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Dating Jeon Jungkook would include:

Okay…so I finally managed to get this one done! Thanks so much for everyone that liked and enjoyed my ‘Dating Park Jimin would include’ so here is Dating Jeon Jungkook would include!

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·         Him being super shy at first!

·         But after you two had gotten to know each other for a while he would open up.

·         Next you know, you both are the two craziest couple ever!

·         The older boys would just be either teasing you or judging you.

·         You would become super close with Jimin and V.

·         And Jin would become your new parent.


·         He would always be showing off!

·         Bloody flexing his muscles and ‘accidentally’ lifting his shirt up and making sure to always be practicing some god damn hip thrusts whenever you came to watch them practice!

·         JEALOUSLY!!!!

·         Like whenever Jimin or V would be all friendly with you he would pull you away.

·         “Back of Hyungs she is mine!”

·         SO CUTE

·         ANIME


·         So MuCh AnImE

·         Adorable pecks when you least expect it.

·         Like you would bring some lunch for him when he is practicing, and you’d just be setting out the things then he would come up behind you and kiss your lips and then go off to grab something like it never happened.

·         “What was that for Kookie?”

·         “Just showing how much I love you.”


·         The other members would be all grossed out cause he is kissing you too much.

·         Lazy days in.



·         He’d always be checking in on you to make sure you are okay and doing well.

·         Overall a relationship with Jungkook would be amazing, a lot of love and affection, teasing, and just having a good time….Plus a lot of anime.

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Dating Park Jimin would include:

Okay…so this is my first time ever doing one of these! I do hope you like it, if you do comment and I will start taking more requests! 

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·         Getting called every morning and night because he wants to hear your voice.

·         He’d be face timing you while he is at practice and the other boys would be there teasing him!

·         He’d send you pictures while he was at the gym working out…just so he could show off.

·         Once he got back from practice there would be a heap of cuddles!

·         Like oh my god, he would just wrap you in his strong arms and kiss your forehead and mumble about how much he missed you today.

·         Movies until like three am.

·         You two would always be blasting music and singing your hearts out 24/7.

·         He’d always be talking about you to the other members! He would never shut up!

·         Endless amount of cuddling. There would probably be a time when Jungkook walked in on the both of you pretty much glued to each other.

·         “Hyung…we have practice now…”

·         “Go away Kookie, five minutes.” And then you would have to convince him to get up but he’d just pull you closer and hold onto you more tightly.

·         HEAPS of little innocent kisses!

·         You wouldn’t even expect it! Like he would come up from behind and kiss your cheek and then go back to whatever he was doing.

·         Coffee dates!

·         You’d just have those super cute dates where you are out all day and then you don’t get home to around 10 pm.

·         BaCk HuGs!!! SO MANY BACK HUGS

·         Like you would be doing something and then out of know where he would come up from behind and wrap his arms around your waist pulling you into his chest. Then he’d kiss the top of your forehead because he is a bloody sweetheart!

·         Either short and sweet pecks or long and passionate kisses, both are totally awesome!

·         Overall Jimin would just be showering you with love 24/7 and that is really all anyone needs!

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So I have now made a Yoonmin Coffee Date Collage…I am weak for this ship my god! They love each other!

I also ship pretty much every ship in BTS though, so I’m probs gonna make more lovely gay collage’s. 

So yeah, hope you like it. xox