junghan pls

Seventeen as stereotypical k-drama characters
  • Joshua: friend zoned 2nd male lead
  • Seokmin: character there for comedic relief
  • Wonwoo: 150% salty 2nd female lead who gets rejected
  • Jun: rich new kid
  • Hoshi: quirky yet lovable female lead
  • Seungkwan: the rich and sassy grandmother
  • Woozi: evil antagonist plotting against every one
  • The8: male lead's friend who backs him up for everything
  • Chan: lovable puppy
  • Vernon: bad boy lead who we all secretly fall for
  • Jeonghan: rich mother in law
  • S.Coups: main lead's wannabe rapper brother
  • Mingyu: actual greek god of the school, everyone worships him.

jojo0225  asked:

“How would Jun, Seungcheol, Wonwoo, and DK's react when you ask them for cuddles?? “ for hoshi,woozi,joshua and junghan pls?

Aw this is so cute I love cuddles (▰˘◡˘▰)

Hoshi would of course be very pleased and super willing! He’d give you his happy little kitten smile and immediately pull you into his arms. He’d want to snuggle on the couch under a big blanket, with you between his legs and your back against his chest with his arms wrapped around you and his chin on your shoulder. Hoshi is very touchy and loves cuddling in the first place so it’d be a really rare occasion for him to turn down a cuddle sesh- or even not be the person to initiate it. 

Woozi likes to think he’s a manly man, but he’s secretly always down for cuddling with his boo. He’d mumble something about being busy, but when you pout or nag, he’d easily give in. He’d pretend like he’s being forced into, acting grumbley but he’d quickly settle down, letting you drag him to wherever it is you want to go and then immediately folding you into his arms and sighing in contentedness. It would just wipe his stress away, having you in his arms while he could peck the back of your neck softly, the sweet smell of your shampoo in his nose. He’d love every second of it. His favorite type of cuddling would be you curled up on his chest so he can rub your back and kiss your hair.

Joshua, an absolute sweetheart by nature, would never be able to say no to cuddling- but you got to watch out for that. He’s very sweet but sometimes he needs some alone space and he won’t tell you that. You have to watch out for whether or not he’s really in the mood to cuddle, and to respect it, because when he is in the mood, you’ll get the best cuddles out of him. He’ll just absolutely love curling up with, feeling totally soothed and relaxed by your scent and closeness. He likes hug cuddling (wrapping his arms around you and holding you close to him).

Jeonghan will most likely give you a definite yes or no when you request a cuddle sesh. He’ll make it fairly obvious he isn’t really in the mood- but that won’t be often. He likes attending to significant other, being in their presence. When he says he’d give you that soft little smile and suggest a place for you two to snuggle if you weren’t already dragging him away. He’d really like spooning and you laying on his chest. 

Snuggggglllesssss I waaaant