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drabble. park jimin x reader. 

one thousand, seven hundred twenty words.

He was simply mad.

It wasn’t new. How else would you react to seeing your “it’s complicated” person with someone else.

He shouldn’t be mad though.

It wasn’t like he was any better, confiding in random women to numb the pain in his heart.

The hole in his heart. The hole you tried so desperately to fill and always came up short.

“It’s fine.” He mumbled to no one. You were sleeping, and he was practically pulling his hair out.

He was winter, you were autumn. You were the one thing he swore to hate, the one thing he swore he wouldn’t gravitate towards. You, your kind, killed him after all.

But here he was, staring at you, watching the slow breaths of air illuminate his room. He almost found it funny. You hated the cold, suggested he sleep with a blanket on, he never knew what that was until you brought it. He never used it, the warmth it brought didn’t comfort him, it teased him, playfully asking him to get red cheeks and an unstable temper tantrum.

So, he let you have the blanket, but you were still cold.

He didn’t say anything.

“You ruined me ya’know. He’s gone because of you, but you don’t know. So, it’s fine.” He listened to his cracked voice, something he would tease him for, something that showed weakness, something winter people don’t – shouldn’t have.

It’s fine.

You didn’t know, and you were never going to know.

He was going to keep ruining you, tainting you, and loving you.

Because if he stopped he wouldn’t get his revenge, he wouldn’t fill the hole.

“If you want me, you’re gonna have to beg harder than that pumpkin,” He voice, a mere whisper, echoing throughout his bedroom.

You were beneath him, again. Something you definitely shouldn’t be doing, not when you’re supposed to be married off to him. It didn’t matter though, you came back all the time, he came back all the time and both of you pretended like it was fine.

That’s why you obliged, already naked before him, shivering cold but he didn’t care, and that was nice. So you stared at his stark blue eyes, submitting, “Please let me have you Jimin. Please use me already. Please make me not feel cold, make me feel like im freezing.”

That did it.

His eyes flashed, hearing the one thing he was good at. Making people feel so frigid they’d beg so much that they forgot what warmth was.

Forgetting his gentleness, he pushed you onto his bed, spreading you apart and making you anticipate his next move. He wasn’t one for foreplay, he liked things raw, liked things rushed and messy, it showed. His lips connecting with yours, they were warm, it was where all the heat, if there was any, went.

It was sloppy, his teeth grazing yours as he pried your mouth open to taste your tongue. French kissing, that’s what he called it when he first introduced you to this part of the world, he claimed you were great at it. You knew it was a lie, he always looked to the right when he lied, so you chose to ignore it, ignore the jealousy at the thought of someone else having him like you.

With your mind distracted on him, he took the opportunity to run his hands along your body. Caressing your neck, already full of past love bites that had gone purple, and making his way to your waist, squeezing it and pinching it.

He took his lips away, nibbling on you bottom lip before making his way down to your clavicle, his favorite part of your body, leaving loud kisses around your collarbones. He left more marks for him to see, not like he would every tell you he too, felt jealousy each time he saw you leave his territory.

His hands took the liberty of grazing your thighs, making your body fill with excitement as he was so close to properly pleasuring you. Planting more kisses down you figure, he made his way to your navel before stopping, unbuckling his belt while lustfully staring at your dilated pupils. You wanted him. He relished in the fact that you did.

“Put you arms up, you’re getting restrained tonight.” He sighs, as if he didn’t feel the slight boost in his ego when you immediately had your arms ready for him to tie with his belt.

“Why?” You let out, your voice sounding impossibly small in his vast bedroom.

He chuckled, chaining you up, uncomfortably so, but you said nothing, he wouldn’t have done anything. “You know exactly why. You were with him, I saw it at last night’s festival in the kingdom grounds. Im surprised you let him get away with touching you so much when you felt my presence. I could care less about the arm around your waist, the let whispers the two of you shared, the giggling I heard while I ate my meal. But not the kiss, you don’t get that privilege, you don’t deserve anyone else to put their lips on you. Gods, you barely deserve me getting ready to fuck you right now, so, so dirty pumpkin, but that’s what you do best.”

He gave a tug to your new restraint, pleased with the tightness before tugging his pants down completely. You gulped, the kiss wasn’t planned. The kiss was something you accidently caused, it was on your cheek. He was happy, and you didn’t think about it, forgetting the friendly clinginess that consumed your relationship. You let it slide though, you let yourself feel happy for a while, until you saw Jimin, that’s why you were here, to apologize. That didn’t rest well with Jimin though.

His length was on display, an angry red consuming it as he trailed closer to your awaiting body. Without warning he pushed himself into you, moaning about your tightness before wickedly smiling, knowing you were his physically was all he needed anyways.

You let out strangled groans, doing your best to adjust to him as he continuously thrust into you, lost in his own world. An arm rested next to your head, providing support for him as he slowly eased out of you before slamming back in, shaking the bed and filling the room with his praise. Another gripped your thigh, perfectly syncing the two of you.

“You don’t get to be with him, you get me. Got it?” He says into your neck, his cold breath meeting your much too warm skin. You manage to say yes before he sets attack on your cracked lips. His thrusting gets faster, his fingers now teasing your clit. He kept all his rings on, allowing you to feel the stark contrast from skin to metal as he vigorously rubbed you, bound on making you lose it on his sheets.

Another planned thrust and he got what he wanted, you making a mess all over him. This was the only warmth he tolerated, your essence covering his length and making him feel new and invincible.

He pulled out, not drunk enough to give you his children. He spills onto your stomach instead. This was the only cold you tolerated, he cooled you down and made you feel normal, not like you had the weight of the world on your shoulders for once.

“Leave, he’s waiting.”


“Go, please, before I get numb.”

You leave, just in time. Because the second you walk out those doors he screams, freezing everything in the room before breaking down into a pathetic sob.

A pathetic sob that the prince of winter shouldn’t be able to produce, especially not when the cause was the maiden of autumn who was supposed to become queen in a few more moons.

“Hey pumpkin. Was the meeting long?”


It panged your chest as you walked back into your household.

He didn’t even know.

You left twice a week on a horse straight to the winter district, straight to Jimin.

Jimin was foolish to think he noticed the marks that decorated your skin, the two of you never went that far in your relationship, the kiss on the cheek was already pushing it. You were engaged for power, engaged for your district.

You were engaged for a war and you were happy about it, the autumn district needed as much power as possible, it was your life over thousands, you would always choose the latter. That’s why you put everyone above you, let Jimin numb you so you didn’t feel the pain they brought to you. No one deserved that pain, but you’d rather have it then watch the district go down in flames.

“It was fine, the winter district seems to enjoy our company more than spring.” You smile a broken smile, heading straight to the baths to clean it all off, to clean Jimin off in a poor attempt to feel better.

“Good, the summer district has been to quiet these days. Everyone knows they’ll head for us first as we’d be the most powerful after their season ends.”

A warrior, a true warrior. He was what you had to live up to, it hurt but it’s fine, it always is.

So, you let drown on about it, listening as you sink into the bathtub, door shut, you thank the walls for being thin, his voice calmed you, made you feel as if you weren’t doing dirty work but mandatory work, lifesaving work.

“Summer is expected to attack after our wedding, when that happens we will have over half the district taking refugee in the winter district. With that said, spring has decided to remain neutral, I cannot blame them as summer shares the same direct power as them. Once they set foot here, the benders will create tornadoes to destroy their front-line reinforcements. After that it’ll be a waiting game, an intense one at that. They will have a mere week left before our season takes power, so be prepared to take drastic measures. We can’t repeat history, we can’t.”

You felt content again, his voice finally doing the job.

“We won’t, not with you as the upcoming king my knight in shining armor.”

“Thank you, pumpkin, you know this means a lot.”

“I know Jeongguk, I know.”

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(yes this will be a series)

Craigslist, the Matchmaker (teaser)

Originally posted by hyunjinthevisual

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Words: 1.5k

Genre: writer!au, fake dating!au, fluff, angst, future smut(?)

Author’s note: I personally hate teasers because they usually leave me high and dry, extremely anxious, and impatient but I’ve been itching to put something out for a while! Even if it’s just a short portion of something so here this is!!

Playlist coming soon


Love. What is it?

It’s that stuff we’re forced to take in—love at first sight, second sight, constantly feeling on cloud nine, tender touches, longing glances, butterflies in the pit of the stomach…the list goes on.

Most of the time it goes a little like this: everything goes smoothly. The guy always gets the girl, or the girl gets the guy she never consciously knew she wanted, and it’s happily ever after.

But all of that is complete bullshit.

So what is it? Let’s be realistic here.

When someone sees the person they love, their brain floods with dopamine. The eyes can also dilate up to twenty percent. Love can do that. But you know what else can do that? Hardcore drugs.

And that’s sadly the closest to love our man Jungkook over here has ever gotten.

“Ethan, are you sure we should do this?”

We? This is all for you man, now quit your bitching and figure out what you want to put in the ad,” Jungkook’s best friend nags.

“This is Craigslist. What the fuck do you expect me to write—oh, my name is Jungkook and I’m looking for a two-week girlfriend that can show me the ropes of love platonically—is that what you want?” he spat in fury, rubbing both hands warily on his face.

“Well, that doesn’t sound too bad, for lack of words,” Ethan compliments, sarcastically impressed.

“I’m being serious Ethan!” Jungkook bellows, this time running his fingers through his hair in utter frustration, feeling a mixture of hopelessness and helplessness because he doesn’t know what to do. And he always knows what to do.

But why exactly would Jungkook enlist himself on Craigslist looking for a short-term fake girlfriend? Why not on some dating app?

One: He’s not looking for a date.

Two: He’s never fallen in love.

Three: He doesn’t know what love, in reality, is.

It’s true. Jungkook has never fallen in love, believe it or not. The fuzzy feeling paired with kaleidoscopic vision that accompanied the hardcore drugs he took back in college, and the twitching of his hard dick in his pants at the sight of a hot girl, are the two closest things he’s felt to attraction. Not love, but attraction. But baby steps, he’ll get there someday, right?

Despite this, he still gets some more than every now and then.

Crazy, right? But when he goes to the bar, he’s got only one thing on his mind and he’s determined to get it, and he always manages somehow. If you spot Jungkook at a bar on any given night, he’ll have a girl stuck to his hip, going all goo-goo-eyed for him in little less than ten minutes inside the place. Literal definition of a chick magnet. But it doesn’t always end well, on his end though, not the girls’.

He doesn’t know what he did to deserve this, and multiple times. But, somehow, girls get too attached and say the word. That grotesque ‘L’ word he hates so much because he doesn’t understand it; they’ll say it and Jungkook can’t really lie to their faces, and he’s forced to say in his most empathetic voice:

I’m sorry but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to feel the same way about you,” and he takes a moment to brace himself for what’s to come. Either a tantrum, food, water, or even a slap to the face. He doesn’t think he deserves any of this, that it’s the girls’ fault they got too attached for no reason. But he lets it all go. The girls are done with him either way so there’s no reason to ponder over them, or even feel remotely bad.

Terrible. Jungkook is an utterly terrible guy. But no one knows why he’s such a shitty person when it comes to relationships—to commitment.

But here’s some 411 on Jungkook’s fucked up personality:

Everybody says nothing is stronger than a mothers love. Jungkook disagrees.

Diamonds. He thinks diamonds are stronger than a mothers love. Actually, wurtzite boron nitride is stronger than anything.

But is it, really? Jungkook wouldn’t know because he’s never really had a mom. His mother left him when he was six. The last words he remembers his mother speaking to him is the faint string of, ’I love you,’ in his ear while she cradled him in her warm, motherly embrace, inching him to a deep slumber as she ran her nimble fingers through his locks. All as a trap to slip away in his sleep, never to be seen again.

She said she loved him but left either way—for some guy in Southern California named Darian—said the messily scrawled writing on the wrinkled sticky note, barely clinging on the refrigerator. She loves me a lot he thought then.

The aftermath of this traumatizing event left him bitter as an adult. He also hates Darians, although he spent hours upon hours one time when he was sixteen to look for this said Darian guy only to befriend him then unfriend on facebook. Befriend just to see what he’d be up to with his mother, and unfriended a moment after just to be an asshole. Alao because of the fact that he couldn’t bear seeing his mother be so happy without him. At least he still had his grandfather with him.

Oh, and also the crucial fact that he’s scared of love!

But let’s backtrack a little bit—

“Nope. I’m not doing it.”

“What do you mean you’re not doing it?”

“It’s just going to be another stupid romcom added to the sucky free romance movie section on Amazon Prime.” Jungkook complains.

“Jungkook, have you ever looked through that section?” he asks in disbelief.

“Yes. Just by browsing I know they suck ass.” he draws out, resting his head over the chair from an incoming headache.

“That’s a mistake you make. At that rate, you’ll never find anything on Amazon or Netflix or whatever gets your binge feelings off at night.” his boss explains.

Jungkook can only bring his head back front to face his boss with both brows perched, “Your point?”

“Look, you’re the writer. Don’t you believe in that saying, the, ‘don’t judge a journal or magazine…what was it? a book? Whatever, but don’t judge something by its cover.”

Jungkook lifts a brow even higher in incredulity. “Its book, don’t judge a book by its cover. And are you being serious right now, or are you playing me?”

“I am being serious, don’t you see it on my face?“ he questions. Jungkook can’t decipher if it was a rhetorical or serious question, frankly he can’t ever tell with his boss, but he leans towards the latter but doesn’t say anything.

"Why a romcom though? There’s other things I could write about?” Jungkook reasons.

“Yes but this is a big movie. They supposedly got Noah Centineo, Ezra Miller and Amandla Stenberg. Get on this shit, Jungkook.”

Jungkook opens his mouth to spill words of protest but his boss beats it to him.

“Don’t say anything—but I heard that the same guys, that I’m expecting you to work with, are making an action movie and need help writing it… I can get you on that.” he finishes. Jungkook ponders, visibly relaxing in the chair. His boss is quite the dumbass but he doesn’t lie just to manipulate. A male disguised temptress, truly hard at work.

“I’ll do it,” he finalizes without hesitancy, immediately shaking the already extended hand of his boss, making his grin grow ten fold in excitement.

“You won’t regret this Jungkook,” pulling him in for a bro hug.

But, Jungkook was regretting it. What in the actual fuck was he supposed to write about? “Romance and comedy,” he scoffs while occupying his usual spot in the windowed-corner at the closest cafe to his work. Coincidentally a bookstore too. Also, coincidentally, the same place his best friend works at.

“So, any progress on that romcom?” Ethan questions, pulling up a chair beside Jungkook. He takes a peek at the laptop screen facing Jungkook, eyes moving rapidly down the screen.

“It’s just the date, spelled out,” he questions. “Why?”

“Ethon. All the ideas I’ve come up with are cliche as fuck. They’re all disgustingly sappy,” he replies.

“Well, Jungkook, it’s a romcom. What do you expect. Give the people what they want,” he spills truthfully. However, Jungkook simply gives him a manic quirk of his brows. “Fine, tell me what you’ve got.”

Jungkook inhales a big breath before spilling his sappy vomit, “Okay, so there’s this waitress getting harassed by some drunk at this musical hall and this other guy steps in and fights him, you know—that shit girls want you to do for them—and they both talk but the guy has to leave suddenly and she wonders who he is, but turns out he’s the conductor of the orchestra playing and later finds out he’s a ghost and he asks for her help.” Jungkook exhales, exasperated from telling that a little too quick, glancing back at his friend for feedback.

“Uh…not too bad, but maybe you’re a little rusty,” he proposes, giving Jungkook a sympathetic smile, dodging Jungkook’s original question. He pinches his nose bridge, feeling a headache right away.

“I’ve got a lot of work to do don’t I?”

“Yea, you do,” Ethan replies. “But that’s why I’m here to help!”


That’s why Jungkook’s on Craigslist at this very moment, making an ad for a two-week girlfriend to show him the ropes of love, platonically. If he could, he would write platonically in one hundred, bold black, italicized Arial font to get his point across clearly. But he can’t always have what he wants.


End of teaser 1! Teaser 2?

it’s all fun and games 01

( ‘till somebody loses their mind )


Summary | In which you and Jungkook attempt to fake a relationship for revenge and end up with a lot more than either of you expected. 

pairing: jungkook/reader
genre: angst/fluff, fake dating au 
word count: 4,072


To say you are completely floored would be an understatement as you unconsciously curl your fingers tighter around the phone pressed against your ear, confusion and questions settling itself across your features as you try to put a rational thought into this situation only to come up completely short because—!

“What do you mean you’re going to be late?” You demand, trying to keep the nervous touch out your tone, but it’s hard to sound casual when your heart starts to pound a little quicker at the thought of plans not going the way you had once envisioned it to go. “You realize the only reason I’m here is because you insisted that I had to come with you!”

“I’m really sorry (Y/N)-ah!” Hoseok says from the other side of the line, at least trying to make an effort to sound apologetic. “Class ran really really late, and there’s traffic. There must have been an accident or something.”

“I knew we should have just gone together,” You huff out, high heels tapping loudly against the sidewalk pavement as you continue making your way to the restaurant. As much as you would rather simply wait around for Hoseok to arrive to the scene, the idea of just sitting in your car makes you feel slightly congested. While you would be slightly uncomfortable in the restaurant given the company you are about to surround yourself with, it’s better than sitting in the dark.

“N-No!” Hoseok chokes out a bit too quickly that makes you slow down your pace slightly. “I mean, I didn’t want you to have to wait for me. The boys really enjoy having you around, (Y/N), it won’t be that bad.”

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Nimbus : Part 13 (Superhero Au)

Summary: A city used to having hero’s around to save the day is at a loss when a darkness settles in that seems unstoppable. The only one with powers able to stop this new threat made a promise to never use them. Hopefully the chaos won’t rise too high before that changes.

Word Count: 5.1k

Members: ot7 (but kind of Jungkook focused)

TRIGGER WARNING: Torture, blood, TORTURE… yeah sorry

A/N: Unedited sorry. I’ll fix stuff later!

Prologue Part 12 <

Originally posted by nochuie

It definitely wasn’t a police station he had been dragged to. For some odd reason, Jungkook was unable to use his powers and with his hands tied behind his back, he felt he was in danger. Still stuck in the back seat, it was hard to see outside. There were a few tall bright lights that were nearly blinding and a dark obscure building that had only a few windows. Positive they were no longer in the city, Jungkook wondered what was going on. The two who had brought him here had stepped out a while ago so there was no one to ask helpless questions to.

Thinking back to earlier in the night, Jungkook realized he had gained control of himself right as he was being taken away. He was beginning to feel as if he was being set up just to be locked away here. Barely remembering what he had done, something told him he didn’t even want to know. Still, whenever he looked down, he swore he saw traces of blood on his shirt. Soon realizing he was still in work clothes, the discomfort only increased.

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01 02 03 04

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader

Genres: angst/fluff, Gang! au themes

Warnings: Swearing

Word count 3.8k

Winter was always the best season − when everything was frosty, cosy and snowy. As winter time was approaching you couldn’t help but be excited about it. You could feel the temperature drop, the air around you colder than ever, and you could finally wear warm clothes again. Last time you saw Jungkook was on the rooftop of the hotel building, roughly a week ago and time couldn’t possibly move any slower. Even though the days were getting shorter, it felt like every time you had planned to see Jungkook again, time stretched and morphed into unbelievably long. To no surprise, you agreed to meet the next week, after you both clambered down from the rooftop, left the hotel building thanking the receptionist and walking home.

The adrenaline from that day stayed with you for the whole week until you ended up back at the playground, this time waiting for Jungkook to arrive, as you got there early.

You remembered to bring your earphones with you, so you put one in and start your playlist. You hum lightly to the tune of the song, but before you settle fully, a slight paranoiac feeling settles at the back of your throat, as if someone is waiting to pounce any second. You know that its just you, but the feeling just seems to be getting a little worse every time you think about it. You keep staring directly at your phone, trying to ignore your brain. You feel a shadow laying on you as it’s directly blocking you from the son. Your breathing stops for just an instant. Wincing and slowly directing your eyesight upwards, you are met with Jungkooks crescent eyes glancing down at you endearingly. Immediately feeling relief, you let out a sigh and smile up at him.

Hey’ You greet, this time speaking up first, still slightly out of breath. He softly frowns, seeing that something might have been up, but seeing you smile at him reassured him just enough for it to pass by his head.

‘No time for greetings, young one, we have places to explore’ he jokes, somehow his smile getting even wider than when he spotted you lightly swinging on on the swing set. You lightheartedly laugh at him and stand up, forgetting your anxiety, feeling the rapidly cool gust of air from your sharp movement chilling you to the bone.

Oh crap’ He notices your raised shoulders and the faint chittering of your teeth ‘You must actually be freezing to death here’ And like in a painfully cliche movie, he shakes off the jacket off his shoulders and extends his arm towards you for you to take it. Seeing he only has a long sleeve underneath, you shake your head.

‘At least I have a sweater on me. You’re gonna freeze over’ you explain, but he’s not having any of it.

Don’t make me force you into it’ He says with a boyish smirk indicating a joke, but also that he’s serious about you having it. Trying to ignore his smirk, you lightly roll your eyes and lightly grasp it from him and putting in one arm after the other, you feel his body warmth still lingering on the jacket, as it warms you up in turn. The jacket’s huge on you, but that just adds to the cosiness. With it comes a pleasant smell of something that reminds you of a very faint, distant scent of black vanilla. You didn’t know what to expect but you weren’t complaining. You let out a long ‘Let’s gooo’ throwing your hands up slightly, this time leading the way out of the playground. Jungkook giggles at you and follows you out.

‘Wait up’ he says, seeing that you’re very eager to get to your destination. You’re a few steps ahead of him, so you turn and see him pointing in the other direction, laughing at your confidence. You stupidly trudge back to where he is, mumbling a quiet ‘oops’ as you join his side before heading in the opposite direction.

‘We’re gonna have to take a drive there’ he clarifies, which you’re not exactly too bothered by, but it’ll definitely be a new experience.

And how will we do that?’ you question

‘I have a car

Oh. That’s pretty cool

‘I know right’ he humours, joining in laughing with you.

Before long, you arrive at a little away from a small parking lot outside an apartment block, that you can only assume is where Jungkooks place is, but you’re not left wondering for long.

This is my apartment building’ he states nonchalantly to you. The street is a little run down and you can see that it’s not the nicest place in the world but you can’t expect him to have a mansion. He’s a college student after all.

Why didn’t you just drive up to the playground or my place?’ you ask, seemingly a better option for him.

Walking with you is fun’ he smiles, as you trot along the pavement towards the parking lot. You are still boggled at how a person can be so impossibly nice and generous.

Jungkook stops in front of his car and you stop with him. Its seemingly old appearance is counteracted by its smooth, red, polished surface, showing that the car is taken care of. Searching in his jean pockets, he pulls out his car keys and unlocks his car.

‘Get in loser, we’re going shopping’ he quotes, making you chuckle loudly. You circle the car to get to the passenger side and hop in, immediately noticing the scent of black vanilla wafting around, just like on the jacket still on you. You close the door and observe the neat interior of the car, despite it having a vaguely vintage feel. Jungkook gets in too and shortly notices your amusement in his efforts to keep his car clean.

‘This is super nice, Jungkook’ you comment on your surrounding. He just shoots up his eyebrows a few times as if to humorously say ‘I know’ and ignites the engine before placing his arm around your seat and pulling out of the parking spot. Once you’re steadily on the road he asserts keeping his eyes on the road.

You know, when we get there, I’d like you to meet some people’ on the phrase “meet some people” you become slightly uneasy. Meeting new people was always hard for you, and you don’t know how it might go this time, but you trust Jungkook to take some of the stress off you.

‘Am I allowed to know where we are going this time?’

‘Train tracks’ he simply responds, as if it gives away anything to you at all. You look at him with wonder and he’s forced to explain more.

‘Abandoned train tracks’ he says again ‘It’s nice and quiet down there. We set up a fire and food there once in a while. I thought you could join us.’ How it’s laid out in your head, it seems quite peaceful, and to your little goody two shoe brain, it sounds fun and almost rebellious, which you don’t have much against. Though you wonder who “we” are.

‘Who’s this “we” you’re on about?’

‘Don’t worry. They’re nice people. They go by Jimin and Taehyung. Jimin is actually a little kitten, he won’t hurt a soul.’ He giggles to himself. ‘Taehyung is really outgoing, you’ll make friends with them in no time’ he quickly glances at you to see your reaction. You look like you’re in thought, you’re just wondering if you’ll like them as much as Jungkook says so.

Hm,’ you let out a little sound of approval before you’re left to look out the window at the trees and bushes lining the road. You’re surprised at how quickly you exited the city to be surrounded by nature. Out of nowhere, you swear you see a snowflake pass by your window, then another, until you are sure that it’s starting to snow.

‘Hey is that snow?’ Jungkook exclaims, speaking your thoughts

‘I think so’ you say excitedly, hoping that the winter season is finally showing itself. Judging by Jungkooks reaction to the snowflakes, he too likes winter, which you can’t be more excited about.

After just a few more minutes of driving down the countryside, Jungkook took a turn that evidently led into nothing but a sea of green. It felt as if you were surrounded by nature wherever you looked. You’ve only ever had the chance to admire the flowers and trees surrounding you when you were younger when your parents dragged you to go camping, which you never wanted to go to anyway. Living in the city was seriously a different life to living in the countryside.

You could see a stretch of flat land ahead of you, the ground covered in pebbles and rocks, indicating to you that you were near the train tracks. Surely enough, a loud honk startles you, only for you to look over and see it was Jungkook, making his presence known. He pulls up to the side of the road and turns off the engine.

'We’re here’ he assures, before getting out. As you step out of the car you see two smiling faces appear from around the corner and approach you. You can only assume it’s the so-called Jimin and Taehyung. Seeing them beaming a kind smile towards ye both you can’t help but remember how Jungkook told you that his friends are nothing you should be concerned about. Your mind is left in slight confusion for a moment, but you decide to ignore it and go along.

One of the boys was shorter than the other, sporting a smile that spread all the way up to his eyes, creasing them even further than when Jungkook smiles. He’s got quite a small figure, but you can tell he isn’t exactly fragile. The other boy has got an even wider grin than the shorter boy, which forms into almost a perfect square shape. He’s already spreading his arms to engulf Jungkook into a bear hug, while the smaller boy trudges across the stones in his boots behind him. You look over at Jungkook, who appears ever so graceful in the falling snow, but you won’t admit that to yourself, you think it’s the snowflakes, making everything appear more elegant.

You are shortly noticed by one of the boys who lifts his eyebrows in recognition and makes his way around the car towards you.

'You must be y/n’ he calls out happily before stopping in front of you and leaning on the car comfortably.

'And you must be either Jimin or Taehyung’ you smile back at him, quite obviously not knowing, but recalling as much as you can from what Jungkook told you. He throws his head back, brushing his hair with his hand in one motion, letting out an airy laugh, sounding like music to your ears.

Jungkook must have not told you anything about us’ he brings his head back down, showing a playful pout as if he’s actually hurt. You chuckle in turn, internally marvelling at his beautiful face structure and easy going behaviour.

'I’m Jimin’ he tells you ’The brat over there is Taehyung’ he turns his head to see his reaction. Taehyung just sticks his tongue out at Jimin before jogging in your direction.

Ya’ he shouts 'I wanna talk to y/n too’ whining, he jogs past Jimin, pinching his cheek, as he stops beside you, throwing a relaxed arm around your shoulders, leading you away from the car onto the gravel ground, all of your footsteps making loud skittering, crunching sounds as you walk forward.

So I guess you know I’m Taehyung now’ he laughs letting go of your shoulder and tucking his hands into his bomber jacket.

'Little 'kook over here has been telling us so much about you’ He teases, earning a punch from Jungkook, who joins your side so that you’re walking between them. Taehyung let’s out a loud groan, rubbing the pain from his arm after Jungkooks blow.

'Not true’ Jungkook grumbles quietly to himself, as you come up to an old stationery train wagon. You observe that all of the windows have been shattered and the coating of rust on the metal has been forming for a long long time. You’re nudged out of your daydream by Jungkook patting your back to get your attention. He softly smiles, realising he startled you out of your thoughts.

Let’s get up’ he briefly points up to the roof of the wagon.

'Ladies first’ you hear Taehyung from behind you quip.

I’ll boost you up, but you have to work with me’ Jungkook gently explains with a delicate face expression.

'Hey, I’m not a baby!’ you retort quickly, trying to fit in with their evident rebellious, boy-like behaviour.

'Yeah, yeah shorty’ Jimin cheerfully mocks, coming up and ruffling your loose hair. You fake mad as you furrow your eyebrows and cross your arms playfully, earning a giggle from all three of them. Jimin just swiftly runs up to a ledge, grabs on and seamlessly pulls himself up into a sitting position at the edge of the roof. For a second you stare in awe at how graceful an action such as climbing on to a train can be, the snow not helping your admiration.

Jungkook crouches and locks his hands together before you can even realise, so he calls out to you. You look down at him and walk over, placing your hands on his shoulders and stepping onto his hands. He counts down from three and easily hoists you up as far as he can to make sure you’re okay by yourself. You manage to inelegantly mount yourself up to the top and sit beside Jimin, whose legs are dangling childishly off the edge. Taehyung waits for Jungkook to, just like Jimin, climb up before he himself grabs on and pulls himself up. How they do it so beautifully exceeds your understanding but you soon forget after Jungkook plops himself beside you, Taehyung following.

Jungkooks arm brushes past yours, and you instantly notice how he’s shivering like crazy. You completely forgot he gave his coat to you and sacrificed his warmth. You realised how warm and snug you are, so you proceed to take off the jacket. Jungkook watches you, confused, but you quickly turn to drape the jacket over his shoulders.

'You’re shaking’ you state, seeing how even his teeth are chattering now. Snowflakes are stuck to his dark hair and clothes, which make him appear like some kind of snow fairy, and you just can’t seem to get over yourself.

'You’ll be cold too’ he utters plainly. And for the second time around Jungkook, a surge if confidence passes your mind as you scoot up to him so that your legs are touching.

'We can share it’ you say coming up with a plan to solve the conflict. This time round Jungkook isn’t as shocked at your forward proposition, but he can’t hide that he finds your courage seriously lovable.

He slightly leans over to wrap one of the jacket shoulders on your shoulders before he scoots even further so that you both fit. In this position, you can feel his breath just barely graze your neck as he breathes out. With it comes the pleasant smell of apples from presumably his hair again. You lightly blush, hoping that it’s slight enough to blame it on the cold.

'Well if I knew this was gonna happen I would’ve given you both jackets’ Jimin teases for the countless time tonight as him and Taehyung laugh, high-fiving behind you. You both blush harder and Jungkook coughs awkwardly, but neither of you move away, instead, you cherish the warmth you’re both getting from not only the coat but also each other.

Everyone falls into a serene silence, watching the trees ahead slowly get coated with a thin layer of white. Although the sky is quite cloudy, sections of the colourful sky make their way through, colouring the scene different hues. Noticing your eyelids slowly closing, you try your hardest to stay awake, but the warmth and silence proving to be difficult contestants.

Hey!’ Taehyung shouts out of nowhere, alarming all of you. ’We forgot to make a fire’ he shoots his box of a grin before jumping down and disappearing into the wagon. You yawn loudly, stretching your arms forward, accidentally dropping the jacket off your shoulders. Jungkook reaches to pick it up but before he can place it back on you, you cheekily jump down from the rooftop and crane your neck to look up at him.

Put it on’ you insist, not being content until you know Jungkook will be warm. Jungkook doesn’t interject this time, but just throws it on and jumps down beside you.

You decide to investigate where Taehyung disappeared to. You step into the wagon through the open door at the side, to spot Taehyung, who looks like he’s gathering supplies for the fire. The inside of the wagon is surprisingly spacious, what looks to be man-made shelves line the wall full of food, tools and for knows what else. His face lights up when he sees you.

Here’ he hands you a net full of firewood 'Take it outside?’ he simply questions, so you nod and head out. Seeing that Jimin is still up on the roof you ask;

Where do you usually set up this fire?’

Just chuck it somewhere around’ he responds, jumping down too. You throw the wood down at your feet and Jungkook and Taehyung come out of the wagon with arms full of supplies, walking towards you. Placing the things down beside the firewood, Taehyung speaks up again.

Jimin, it’s your turn’ he’s assumingly talking about taking turns to light the fire. No one interjects, but Jimin just groans in remembering that it’s his turn, yet he crouches down and begins whatever it is he’s doing.

Taehyung and I will bring over some old logs to sit on. Wait here’ Jungkook smiles before jogging off after Taehyung, leaving you with Jimin. You decide to crouch directly opposite him and maybe help him with his task.

Can I help?’ you say. He looks up with a smile and waves you off as to say he doesn’t need help. You huff, not wanting to seem useless. You start wandering around the perimeter of the area, not realising your distance to the campfire is growing exponentially. You can’t help but admire how everything is dusted with a thin cap of snow, and almost looks like some otherworldly Winterland. You can feel the delicate snowflakes settle on your hair and on your jumper, only fantasizing that you look a quarter as good as Jungkook in the snow. Why were you suddenly thinking about Jungkook? You brush your thoughts aside and go back to observing the area.

Before you know it, it’s colder and darker than ever and snapping out of your reverie, you panic, not knowing where you are. The paranoic feeling from earlier is back and with greater intensity. Attempting to try to retrace your steps, you can’t help but feel that you might just be getting further from the campfire. So stopping in your tracks and taking in a few deep breaths, you try to calm yourself and remember which way you came from.

Completely and utterly failing to identify any sign of your path, you panic again and you can feel tears pricking your eyes, even though you’re trying your hardest not to cry. Getting lost in the darkness was not anywhere in your expectations but you stupidly did this to yourself.

Jungkook’ you call out in desperate hopes he might hear because you don’t know how far you carelessly wandered off. Not hearing a response you shout again. No response. You’re scared, anxious and frustrated at yourself, you can’t even think straight. For a fraction of a second, you swear you hear your name being called, and that’s enough for you to start running in the direction of the noise. You hear your name louder now and you keep running. You see a row of abandoned wagons and decide to run parallel to them, hoping they might lead you somewhere.

A hard surface suddenly collides against you and you’re almost knocked over with the force if it wasn’t for someone holding you by the wrist so that you steady yourself. You open your eyes to find Jungkook with a concerned but angry expression pulling you so that you stand properly upright.

In his haze and anger that you went off on your own like that, he raises his voice ’What the fuck was that y/n?’. Surprised that he scolds you so loudly, you start to cry even harder. You know you deserve this, who’s dumb enough to walk away in the dark by themselves? You deserve a million times worse for worrying him like this. And you feel even dumber for crying like a little child because he’s angry at you.

Seeing you like this ticks off a protective instinct in him and he immediately softens to pull you into an embrace. Still with your hands covering your face, he wraps his arms around you almost twice over and leans his head on yours. He feels your shaking shoulders relax slightly as he hugs you tightly.

Look, look. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have shouted. I’m really sorry’ he detaches himself from you and holds you by your shoulders, so you’re forced to look at him. The tears eventually stop flowing and Jungkook is there through all of your crying until you’re left with a sniffly nose and puffy eyes and cheeks. He looks straight into your eyes, reassuring you that he’s there.

Making sure you have stopped crying and are steady again, he attempts to lighten the mood by stopping you briefly and crouching in front of you with his back towards you. You are so confused as to what the heck he’s ministering this time.

Get on my back’ he oddly request but you understand he wants to give you a piggyback ride, and you’re in no mood to argue right now, so with a sniff, you adjust yourself on his back, making sure the hands wrapped around his neck are comfortable for him and he lifts up from the ground as if he doesn’t even have a weight on him. As he starts moving forward, his velvety hair tickles your cheek and you can’t help but faintly giggle.

'What’s up’ he questions, unavoidably smiling to himself when he hears your laugh.

'Your hair tickles’ you say truthfully, feeling like a child talking to someone older, sensing a feeling of sleep creeping up on your conscience.

You dork’ he whispers and it’s the last thing you hear before finally letting sleep take over.

the wedding planners | jjk

↳ alternative title: ‘til death do us part? i’d rather die than be with you.

⇒ summary: jeon jungkook is three things: cocky, terrible, and your worst enemy. then your best friend hoseok gets engaged to the love of his life, and suddenly jeon jungkook is four things: cocky, terrible, your worst enemy, and the man you will be spending the next seven months with in order to plan your best friend’s wedding. 

and then, as if your life couldn’t get any shittier, you make the poor decision of sleeping with him on the first day of the job.

⇒ enemies to lovers!au, wedding!au

⇒ pairing: jungkook x female reader (and some side yoonseok)

⇒ word count: 28k of self-indulgent banter

⇒ genre: fluff, light smut, light angst

⇒ warnings: alcohol consumption and too many clichés

⇒ a/n: woo boy. i don’t want to make this a/n too long but i know it will be. first, this is the longest fic i have ever written, ever. second, thank you to all of the support i’ve gotten while writing the original fic and the revamp. it’s been a long 6 months, people. third, i am tagging: @jeonhoney, @wicdrop, @gukhopes, @workofteaguk, and @army-author for being so damn supportive while i was writing this, and @kitschkylo because u asked me to! fourth, this is way better than the original fic and thus makes me even more proud of it. i finished it, you guys. it’s here. also, @macfullyloaded17 made this Hecking Amazing playlist for this fic that you should 100% listen to while you read this, and shoutout to her. 

⇒ DISCLAIMER: in no way is this a realistic portrayal of planning a wedding/getting married. if you’re planning a wedding, don’t rely on this fic to guide you. it’s just a bad idea.

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Familiar but Unexpected

One Shot: Jungkook Best friend!AU x Reader

Word count: 9.5k 

Genre: Fluff, Angst and NSFW! Smut. 

A/N: I recommend you read this in one sitting - strap yourself in for one heck of a rollercoaster ride, boys and girls. I’m back to ruin your life temporarily. @jeonjungrude @author–nim @btsbangtansarmyv

Summary: Jungkook, your ‘best friend’ needs a place to stay since his older brother unexpectedly came home. You try to fix their sibling relationship but that ends up costing you your friendship with Jungkook- a trade for something better or for something worse? 

@btsfanficss masterlist here 💕

Originally posted by armythreej

The doorbell rung simultaneous to the sound of constant knocks on your door. You opened your bloodshot eyes and reached over for your phone that sat on the bedside table. Who in their right mind would visit you at 4 in the morning? The violent knocking intensified and you groaned with frustration, peeling yourself away from the warm bed. You shuffled yourself over to the front door and swung it open while rubbing your tired eyes. Of course, only Jeon Jungkook, your best friend, would have the nerve to barge in at such an ungodly hour.

Jesus woman, I thought you were dead,” Jungkook’s voice sounded relieved at the sight of you in front of him, in your nighties that consisted of merely a singlet and terribly short running shorts. It exposed your supple skin to the handsome boy.

“Jungkook what the fuck do you want? I’m tired, it’s 4 in the bloody morning-” you sighed and wobbled with fatigue.

“Hello to you too, sweetheart,” Jungkook scoffed and entered your apartment with a small suitcase in his grip. “My brother came home unexpectedly just then, I need a place to crash until he leaves.”

You nodded without much thought, you knew his brother was always a sensitive topic for him so you understood.

“That’s fine by me. I’m going back to sleep,” you announced to the noir haired boy with a loud yawn. He merely snickered at your exhausted state and jumped onto your sofa- where he usually crashed after his nights out.

You glided back into the comfort of your bedsheets and closed your eyes to drift off into dreamland.

Morning came quicker than expected. You woke up to the sound of shuffling and fidgeting from the kitchen. It was unusual for Jungkook to wake up so early, early being 9 o’ clock since it was a Saturday morning. 

“Good morning,” you said in a nasal voice as you poured yourself a cup of coffee Jungkook had brewed. You peaked over Jungkook’s broad shoulders to see sizzling pancakes on the pan. 

“What’s the special occasion?” you murmured behind a hazy sounding giggle and Jungkook showed no emotion, a thin line across his lips. 

“Nothing..” Jungkook sounded inaudible as his chest grew with the inhalation of his breath. He let out a loud sigh and you gulped at the boy’s condition. It was rare for him to look so serious. He was normally always making the most inappropriate jokes and comments. 

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fatal attraction│01 (m.)

pairing: reader x jungkook (feat. taehyung)

genre: serial killer au, angst

→ word count: 14k

  • Your dangerous ex-boyfriend comes back to haunt you in more ways than one.

→ warnings: mentions of smut, drug and alcohol abuse, violence, light gore, death and murder. This will be a series with a lot of twists and turns… I’ve been working on this for a while and I’m excited to finally post so I hope you all like it.

series m.list01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | on going

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Mine (M)

Prompt: 💕 + Jungkook + “You have no idea what the fuck I’m capable of, babygirl.”

Pairing: Mafia boss! Jeon Jungkook x Reader

Warnings: bondage, slapping, killing (a little blood), Sir kink, humiliation, Dom! Jungkook, degrading names, begging, orgasm denial

Notes: For my (very late, i’m sorry) 3k present <3 I hope it’s good enough. 2.2k Words

Originally posted by jeonbase

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♡ bts as boyfriends  [ jungkook ]

Originally posted by yourpinkpill

- pairing: jungkook x reader

- warnings: fluff with a bit of smut which has been made clear, please skip past if this makes u uncomfortable!

seokjin - yoongi - namjoon - hoseok - jimin - taehyung - jungkook

request/ask - masterlist

  • jungkook invented being a big fat SOFTIE who’s head over heels in love

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It Ain’t Me: Part 8

Jungkook x Reader ft. Yoongi

Request: Can you make a fake text about how bf hears a rumor about y/n and decides to break up without even knowing the true facts

Words: 2.4K

Genre: Angst

Part 7 | Part 9

Check out my Masterlist!

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All I’ve got II pt. 1

Jungkook x reader

genre: tattooed!jungkook, badboy!jungkook, angst, contents of smut, violent actions, slight fluff

word count: 12.1k

Jeon Jungkook was a tall guy, handsome with all those ethereal artwork tattooed on his arms..and your best friend. He was by your side whereas you faced a painful heartbreak, caressing your hurt soul for as long as you needed him. But how much can a friendship withstand if one of the two develops feelings?

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bedroom kitten ; jjk | (m).
There is an unsettling silence swirling through the air the very second Jungkook steps foot in his apartment. It is a silence induced by both heartache and hostility, and while the heartache is mutual, the hostility ignites from one end, flickering burns on not one but both tongues.

He pushes the door and steps in, containing his sigh of exhaustion as you trudge in soon after him. You’re oozing with despondency, glossy curls shielding your heavy gaze that is stuck to your tennis sneakers that squeak upon the varnish pasted to the wooden floor—naturally showcasing your childlike, mischievous attributes.

Jungkook throws his keys aside and drops your mini suitcase to one corner of the entrance. You watch him stride ahead of you, heading for the kitchen. He turns back not even once to glance at you let alone check if you are okay.

You stand stiffly at the door, sniffing the air briefly with a sullen expression. You almost whimper, lifting your hand to wipe your nose against the material of your silk white shirt. Stroking the tip of your nose delicately, you force a feeling of comfort around yourself.

It doesn’t work.

With your sharp nails grazing your neck, long, lean fingers hooking themselves to the edge of your dull pink collar, your youthful eyes spot your numerous toys scattered across the living room. You’re quick to descend on to the thick, fluffy carpet sprawled across the floor of the living room, accidentally switching on the television as you position yourself on all fours.

Jungkook switches on the gas stove, toppling a pot with steaming water before settling it upon the orange, blue flame aggravating below. You can tell so without looking. It was a task incorporated into his daily routine.

You stretch yourself leisurely, ass hoisted up into the air as you flick several toys left and right. Your hands, that have curled inwards to resemble paws, melt into the soft carpeting as the the knots in your lower back undo themselves and your animated tail straightens itself out. You softly whimper, biting into your bottom lip.

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