arashi ps challenge: Performances {1/5}; Tooku Made - Love concert [2013]

Your fake attitude that you’re pretending to be okay is strange
In the hand you tightly squeezed mine back with was love
Even if we laugh together many times, it’s not enough
Wrapped up in the small or big ordinary days are miracles

anonymous asked:

do u have any other seventeen blog recs?? I want to follow more blogs that are funny and meme-tastic like yours;)

Honestly, I only follow like a handful of blogs, but I guess I can recommend some pretty interesting ones:

1. Ok, for starters, if you’re looking for good SEVENTEEN centered meme blogs, I recommend @alt-17project , @incorrectseventeen and @relatableseventeen . They have really funny posts and they are full of humor. I would also like to add @real-kpop-imagines , they are multifandom, but they do post about SEVENTEEN. Also, @jellybeanminghao has dope text posts.

2. If you want gif/edit centered blogs: @junhuidu & @junhuiduu , @wonhuii , @wonnhao , @hanwooz , @jihanlife , @1jh (17+others), @jungifs , @jeongahn , @smolgyu , @xuhaology (I don’t really know a lot of blogs that post graphics/edits, sorry!!).

3. Also, because I just love these, some legit awesome blogs you absolutely HAVE to follow are @pure-jisoo , @stanjunhui , @munjunhui , @junhuissmile, @princeuji , @prince-vernon (Jean the Jelly Bean she’s adorable), @jisooscat , @jun-kyard , @mountean , @thoteen , @scoupsanti , @17dad , @veryotl , @jeonghcn , @wonwoosidealtype , @yellowsweater-wonwoo .

Of course, there are a lot more amazing blogs, but these are the ones I mainly follow and/or reblog from. I don’t even follow like half of these, but All of these blogs are amazing, so I hope you will like them too (I might as well keep this “masterlist” updated every once in a while)!!


arashi ps challenge: Performances {2/5}; Kaze no Mukou E - Shounen Club Premium [13.1.2009]

I’ll hold on to your share of your feelings too
Like I’m climbing stairs, I’m heading for the top
It’s painful and difficult, but I endure it
Drawing the figure of myself that is basking in cheers


arashi ps challenge: Tv show moment {1/5} arashi masquerade in arashi ni shiyagare ep 2

Here you have Nino hentai mask, Aiba curry-man mask, Jun looking kawaii in his mask,Ohno the greedy man, Sho the bank robber. Sho mad on Ohno laughing at him, Nino trying to steal Ohno mask and Ohno gratefulnes towards aniki.