arashi ps challenge: Performances {1/5}; Tooku Made - Love concert [2013]

Your fake attitude that you’re pretending to be okay is strange
In the hand you tightly squeezed mine back with was love
Even if we laugh together many times, it’s not enough
Wrapped up in the small or big ordinary days are miracles


arashi ps challenge: Performances {2/5}; Kaze no Mukou E - Shounen Club Premium [13.1.2009]

I’ll hold on to your share of your feelings too
Like I’m climbing stairs, I’m heading for the top
It’s painful and difficult, but I endure it
Drawing the figure of myself that is basking in cheers

Jun! Happy birthday! 22-01-97

I'm so happy! ;3; I have no words to describe how I feel about
you. Isn't easy to join a group who already have a long time
making history, and so young. You inspires a lot, you have a
really big heart and you are stronger than anyone of your age.
You easily won everybody's hearts in a short time, and that
shows how amazing you are! A guy full of talent, cuteness,
dreams and smiles who make us fall for you. And I'm sure
your hyungs loves you a lot and will support you and take
care of you always. Thank you so much for join U-KISS!

I wish you happiness and successful in everything!

Happy 18-19 years Lee Jun Young!
I love you! ^3^ Receive a lot of hugs!