BTS Officially Launches New Global Project #ARMYPEDIA⁠ ⁠

In 7 Cities Around The World


RM - Paris

Jin - Hong Kong

SUGA - New York

JHOPE - Tokyo

Jimin - LA

V - London

Jungkook - Seoul

190222 Jungkooks’ Tweet

너무 늦었네… 혼나야 돼
#아미안행 #긴꿈에서 #치즈 #JK #좋은밤되길

This is too late… I should be punished
#ARMYSorry #InALongDream #CHEEZE #JK #HaveAGoodNight
(T/N: In the first hashtag, JK combined “아미” (ARMY) and “미안행” (a cute way of saying ‘I’m sorry’) together.)

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Babying Jungkook

Jungkook boyfriend scenario

Jungkook X reader


Word count: 900+

When you saw the outline of his big body under the covers in your dim bedroom you immediately made your way towards him and squated down. Just like this morning you let your hand brush Jungkook’s dark bangs back so you could feel his temperature and like you had predicted: the fever was still there. You watched how his closed eyes crinkled of the feeling of your cold hand against his hot forehead before slowly opening them.

“Hi.” You whispered softly afraid to speak too loudly.

He blinked a few times, the tiredness in his eyes were obvious and the sight made your eyebrows knit together. You stroke his hair, making his eyelids flutter again.

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Pen Pal 1.5
  • Summary- As a lonely person, the idea of exchanging letters with someone apart from society was actually quite appealing to you.  In a random act of charity and desperation, you sign up for a pen pal and get paired up with an inmate named Jungkook.  The letters were meant to help him cope with prison life, but little did anyone know it was actually driving him more mad.
  • Warnings- Yandere/Prisoner Jungkook x Reader.  Mature themes.  Mention of mental disorder.

Words; 5.4k

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“Have you ever felt so connected to someone that you didn’t understand why they were inside another skin and inhabiting a different body than you?”

He supposed that he should’ve been more displeased with where he landed himself.  

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