If You Love Someone⎢Drabble
  • Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
  • Genre/Warnings: Angst, Break-up
  • Words: 4.1k
  • Summary: As the age old expression goes: “If you love someone, let them go”. This is the day you break your own heart in hopes of letting the other flourish.

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Jungkook had driven you both to the airport, silence encasing you both in a deathly still atmosphere. As he drove you couldn’t help but take in every familiar movement he executed as the last time you would experience them.

The slide of his hands on the steering wheel brought you back to singing at the top of your lungs at four in the morning in the complete dark streets of Seoul. When he looked back to reverse you followed his gaze to the backseat.

Jungkook let out a soft scoff. Your eyes dragged to the backseat and the vivid memory flashed through your memory, involuntarily. 

Jungkook had taken you out on a date for coffee while he teased you all afternoon. By the time you had both entered the car you were both too riled up to wait and drive back home. On the back seat a million bruises were acquired from banging up against the ceiling and car handles. You had both ended up getting so hurt he squashed you with all his weight. Even now you could hear both of your laughs, deciding to give up before one of you ended up with a cast.

 You looked back at Jungkook once you realized the car had stopped moving minutes ago. The flickering of his eyelids had you trying to sink your nails into any last bit of emotional stability you had. You could see it in his eyes, as if you had betrayed the memory of ecstatic love. Rage, that he was accepting fate. Grief, that the love he found with you, for him, was enough to last two lifetimes and now was all ending. Nostalgia, that you might forget all about the beauty created within the world you loved to call “we”. Fear, that he might never forget.

Both of you turned to stare straight into the street. You bit your lip, you could not let all your doubts flood out of your mouth and play with his heart. There was no way you could crumble your resolve of two months and turn around to take it all back. Never in a million years would you forgive yourself if you looked into his eyes and changed your mind in this moment. The air that entered your lungs through a deep sigh refilled you with sternness. You would stop being selfish, go to the airport, say goodbye and sow together your heart as quickly as possible.

The reaffirmation settled in your gut, you turned to face Jungkook. His forehead was pushed into the steering wheel. Just because your resolve hadn’t crumbled, didn’t mean his hadn’t.

His eyes met yours. You hated when he did this. You hated that his eyes made you see the whole world, that they shined with all the love you had poured into him. You hated that his eyes made you question why you were doing this in the first place. If this would save him more heartbreak. If this would make him a better person. You hated it when he looked at you like this because you loved him and there was no running from it when your eyes met.  

“Kook-“ You started, but Jungkook knew what came next. The logical explanations, the tears that rimmed your eyes, the disbelief that encircled you when you told him why you weren’t coming with him.

“I know.” His voice was small, muted, barely above a whisper, and chilling. If you had ever wondered what the sound of breaking someone’s heart sounded like, you would now have no doubts of the sound.

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Imagine: Jungkook&Y/N

Warning: Sexual Content

He became really frustrated standing outside waiting. You two are already late for Hoseok’s party and you took a long time to look stunning. He looked at you and see your outfit a little bit inappropriate. You don’t have so much time to lose so he took you on the car.

He was trying to keep his arm on you whole night. Already when he can feel that you don’t wear panties. All of student you put you hand on his cock and keep massaging. He whispered to your eat that you can’t do that in public. But you didn’t stop.

I know you fucking like it, daddy” you whispered being a nasty baby girl. You have a devious smile on your face when you felt it grow harder after you said that.

He took your arm and pulled you into another room, locking it inside. He pushed back against the wall, putting his hand around neck

Get it out, you little cockslut” He told you.

Still smiling, you pulled down his pants to let his hard cock jump out at you, lifting you up as well as spreading your legs around my body.

You reached down to grab his dick, pushing inside of you so he can fuck you agantist the wall.

“You got a cute butt”

Jeongguk x Reader

word count: 876

“Y/n!” Your boyfriend of two years called to you from across your apartment from his position on the couch. He pauses his video game, turning to look at the bathroom where you were pulling your hair up into a bun. You peaked your head out from the bathroom door with your arms up, holding your mess of hair in your hands on the top of your head, humming in response.

“Do you think he likes Overwatch?” He asked. Your heart fluttered at his innocent facial expression, full of curiosity, coupled with his tousled bed hair. Brown pieces were in disarray atop his beautiful head.

You’re so damn cute, you thought. You always thought Jeongguk was cute, but he was especially so this morning. Jeongguk was feeling a mixture of excitement and nervousness as you two were preparing to watch your friend’s son for the weekend, and you found it absolutely adorable.

You turn back into the bathroom to grab a hair tie before leaning back out of the bathroom doorway.

“I kind of doubt it Guk. He’s only two.”

“Oh. Right,” he says looking down and then around the room. “What are we supposed to do with him then?” He looks at you with big curious eyes, waiting for a response.

You secure your hair and walk out of the bathroom. “Hmm,” you say as you think. “I’m sure he has toys that they’ll bring over with him.”

Jeongguk’s eyes follow you from the bathroom to the kitchen, wandering over your body. His eyes lingered on your legs as the shirt you slept in, his shirt, brushed along your upper thighs, rising and falling with every step you took as you made your way to the coffee pot.

“And I think he probably has movies he likes to watch,” you continue your thoughts as you pour yourself a cup of coffee. You raise it to your lips, blowing on it to cool it down. Jeongguk’s eyes follow the mug to your lips. His tongue swipes over his lips before he bites into his bottom one.

“And we could take him to the park. Get ice cream, I don’t know,” you trail off as you take a sip.

He quickly drops the controller next to him on the couch and stands up to make his way over to you. By the time you pull the mug from your lips, he is standing in front of you, with a glint in his eyes. Pure adoration for you.

He puts one hand on your hip to pull you closer to him. You set the mug down on the counter next to you before giving into his pulling. He places his other hand on the opposite hip and grips the shirt you’re wearing to pull you the rest of the way to him. As you fall into his chest, he moves his arms up, wrapping them around the back of your neck, his forearms wresting on the top of your back. Your arms wrap around his slim waist.

You placed a soft kiss to his bare chest as he kissed the top of your head.

“You’re so cute in the morning,” he mumbled into your hair. “When you’re wearing my shirt.”

“You’re one to talk,” You say as you pull away just enough to look up at his face. “With your bedhead.” You reach your hand up to tousle his hair.

A sleepy giggle falls out of his mouth. Your hands fall back around his waist.

“Go get in the shower. He’ll be here in a couple hours and we still have to clean up a little,” you said as you unwrapped yourself from him. One of his hands fell to your shoulder while the other fell to your hip as he quickly leaned down to peck your cheek.

You smacked his butt as he turned to head to the bathroom. He snapped his head back to you with feign shock, trying to hide a grin.

“You got a cute butt,” you said to him indifferently, shrugging, before you reached for your coffee mug.

“Can you control yourself please?” He smirks. “We have a child coming over soon.” His smirk spread into full toothed smile, his crescent eyes crinkling, as you rolled your eyes at him.

You take another sip of your coffee as he turns back towards the shower. You peer over to the bathroom door when you hear the shower curtain pull back and the water turn on. He left the door ajar, tempting you to follow him. You wait for his invitation for a few seconds before sighing and taking another sip.

“Are you coming?” You lean back to look at the bathroom again to see Jeongguk peeking his head out from behind the shower curtain. His eyes were big.

You quickly place your mug back on the counter, excitedly heading to the bathroom, practically skipping. You rid yourself of your clothes, well his clothes, before pulling the shower curtain back and stepping into the steamy tub.

“Now, let me see that cute butt,” you say as your eyes roam over his body. A cute, uncontrolled giggle rolled out of his mouth as he reached for your wrists, tugging you into him.

He’s just too fucking cute.

the wedding planners | jjk

↳ alternative title: ‘til death do us part? i’d rather die than be with you.

⇒ summary: jeon jungkook is three things: cocky, terrible, and your worst enemy. then your best friend hoseok gets engaged to the love of his life, and suddenly jeon jungkook is four things: cocky, terrible, your worst enemy, and the man you will be spending the next seven months with in order to plan your best friend’s wedding. 

and then, as if your life couldn’t get any shittier, you make the poor decision of sleeping with him on the first day of the job.

⇒ enemies to lovers!au, wedding!au

⇒ pairing: jungkook x female reader (and some side yoonseok)

⇒ word count: 28k of self-indulgent banter

⇒ genre: fluff, light smut, light angst

⇒ warnings: alcohol consumption and too many clichés

⇒ a/n: woo boy. i don’t want to make this a/n too long but i know it will be. first, this is the longest fic i have ever written, ever. second, thank you to all of the support i’ve gotten while writing the original fic and the revamp. it’s been a long 6 months, people. third, i am tagging: @jeonhoney, @wicdrop, @gukhopes, @workofteaguk, and @army-author for being so damn supportive while i was writing this, and @kitschkylo because u asked me to! fourth, this is way better than the original fic and thus makes me even more proud of it. i finished it, you guys. it’s here. also, @macfullyloaded17 made this Hecking Amazing playlist for this fic that you should 100% listen to while you read this, and shoutout to her. 

⇒ DISCLAIMER: in no way is this a realistic portrayal of planning a wedding/getting married. if you’re planning a wedding, don’t rely on this fic to guide you. it’s just a bad idea.

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Mine (M)

Prompt: 💕 + Jungkook + “You have no idea what the fuck I’m capable of, babygirl.”

Pairing: Mafia boss! Jeon Jungkook x Reader

Warnings: bondage, slapping, killing (a little blood), Sir kink, humiliation, Dom! Jungkook, degrading names, begging, orgasm denial

Notes: For my (very late, i’m sorry) 3k present <3 I hope it’s good enough. 2.2k Words

Originally posted by jeonbase

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It Ain’t Me: Part 8

Jungkook x Reader ft. Yoongi

Request: Can you make a fake text about how bf hears a rumor about y/n and decides to break up without even knowing the true facts

Words: 2.4K

Genre: Angst

Part 7 | Part 9

Check out my Masterlist!

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long lost | jjk

⇒ summary: jeon jungkook is famous, talented, and on the hunt for his childhood friend and first love. you are self-deprecating, a little awkward, and exactly who he’s looking for. only, there’s one (1; single, a solo) problem: he doesn’t know it. 

⇒ childhood friends!au, celebrity!au

⇒ pairing: jungkook x female reader

 word count: 15k

⇒ genre: fluff, comedy, light angst

⇒ warnings: n/a

⇒ a/n: finally!!! after literally a month of no bts writing, here is this 15k beast that i’ve been hyping up. inspired by true events, kinda. i will work on getting the sorted series out next, so please be on the lookout! 

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Arabian Nights

➳  Nights always brought out different sides of many people, especially the darker, more lustful side of a certain shy, Arabian prince.

Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Smut, Ancient Arabia au!

Warnings: prostitution, smut warnings; semi-public sex, thigh-riding, rough sex, fingering, multiple orgasms, wax play, dom + sub undertones, teasing, please get some holy water after this

Notes: I’d like to thank @yminie for editing and reading over it, @rbuns for giving me smutty tips, and @gimmesumsuga for answering my smutty questions. I’m not that great at writing smut but I’m improving thanks to these guys <33333333

masterlist | 6k Words

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