jeongcat vs mingyu

Q to jeonghan: If you were to be a cat, who would you like as your owner and what’s the reason?

A: Mingyu, because i think he can cook well/ feed me well.

Q to mingyu: Is there a member that you sometimes reallyyyyyy don’t wanna cook for?

A: YOON JEONG HAN!!! He’s always lying down. 

(meaning he’s a lazy ass XD)

sorry hannie, you’re gonna die as mingyu’s cat.

Cr: @JWS622, @darlingbemine 


There’s just smth special between these two and i don’t mean in a shippy kind of way. We all know jeongwhorehan shows love to practically everybody but wonwoo doesn’t. It just feels like jeonghan is the one who somehow is able to melt away wonwoo’s walls.

Especially like in today’s vapp. The way jeonghan calls wonwoo is just adorbs.

And he’s the one who managed to change wonwoo’s face from this

to this.

Wonwoo had his eyes trained on hannie basically the entire vapp XD

Or like whn jeonghan cried for two hours because wonwoo was ill. people on twitter also said that jeonghan wore wonwoo’s ring while he was away.

Or like back when wonwoo only fed jeonghan and just outright refused to feed mingyu and dk on another occasion.

Or like when forever ignored wonwoo thought no one listened to his garden speech, jeonghan was the only one who replied right after that.

some random wonhan moments :)

They don’t openly show affection often but their friendship is just precious. can they pls be the sloth line.

[160712] Doogi PD’s Twitter Update with Jun, The8, Hoshi, Joshua, Dino, Seungkwan, Jeonghan & Mingyu

[Doogi PD] 식도락 부선생의 통솔아래 오늘은 족발타임 #도쿱지논 #열일중 #배달의세븐틴 #기둘 #포장 #다들밥먹언

[Doogi PD] Today is pig trotters time under food lover Teacher Boo’s lead  #Do_Coup_Zi_Non #In_the_midst_of_hard_work #SEVENTEEN_of_delivery #Wait_for_us #Packed #Has_everyone_eaten

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My Boyfriend Jeonghan

“What’s your boyfriend like?”

His smile lights up my world

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He looks good at all angles,even better up close

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Every color looks good on him

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He’s very caring, the type of love you would get from a mother

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He’s fun to be with

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Everyone likes him

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Have I mentioned that he’s always looking good?

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He’s everything I want and more, he’s my angel

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“He sounds perfect”

“He is”


Next member: Joshua