anonymous asked:

do u have any other seventeen blog recs?? I want to follow more blogs that are funny and meme-tastic like yours;)

Honestly, I only follow like a handful of blogs, but I guess I can recommend some pretty interesting ones:

1. Ok, for starters, if you’re looking for good SEVENTEEN centered meme blogs, I recommend @alt-17project , @incorrectseventeen and @relatableseventeen . They have really funny posts and they are full of humor. I would also like to add @real-kpop-imagines , they are multifandom, but they do post about SEVENTEEN. Also, @jellybeanminghao has dope text posts.

2. If you want gif/edit centered blogs: @junhuidu & @junhuiduu , @wonhuii , @wonnhao , @hanwooz , @jihanlife , @1jh (17+others), @jungifs , @jeongahn , @smolgyu , @xuhaology (I don’t really know a lot of blogs that post graphics/edits, sorry!!).

3. Also, because I just love these, some legit awesome blogs you absolutely HAVE to follow are @pure-jisoo , @stanjunhui , @munjunhui , @junhuissmile, @princeuji , @prince-vernon (Jean the Jelly Bean she’s adorable), @jisooscat , @jun-kyard , @mountean , @thoteen , @scoupsanti , @17dad , @veryotl , @jeonghcn , @wonwoosidealtype , @yellowsweater-wonwoo .

Of course, there are a lot more amazing blogs, but these are the ones I mainly follow and/or reblog from. I don’t even follow like half of these, but All of these blogs are amazing, so I hope you will like them too (I might as well keep this “masterlist” updated every once in a while)!!