jungian art

Just as the ocean is an intermediate realm, a template between the crust of the Earth and the atmosphere, so is the imagination an intermediate realm, a template between matter and spirit. Just as the ocean is the participatory realm that produces clouds and rain for the islands and continents, so is the imagination the participatory realm that produces the imagery of art and science and nourishes the civilizations on land.
—  Carl Jung

12 layer silkscreen print based on 6/12 of the jungian character archetypes. edition of 7


So I’m not sure yet if I’m going to just use these as little boosts to focus my intent or as a sort of divination widget, but I had a bunch of spare plastic “gems” leftover from a craft project that are now rune-ified. I used a gold sharpie to inscribe the back of each one with it’s symbol, and then mixed corresponding colors of acrylic paint to seal them with.

There are 17 altogether:
10 for the original Sailor Senshi planetary bodies, plus earth for tux/chibs
4 more for the largest objects in the asteroid belt since Pluto and Ceres share rank as planetoids and I like using the quartet in my astrology anyhow.
3 for Jungian dream aspects with a personal magical girl twist; alchemical arsenic on black, star/sol symbol on white, and simplified Utena rose crest on “light red”

I’m not sure these will cover all aspects of every situation, but I figure it’s a good start for broad strokes and I feel way more comfortable using pop magic to start casting than Nordic runes. Kinda chaotic Serenitism, in a way.