jungjung couple

Shipping this couple so hard and I don’t care if some “fans” (i don’t think they should be called FANS bcoz they bash a lot >.< , how could they hate Yoomi bcoz of marathon)

ANYWAY. Pictures are uploaded online and yes they did marathon this day. Noona power.
I appreciate JY here for doing the marathon. With his personality he’s a type who wouldnt do things he doesnt like but yeah he did it, the marathon.

Now I’m liking him so much <3

JungJung/PocaGuri Couple Cuts 7&8 (193&194)

I am truly sorry for being late, but midterms happened >.<;; I sincerely sincerely apologise m(__)m

Anyway, here is Cut 7 and Cut 8

As usual, if you have any issues, please tell me and I will do my best to fix them ^^

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