demon dickin’ down (m)

summary: every year, on one special night of october, the sex demon hotline is available for any human who wishes to call; and this time, their senior scout is on the field.

genre: smut, pwp

pairing: demon jungkook x reader

words: 2k of pure filth

warnings: rough sex, oral sex, degradation, creampie, cum play, light anal play, spanking, dirty talk, fingering, daddy dom! jungkook

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Contrary to popular belief, summoning a demon wasn’t that difficult. All you needed was a working phone and the stroke of midnight. 

After dialing 6-6-6, you sat on your bed, waiting for the liaison to pick up. 

“Welcome to Hell sub-unit, Lust Circle. This is Namjoon, how may I help you?”

Demons, ever as courteous they were. Namjoon has been an acquaintance of sorts ever since you first dialed for a service. Now that you were a regular, he had gotten more familiar with your taste- always knowing the perfect partner to pair you with.

“Joonie, It’s ___. Are any of your fine men available right now?”

His chuckle cackled over the phone, followed by typing. “___, pleasure as always. Yoongi has a client right now, but one of our veterans is free.”

Your attention was piqued at the mention of “veteran”. Subconsciously, you ran your tongue over your lips.

“What’s his name?”

“Jeon Jungkook. Kinda cocky, but has exceptional libido. I wouldn’t recommend him if you have any plans of going out or walking tomorrow.”

You squeezed your thighs, already getting aroused by his description. “Perfect. Send him over.”

“Seeing as your past records all sum up to rough sex and degradation, I trust that you can handle him. The Lust Circle isn’t liable for any bruising, marking, and other after-effects related to the session. You know the drill, so I won’t run you down the whole rule list anymore. He’ll be there in a second. Happy fucking!” 

As soon as he hung up the phone, black smoke slipped through the door. There was a bang, followed by heavy footsteps and a knock on the door. 

“Come in.”

The first thing you noticed about him was his stature. He was tall, slender, but had  just the right amount of muscle on him. He was wearing a long-sleeved polo tucked neatly under black, tight-fitting jeans. To top the outfit off, a black choker sat around the smooth skin of his neck.

“No formalities needed. You’re only allowed to call me daddy,” he bit his lip at the sight of you; your black lingerie hugging your curves perfectly. Jungkook hummed, slowly making his way closer to you. “Well aren’t you a diligent girl? Putting this show on all for me. Such a good slut.”

You whimpered, bringing his hands to your sides. He started running them up and down, feeling the warm flesh underneath. “We won’t be needing this anymore.” He swiftly undid your bra, throwing it to the side. He groaned as his hands moved to massage your breasts, lightly squeezing and pulling on them. 

“Fuck,” you hissed, moans getting drowned out as he pressed his lips to yours. He kissed you roughly, sliding his tongue into the confines of your mouth. Your hands went to grab at his hair, pulling him closer and tugging harshly at the soft strands. 

He proceeded to suck on your neck, biting hard onto the skin, before releasing it then licking over the mark he made. He repeated the process, leaving behind purple bruises blossoming all over your neck to your collarbones. You moaned, a mix of curses and his name tumbling out your mouth. He slipped his hand into your panties, cupping your heat in his large hand, before giving it a good smack. You cried out, clinging closer to him.

“So wet. I barely started with you, and you’re already leaking on the sheets. I bet I could just ram my cock inside you now. You’d like that, wouldn’t you? Answer, whore,” you nodded, letting out a broken cry as he shoved two fingers in you. “Use your voice. Goddamn slut can’t even bring herself to speak,” he punctuated his words with deep, hard thrusts, curling his fingers against your g-spot. 

“Yes!” you screamed out. “Please fuck me. I want your cock in me so bad, please, daddy,” he smirked at you, bringing his fingers out, making you whine at the lost feeling. You watched as he stood up, eyes going straight to his jeans, where his cock strained against the tight material. “I may be serving you, but you’re my bitch. Maybe if you suck daddy’s dick good, I’ll consider it.”

You unbuttoned his jeans, pulling them down along with his boxers. He sighed at the lack of constraint, his dick standing fully erect against his stomach. He was huge. Anatomically speaking, a demon’s dick was always larger than a mortal’s, but his just takes the cake on this one. He wasn’t just long, he had a lot of girth too. No doubt, he was going to give you a good stretch. A long vein crawled up his shaft, ending a bit before the angry, red head oozing pre-cum.

Gingerly, you wrapped a hand around him, slowly pumping him. You brought the head to your mouth, sticking your tongue out to give it a little lick. Using your thumb, you spread the pre-cum all over the head, and soon onto the shaft. When you were done, you took his cock in your mouth, sucking hard on it as you went down.

“My little whore. Your mouth feels so good on me,” he grunted, grabbing a lock of your hair and pushing you further until your nose hit his lower stomach. You gagged on him, throat spasming and tightening around his cock. You flattened your tongue pathetically against the underside of his cock. You’ve given your fair share of blowjobs before, but you haven’t taken on anyone as big as him. 

“I know you can take it. Be a good slut to daddy,” you swallowed around him, clawing your nails down his thigh. He moaned, starting to thrust shallowly into your mouth. He bucked his hips into you when you gagged on a particularly hard thrust. Saliva coated his dick, dripping onto his balls and your chin. Jungkook tilted his head back, eyes fluttering shut. He got lost in the feeling of you, thrusts getting faster, hitting the back of your throat again and again.

Your fingers slid down to move your panties aside, then proceeded to massage your clit, smearing your wetness over your folds and onto your inner thighs. He opened an eye, watching you through his heavy lids. “Look at you, touching yourself while you suck my cock. So filthy,” he panted, thighs clenching as he felt the familiar coil in his stomach. “Put your fingers in, baby. Look at me. Look at daddy when he comes in your mouth.”

You curled your fingers inside yourself, closing your eyes when you heard Jungkook scream out in pleasure. Hot streaks of cum shot down your throat. He kept thrusting, riding out his high. Just when you couldn’t take anymore, he pulled his dick out, his hand flying to pump it fast. He came a lot, the rest of it landing all over your boobs. His moans were drawn out, getting quieter as he came down from his high.  

“Swallow,” he growled, to which you immediately obeyed. He pulled you closer by the hair, spreading the cum on your boobs using his dick. You whimpered as he continued his ministrations, slowly gaining his composure back.

You groaned, eyes widening when you saw how hard his dick still was. “How are you still hard?” Namjoon wasn’t lying about the libido part. Even previous partners he had suggested was done with one go, but Jungkook was something else. 

“I’m not a veteran for nothing. It’s what I do, baby,” he licked his lips before giving you a smirk. He pulled you up and set you on the bed. “Hands and knees. Daddy’s going to reward you for being a good girl.”

He watched you with his arms crossed, feigning impatience. You quickly got into position, arching your back so that your ass jutted out at him. “Get it, big boy.”

At the sound of the nickname, something fully snapped within Jungkook. His irises blown out with lust darkened. He uncrossed his arms, only to grab you by the waist and rub his shaft against your ruined panties. He tore them off, hand firmly guiding the head of his cock as he plunged into you.

You screamed at the sudden entrance, the delicious stretch making your head swim. He grunted, relentlessly thrusting hard and fast into you. Your arms grew weak, until you finally gave out and your upper body collapsed onto the sheets. Sweat made the cloth stick to your skin, rubbing onto it each time Jungkook pushed you with his thrusts. 

“Who do you think you are, hm? Pretty fucking bold of you to call me that. Be thankful you take my cock so well, or else I would’ve stuck it up your ass as punishment,” he manage to get out through gritted teeth. You moaned louder from his sinful words, turns curling with each wave of pleasure that hit you. 

His grip on your hips tightened. Jungkook maintained the rough pace, making you grab at the sheets for dear life. The headboard banged against the wall, noise adding to the harmony of moans and whimpers coming from you. His dick made a lewd squelch each time it went inside you, bringing heat into your cheeks.

“Thank you daddy,” you chanted feeling his dick hit your g-spot again and again. He lifted your hips up, tilting you at an angle where he could reach you deeper.  

“Who owns this pussy? Tell me baby. Scream my name,” he urged you, hand moving to land a hard smack across your ass. You yelped, the pain soon turning into pleasure. “Yours, Jungkook. Only yours. God, you feel so good. So big, daddy. Fuck, fuck, fuck!” The string of incoherent words was deemed enough for him, and he spanked you again in appreciation. 

You clenched around him, making him squeeze your hips. You never took Namjoon’s warnings seriously before, but now you were positive that everything he said would be coming true after Jungkook’s done with you. Everything was a mess between you two. You were covered by liquid everywhere- saliva dripping out your mouth, tears streaming down your cheeks, and both your ass and vagina were wet. Jungkook was giving you the best mind-numbing fuck of your life.

“That’s right, baby. You were made for me to fuck. You like it when daddy’s big cock stretches your small pussy? I’ll fucking ruin you. Tear you apart. Shit, you’re so tight around me. No one has been fucking you right, hm? Daddy’s going to leave you leaking after this, baby,” he growled at you, voice hoarse from his throat drying up. You were close, he could feel it. All you needed was a little push.

Suddenly, you felt something prodding your other hole. Jungkook circled his thumb around the puckered muscle, lubricating it with your wetness. Without any warning, he pushed a finger in. You let out a broken cry, toes curling as you felt your release building up. He added another finger, scissoring you open.

“Cum for me,” he whispered, pushing you over the edge. You screamed, cumming on him hard as white heat took over you. Jungkook grinded into you, swearing as he came inside. You felt dizzy, vision blurring as you continued to pant under him. You held in a breath, feeling him pull out.

“Fuck, you look so hot,” he watched as his cum mixed with yours dripped out your pussy, trailing down your thighs. You winced as he scooped two fingers into you to collect some of the sticky substance, then pushing it into your ass. The overstimulation made you shiver, squeezing your thighs again, and making more cum flow out. He kissed you again, this time sweeter and slower. His soft lips parted as he ran his tongue against yours. He gave you one last peck before hitting your ass gently one last time.

He flipped you over so that you were lying on your back. He plopped down next to you, slinging an arm over your stomach. His head nuzzled against your shoulder, and the sound of your heavy breaths filled the room.

“Rest, baby. I’ll see you in the morning,” he whispered. You didn’t need to be told twice. Sleep overcame you, like how the same black smoke filled the room, coming from the boy next to you.

(note: oh hello. the most magical time of the year prompted me to go back to writing smut. i hope you enjoyed ^^)

when you fall asleep #14 | jjk

#14: you’re a disappointment.
or, when a mission goes wrong. jeon jungkook. hitman!AU. 841 words.

notes: well this is a whole beast lmao I got carried away orz

( wyfa masterlist )

If you were asked if Jungkook has ever failed at what he did, you would answer no. Well, technically, he had, a couple of times, but everyone had in their training period. Some mishaps here, some distractions there, but it was in the norm. You all had a time when you couldn’t quite grasp well the reigns for this kind of job, and so had Jungkook.

But apart from that, no, Jeon Jungkook has never, ever failed at what he did. He’s always been quick, clean, and efficient at his jobs, and even you, who are his senior of a couple of years, are always left amazed by the way everything slips into place just fine when he’s in charge. Jungkook’s always been at the top of the game, no matter the circumstances, or the odds; he’s always been so meticulous with everything that it’s almost scary.

Jeon Jungkook is the perfect hitman, except, after tonight, he isn’t anymore.

“Just—“ you hiss, frustration spilling from your tone – you, who’s always been so cold-blooded in any situation! – “what the fuck did you think you were doing?”

Namjoon didn’t like your performance tonight, and he made sure to let you both know. He sent the two of you out expecting that you would do just fine as always, only to have you back with the job half done and a bleeding Jungkook on tow. You had to hold your head high, humiliated, as your boss stated his utter disappointment in the two of you, and demanded that this would be the first and last time that you fail a mission.

Which leads to the two of you standing in the middle of the hallway, somewhere in the headquarters, facing each other. You are frustrated, fuming, at how things turned out tonight – not only you failed at assassinating your target, but also got your partner injured.

Said partner is looking back at you, annoyance laced in his furrowed brows. “What do you think I was doing? Of course I was saving your ass,” he states matter-of-factly, which only fuels your anger more.

You cross your arms on your chest. “Well, I never asked for that. You should have just ignored and focused on the mission on hand. Honestly, what was even going on in your head? Have you gone nuts?”

“Yeah, should have let you be and have you killed. Sure. Great idea. How did I not think about that.”

“For fuck’s sake, Jungkook, I don’t want to have this kind of argument with you. You know damn well that this whole thing is not about living. Someone’s bound to die when we are out there.”

“Well, I didn’t want you to die, okay?” His statement comes half-shouted, and for a moment, it freezes your muscles. Jungkook is looking at you, his expression pained, and if anyone was to ask you if you ever saw Jungkook like this before, you would answer no.

Jungkook hardly ever showed any emotions.

It’s his turn to run a hand in his hair now, shutting his eyes tight and exhaling loudly. “I didn’t want you to die,” he repeats, eyes settling on you. “When I saw you were in the bullet path of that one guard, I felt like I was losing my mind for a second. I was angry at you for not paying attention. I was angry at myself for the same reason, too. I should have been more careful with the whole plan. And in that moment, I was just human— I didn’t have the heart to see you dying on the ground.”

Your mind is slow at processing his words, but as it does, it hits you like a train – that under another circumstance, you would be moved by his selflessness, and worry, or whatever that is. That you’d joke on his act of chivalry, just to hide your embarrassment at his confession right now.

Sadly, you can only look up at Jungkook – since when did he grow taller than you? Last time you checked, you were both around the same height – who’s trying to make you understand, and you gulp down a mouthful of nonexistent saliva. “Look, I’m flattered but… you shouldn’t have. You can’t afford to do such things – think about the others, I mean. You should have just focused on the mission, and not act on impulse. You should have learned it from the training. You’re a disappointment— what you did was totally uncalled for. Don’t do it ever again.”

The words feel foreign on your tongue, and with Jungkook standing in front of you, you want to scream out loud and thank him for saving your life, and that you’re sorry that he’s gotten hurt, that this job just sucks because you never wanted him to get hurt for you, and that you want to kiss his wounds better and heal his heart – but you can’t afford to do that.

And Jungkook, too, knows that. He closes his eyes, and hangs his head low. “Yes, Ma’am.”

vaunt (m) | jeon jungkook

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pairing: Jungkook x Reader
genre/warnings: college/fratboy!jungkook, fratparty!au, smut, porn with bare minimum plot, oral(male and female recieving), unprotected sex(stay safe kids), squirting, creampie, jungkook has a “huge wang”(phrasing by @gimmesumsuga 2k18), all the good stuff y’know.
words: 9387
summary: Every weekend Beta Tau throws a ‘little’ party to help students relax and let loose and frat resident Jungkook has a big mouth that talks a lot of big game. You finally get sick of the lack of relaxation on your end and set out to see if he’s all talk.

a/n: I literally thought this up yesterday at 4am after some lazy(unrelated) porn watching so, enjoy!

Even the fifth pass of the vodka bottle around the circle wasn’t building your tolerance to the conversation across from you, but you doubt anything could.

“Wait, it wouldn’t fit?” Jimin leans forward, smacking the younger on the leg with a disbelieving yet bright grin stretching his cheeks.

“My dick literally wouldn’t fit. Yet another girl I’m too big for.” You blink slowly down at the alarmingly fast emptying cup in your hand just before you take another swig, tongue dragging across your lower lip to catch any stray drops.

“Like, too long?” You can’t help but frown in mild disgust as all the boys within the circle shuffle closer to the boy, eyes alight with intrigue.

“Too long and too thick. I really thought Momo would give me a decent run for my money, but no such luck!” Jungkook leans back, legs spread and arms propped behind him against the back of the couch, and the cocky smirk tilting the corners of his lips curves even further as Taehyung whoops and claps a hand against his shoulder.

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Boyfriend Jungkook Lockscreens

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Concealed Weapon (M)

Pairing: Jungkook x reader

Word count: 10K (approx)

Warnings: Smut.  Smutty smut smut.  Unsafe handling of weapons.  Dirty talk.  Unprotected sex.  Bondage.  Rough sex.  Multiple orgasms.  Oral sex (male receiving).

Summary: Jungkook turns out not to be quite who you thought he was, and your reaction takes you both by surprise.

Happy belated Birthday @yminie ! I hope you survive! <3 <3 

This is kinda PWP, which is why I chose to keep the super cheesy porno title I first came up with haha (plus, I couldn’t actually think of anything better - so sue me). Also, this is the first moodboard I’ve ever made, so please don’t repost or use without credit. 

“Home by seven my ass…” you mutter darkly under your breath as your hands dwell somewhere beneath a layer of lemon-scented suds, a scouring pad clenched in fist.

You’d intended leave the dishes until after having eaten tonight, but seeing as your dinner companion is still yet to show after more than half an hour of you being sat at the table like an idiot, waiting, you figured you’d make a start.  Anger is great for removing stubborn baked on bread crumbs from an oven tray, apparently; by the time you’re done pretending its surface is your husband’s face and stashed it on the drying rack you’ve never seen it look cleaner.  

You wish you could pretend this was the first time he’s come home later than intended.  It’s an occupational hazard you guess; as one of the heads of IT tech support for all of the healthcare providers in the local province it’s up to him to make sure every system is running seamlessly no matter the time of day.  If a piece of software goes down it’s not just the clinicians who suffer - it’s the patient’s blood results or x-ray reports they can’t gain access to who suffer as well.  

So maybe you shouldn’t be so mad - maybe you should be glad to have a husband so hard-working and committed to his job that he’s willing to stay late more often than not.  As you pick at little pieces of the beef you’d so painstakingly roasted, long since gone cold, this is what you so avidly try to convince yourself of, but it doesn’t really make you feel any better.  It doesn’t change the reality of you being stood all alone at your kitchen counter with tears threatening in your eyes, all dressed up with nowhere to go.  

The sound of keys turning in the front door lock has your ears pricking to attention and your back straightening as you abandon your leftovers in favour of watching the entranceway to the hall.  The smouldering embers of annoyance that’d been threatening to dwindle away into sadness come roaring back into life with his impending arrival, and as soon as you hear your husband cross the threshold you’re hollering his name, nostrils flared.  

“Jeon Jungkook!”  His heavy exhale reaches your ears even from several metres away; tired and weary.  You know he’ll be worn out after work, and he’s more than likely been dreading having this fight with you all the way home, but your famously short temper won’t let you show him an inch of mercy.  Not yet, anyway. “What the hell kinda time do you call this?!”  

It’s odd - usually Jungkook would be rushing in by now, a pink tinge to his cheeks and an apology on his lips - but tonight he appears to be taking his time.  There’s the sound of his keys clinking against one another as they’re placed on the side and then the heavy tread of his boots coming down the hall that follows, so slow and steady that it only serves to infuriate you all the more.  Let him drag this out if he wants; all he’s doing is prolonging the length of the cold shoulder he’ll be receiving later on.  

“You could’ve at least called,” you carry on, rounding the kitchen island with one hand on your hip, waiting for him to emerge, “I wouldn’t have bothered busting my ass if I’d have known you - oh my god!”  

Hands flying upward to cover your gasping mouth, your wide eyes run rapidly up and down the sorry state of a man who enters your kitchen with his busted lip slanted into a wry smile.  It’s not very often you’re at a loss for words and yet here you are, speechless, all anger eradicated by the sight of your husband’s naturally handsome face so marred with cuts and bruises.  

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Gold Rush (M)

pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader (oc: female)

genre: humour, smut, track runner!jungkook

rating / words: 18+ / 11.2k

warnings: bratty jungkook, switch!jungkook, therapists with benefit (twb?), messy quickies and a teensy bit humiliation, there’s a plot you just gotta squint

note: this fic was requested by the sweetest @wagicshop!💕 i’m sososo sorry for being so late ewsjhjshs but i hope you like it 💖


―  freshman Jungkook comes to you with an injured shoulder and a very concerning proposal. 

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the wedding planners | jjk

↳ alternative title: ‘til death do us part? i’d rather die than be with you.

⇒ summary: jeon jungkook is three things: cocky, terrible, and your worst enemy. then your best friend hoseok gets engaged to the love of his life, and suddenly jeon jungkook is four things: cocky, terrible, your worst enemy, and the man you will be spending the next seven months with in order to plan your best friend’s wedding. 

and then, as if your life couldn’t get any shittier, you make the poor decision of sleeping with him on the first day of the job.

⇒ enemies to lovers!au, wedding!au

⇒ pairing: jungkook x female reader (and some side yoonseok)

⇒ word count: 28k of self-indulgent banter

⇒ genre: fluff, light smut, light angst

⇒ warnings: alcohol consumption and too many clichés

⇒ a/n: woo boy. i don’t want to make this a/n too long but i know it will be. first, this is the longest fic i have ever written, ever. second, thank you to all of the support i’ve gotten while writing the original fic and the revamp. it’s been a long 6 months, people. third, i am tagging: @jeonhoney, @wicdrop, @gukhopes, @workofteaguk, and @army-author for being so damn supportive while i was writing this, and @kitschkylo because u asked me to! fourth, this is way better than the original fic and thus makes me even more proud of it. i finished it, you guys. it’s here. also, @macfullyloaded17 made this Hecking Amazing playlist for this fic that you should 100% listen to while you read this, and shoutout to her. 

⇒ DISCLAIMER: in no way is this a realistic portrayal of planning a wedding/getting married. if you’re planning a wedding, don’t rely on this fic to guide you. it’s just a bad idea.

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Felicity⎼ (I)

‹ I • IIIII • IV

pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader (oc: female)

genre: thriller, eventual smut, panther hybrid!jungkook

rating: 18+

warnings: Very brief mentions of violence and abuse, possessive!jungkook, cursing

word count: 8.7K


The nation breaks into a ruckus when a captive hybrid escapes the National Laboratory. Streets are empty, the city’s on a lockdown and your evening goes by idly. Until a silhouette stands at your doorstep, eyes burning like embers and lips tainted red. You know he’s a mystery you shouldn’t meddle in, but he is an intoxication you are yet to be cured of.

So how far will you go to unravel secrets of a dirty world- how far will you go make him yours?

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tattooed two → jjk&kth

Originally posted by jjks

↳ pairing: jungkook/reader, jungkook/reader/taehyung | fluff, smut

↳ au: tattoo artists!au, tattooed!taekook

↳ warnings: unprotected sex while ovulating, multiple orgasms, squirting, dirty talk, cum eating, threesome, cum feeding, praise kink, sloppy seconds, impregnation kink(?), very brief moment where taekook’s tongues touch, like….double eating u out (both at the same time), light finger sucking, lots of cum, UNEDITED

↳ word count: 8.5k (it was supposed to be pwp im so sorry)

⁙ summary: your boyfriend’s best friend joins you for a night you’ll never forget.

⁛ A/N: my two babes + tattoos is SEXY. this isn’t edited, i was too lazy im sorry for mistakes let me live


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moan wars (m)

After being forced to listen to Yoongi and his girlfriend fucking loudly in the room next to his, Jungkook decides that two can play that game.

pairing: yoongi x reader x jungkook

genre: university!au, smut, humor, a little fluff, oneshot

wordcount: 13.6k

inspired by this request


warnings: masturbation, handjob, fingering, dirty talk, oral, rough sex, sloppy seconds, auralism/voyeurism, slight kink-shaming, slight blood/gore

“Oh, fuck, yes. Yoongi, baby, harder. Please, harder.”

Jungkook squeezed his eyes shut, reaching for one of his pillows to place it over his face. All he wanted to do was sleep. All he wanted was to focus on school and get through his core classes as quickly as possible so he could work on the actually interesting and fun classes of his major. What he definitely didn’t want was to have to listen to his roommate fucking you in the room right beside his.

“Right there. Oh my god, right there. Yes, yes yes. Yoongi, fuck. I love you so much.”

Jungkook grimaced, pressing the pillow over his ears as tightly as he could to drown out the sound of your voice. He’d really thought he’d hit the jackpot when he found this apartment. It was close to campus. The rent was affordable. There was a variety of eating places nearby as well as a library and internet café. And Min Yoongi had seemed nice enough. Not overly friendly by any means, but he was quiet and generous. The older boy said he’d picked Jungkook out of all of the interested parties because he remembered how hard it’d been when he first started university. He wanted to pass some kindness on to Jungkook that he wished he could’ve received and had given Jungkook a break as a result of it. Now three months in to the semester, Jungkook was more certain that Yoongi had picked him over the other interested applicants because Jungkook was shy. Shy and awkward and timid and not about to say a single word about his overly-loud girlfriend that rivalled even the most vocal pornstar he’d ever watched.

Jungkook had nothing against you as a person. He actually kind of enjoyed having you around when you weren’t locked inside Yoongi’s bedroom. You were far warmer than Yoongi, much more outgoing and friendly than he was by far. You were always eager to include Jungkook, whether it be a game night that you forced Yoongi to participate in or a simple movie night when Jungkook would awkwardly sit in the armchair while you cuddled with Yoongi on the couch. You often cooked for them, always making sure to make an extra plate for Jungkook even if he wasn’t home yet. You had a special knack in making Jungkook feel comfortable around you, easing his anxiousness in the way that you never minded how little he actually spoke.

But why did you have to be so fucking loud? It didn’t help that the apartment was set up with both bedrooms directly next to each other, only a thin wall separating the two. But the longer he’d lived there, the more convinced Jungkook became that you were purposely getting louder. The first few times he’d had to listen to you having sex next door, you’d been somewhat quiet. It was clear what was taking place in the bedroom next to his, but Jungkook had easily been able to ignore the sounds you were making by focusing on his coursework. But that hadn’t lasted long. Each time now you seemed to get louder and louder, more vocal about what exactly you wanted Yoongi to do to you, how much you craved him, how he made you feel, and on and on you would go.

Jungkook had been good about it at first. When you started to get louder, he just started wearing headphones, turning the music up to match your moans so he wouldn’t hear them. He’d felt too awkward about it at first, fearing that he wouldn’t be able to look you in the face the next time he saw you without remembering the noises. But things had remained mostly normal between you two. Maybe a few extra blushes from Jungkook but nothing that would give away how acquainted Jungkook was becoming with your sex life.

“Mmmm, yes, baby, yes. You feel so good, Yoongi. Your cock is so big, oh my god. Just fuck me.”

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sugar coated (m) | jjk

⇢ summary: jeon jungkook, aspiring singer, works at a bakery with nothing but cupcakes and satisfied customers to occupy his time. one day, his next-door neighbor strolls into the shop with tears in her eyes, and his heart cannot help but worry why. (bakery au; neighbor au)

⇢ genre: fluff, smut

⇢ word count: 10.2k

⇢ warnings: sexual content (light dom and sub tones, fingering, oral sex, semi-public, praising); swearing; alcohol; food mention

⇢ note: this is far overdue when i started it months ago but here it is!!! finally!!!!! so many words of sweet fluff and some filth!

Cupcakes are quite possibly going to be the literal death of Jeon Jungkook.

While he never planned on being taken out by frosting, all he sees when he looks into the cool, white peaks swirled on top of devil’s food cake is the imminent glare of his own inevitable doom. Everything about the process of frosting cupcakes is methodical and straightforward—squeeze the piping bag evenly at its base, overlap each ring of frosting until you reach the center, and delicately lift up at the end for a beautifully curled twist. 

Yet all Jungkook ever does seems to be wrong because he works with such a heavy hand, adding too much pressure so that the frosting spurts out of the piping bag in enormous, sugary globs. By the end of the day, he winds up with icing dotting along his elbows and drying in his hair while his cupcakes are more reminiscent of broken eggs than white roses.

Whichever baker invented these bastards may possibly be the devil incarnate.

Jungkook has to ice five dozen of them by this evening for Taehyung’s spotaneously thrown birthday party for Jimin.

This is fine.

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Nice Guys [M]

He had a serious expression, but not the usual stoicism with tinges of bashfulness like you’re used to. His face seemed shrouded in a darker, carnal yearning. You cursed in the realization that seeing him like this, had you wet. You could feel it, instantly, the familiar heat growing between your legs. 

“Kookie?” you tried again, weakly attempting to pull your arms out of his grip. Your chest rose and fell in anticipation. You wince when you feel his grip on your wrists tighten in response to your outburst.

“Stop calling me that,” Jungkook commanded. 

“We’re the same age,” he continued. “How long did you think you could get away with babying me?”

summary: it’s always a pleasant surprise when the shy, and bashful boy you befriend on campus reveals himself to be a total dom behind closed doors.

pairing: jungkook x reader

word count: 6.4k

genre: smut 🍑, some pre-smut fluff 🐰

warnings: sub!jungkook, dom!jungkook, choking/asphyxiation, masturbation, oral sex, hair-pulling, spanking, orgasm denial

a/n: 3000 words of fluff + 3000 words of sin = healthy diet

You glanced around the science lounge, scanning the groups of profoundly stressed individuals. Of course, with finals approaching, it’s understandable to see everyone so on edge. Finally, your eyes meet with the person you’ve been looking for: Jungkook. I mean, if you could even call it eye contact. It was barely a split-second until he looked away with that all too familiar shy yet neutral expression, and the slightest purse of his lips.

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