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When you have a movie night

Genre: Fluff

Characters: Jungkook/Reader

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“What are your plans for tonight?” was the first thing you heard when you picked up the call from jungkook.

“Hey to you too, babe.” you chuckled lightly.

“Sorry jagi, but the boys are out for tonight and I wanted to spend some time with you, so…do you wanna come over and maybe watch a movie or something?”

“Yeah sure I’m free for tonight!” you exclaimed happily. Since you both were very busy with your comeback, you barely had time for each other. So a movie night was a perfect opportunity to spend the remaining time together with your boyfriend.

“Perfect! See you at 7!” he commented happily.

“See you!”

Since you had 2 hours left, you made your way to the bathroom to take a shower. After a refreshing shower you put comfortable clothes and some make up on. With a full bag with snacks, drinks and blankets, you made your way to the dorm. When you rang the doorbell the door instantly opened and the brown-haired man peeked out of the door.

“Hey jagi!” gushed Jungkook to his girlfriend.

You gave him a hug and made your way to the kitchen, to sort the snacks out. While your were busy packing out the snacks and drinks, two arms engulfed you in a back hug.

“I missed you!” confessed jungkook.

“I missed you too, babe!” you exclaimed happily.

“What are we going to watch?” you asked Jungkook who cheekily smiled.

“Iron Man!” said Jungkook while smiling.

“Urgh.. okey but I’m gonna pick the next movie!” you announced to him to which he just nodded.

You were about to go to the couch with a few snacks in your hands, when you were suddenly picked up from the ground.

“Oh my god, Jungkook, put me down!” You shouted while laughing.

“Nope!” protested he and made his way to the couch with you on his shoulder.

When you two arrived at the couch he put you softly down and took the snacks from your hands, to put them on the coffee table.

When everything was set up and ready, you two got comfortable on the couch with jungkook’s arm wrapped around your shoulder. You snuggled yourself closer to him and watched the movie. Every few minutes you felt lightly forehead and cheek kisses to which you just smiled. Halfway through the movie you felt kinda sleepy so you put your head on jungkook’s lap. When you looked up to him he just smiled, kissed your forehead and put his attention back to the movie.

The next morning you woke up to the feeling of a broad chest against your back. When you slightly opened your eyes you acknowledged that this is not your room nor the living room but jungkook’s room. You smiled lightly at the memories from yesterday. With a smile on your face you turned around and saw that jungkook is already looking at you with love and adoration.

“Yesterday was wonderful, thanks jagi.” you said before you kissed him on the lips.

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When you go to a Halloween party together

Genre: Fluff/Crack

Characters: Jungkook/Reader

Today is Halloween and you and your boyfriend Jungkook has been invited to a Halloween party. Last week you and jungkook went shopping, to find the perfect costumes for the party.


“What shall we dress up as?” you asked Jungkook curiously.

“I have the perfect idea, what about I dress up as a rabbit and you could be a carrot!” he answered happily.

“Why should I dress up as a carrot?!” you nearly screamed.

“Well…obviously I should be the rabbit…i mean look at me!” he said.

“I’m not gonna be a carrot!”

“But a rabbit and a carrot matches perfectly!” whined Jungkook.

After a long discussion you decided to dress up as a carrot…

End of Flashback

So here you are in front of the house dressed up as a carrot with jungkook on your right side.

“That’s so embarrassing!” you whined as you hid your face behind your hands.

“Let’s Go jagi, you look adorable!” chuckled he lightly.

“Let’s just finish this.” you said while dragging him into the house full of people. As you entered the house, all eyes were on you and jungkook, so many, that you wanted to disappear on the ground.

You finally entered the kitchen and pour yourself some punch. You and jungkook wandered around the house and complimented some people for their interesting outfits. But the attention was the whole time on you and your boyfriend. When your favorite song played, you dragged jungkook to the dance floor and danced the best you could with the outfit. At the end of the day you left the party with jungkook and a happy smile on your face.

Going to a Halloween party with a carrot costume isn’t as bad as you thought it would be, just make sure you’re up to speed with jungkook.


☆Dating Jungkook would include☆

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-A WHOLE LOT OF AWKWARDNESS (before the emergence of the cocky muscle pig)

 -We all know kookie is a shy bunny so dont expect much from this fluffy meme ball at the begininning

-It would probably take few months(or years) for kookie to hold your hand 

 -FoR rEaL Tho

 -This bunny would be his own enemy when it came to intiating skinship 

 - ‘Y/N LimBs aRe finAlLy FreE–..oh no .. s/he’s eating some chips now… ‘oh man holy shit’ “ 


 - Your messages between each other would just be full on meme

 - because meme is his favourite language

-only being able to talk to you through text 

 - tHe poor bOY woUld bE fRoZeN iN front of yOU

-Going to the hyungs for advice

 -but ends up getting teased T.T

-Lots of amusement park and active dates… you better bring your asthma pump with you..i mean you are dating jeon jungkook after all


 - Taking nothing but ugly pictures of each other

-and using them as blackmail weapons

 - YOUr wHOle family lOVe hiM

 -you look like the devil besides him to them he can do no wrong

-you two being the 'no you hang up first’ couple in the beginning but now he just hangs up 

 -tbh you both get off of annoying each other

 - (video calling your dad) 

You:Daddy! How are you? 

《A wild Jungkook appears behind you》 

Jungkook: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Daddy’s fine… wHO iS– 

 Throws your phone out the window 

 -” Lets never speak of this again" 

“Since when did you become 'Daddy’? ” 

“Hussshhh~~( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ”

 - You going to watch their dance practices = him forcing the memebers to dress up in live performance attire 

 -Jimin having to accept that kookie is taken T.T

- “Im okay rlly..anyways Taehyung’s free ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)…”

 -If you’re short》You being teased mercilessly; Picked up at random times; literally being smothered when you hug him ; being called cuTE all tHE tIME; SPINS ALL THE TIME

 -If you’re tall》 marvelling at your beautiful long legs; no discrimination YOU’D ALSO BE CALLED CUTE ALL THE TIME; Seriously kookie would marvel at how elegant you looked; him being able to rest hishead on your shoulder,; KOOKIE SAID HE LIKES TALL GIRLS SO~~(i nEeD tO gROw) 

 - A lot of inside jokes… people just end up thinking you two are dumb beans -

 - Dont forget all the meme dances #1 Dance couple

-You guys would probably end up uploading a video with all of your signature meme dances combined 

 -Anime marathons~~~ if your not a fan of anime. you soon will be



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-You’d probably have to initiate any kind of intimacy 

-but once he feels comfortable with you –_-_-_-_-_-_ R.I.P YOU

-sERioUSLy- This boy would be a fuckin incubus once his shyness is gone

-kOoKiE tHe pErvErT iS bOrN

-You’d have to fence him off from you

-He wouldnt really be into public teasing because he’s a really private person

-if he decided to initiate it, he’d be fine




-You getting angry when he leaves visble hickeys but him still continuing

-You then plan on getting him back but then realise the massive sHit StOrm it would create so you back down

-instead you hide all his timberlands and replace all his white shirts with brony merch because you believe everyone should love my little pony 

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- He wouldnt really be into PDA especially in front of the members. it would be too embarrassing for him.. he stiLl sHY and the hyungs have no mercy

☆Overall kookie would be a fun and chill boyfriend, a bit sensitive as long as you’re okay with dishing out hugs and affirmations then there should be no problem☆

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