20th birthday so that i would always be able to make the trip. ^_^
we trekked through forests and learnt about the 3800 varieties of potato in Peru and were given a lil insight into the shifts in the cocaine trade in South America, where Peru has become the largest producer in the world 🍃🍃 we also walked along some of the original Inca Trail, which stretches from Colombia to Chile, and parts of which are around 5000 years old(!). i have never really had the chance to learn about the history of the Inca Empire and/or Spanish Inquisition so it was frreeeeaaking mind blowing to hear a lot of the things i was told. 💥💥💥
i also really liked the group i toured with, there were two South Africans🇿🇦two Argentinians, four Swiss🇨🇭and one Brazilian🇧🇷 it was kinda nice too because 9/10 people were girls lol so there wasn’t too much “oof im a man i can walk uphill really fast and i don’t need breaks, sleep, food, or water oof”
oh! and i think i got better at spanish this week ☺️ because the argentinians speak with incredible speed and i thiiiiink i managed to keep up heh.
anyway, if ur ever in peru, the Jungle Trek is definitely worth the coin. it was very rewarding and inspiring and brill and ya 💖💖