A really carefree sketch of our precious Wang So(Lee Joon Gi) and Hae Soo (Lee Ji Eun/IU) ❤️

Removal of Wang So's mask

YOU GUYS ALL DON’T DESERVE WANG SO’S LOVE if you thought Hae Soo looked at Wang So with pity. (You are prob looking at Wang So with pity)
I’m not saying you guys are horrible people but this is what makes Hae Soo special and what makes SoSoo ship work.

The reason why Wang So said he hates her eyes like crazy is because they were so clear of judgement and pity. Hae Soo was not afraid to look directly into Wang So because:
1. She worked at a cosmetic store and has tons of licenses that are related to beauty and health care. She’s seen many different skin conditions so she does not think any of it was strange.
2. Similar to number 1, she’s from 21st century, scars are pretty normal unless you’re that asshole that thinks one pimple/scar makes you ugly and bla bla bla.
At first, Hae Soo was shocked and didn’t want Eun to encourage So to take the mask off because HaeSoo knows how concerned So is about his scar.
While Wang So takes off the mask, Hae Soo was really shocked because she knows how So feels about it, he still chose to take it off due to his promise with Eun.

I just wanted to clarify this because I don’t want IU’s acting taking blame due to misunderstanding of the scenes. IU’s acting is not perfect but it’s on an acceptable level, even better than most idol turned actors/actresses.