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BtoB (Born to Beat), is a boygroup signed to Cube Entertainment. They debuted on the 21st of March 2012 with the songs “Insane” and “Imagine”, and consist of seven members.

Social media: Twitter.

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Who do you think is the sexiest member among you?
  • Hyoyeon: For me, it's our maknae.
  • Hyoyeon: Our maknae is still getting taller.
  • MC: Yes, she must still be growing.
  • Hyoyeon: And for a few of us unnies, although it's a bit humiliating for us, we have to look up at her.
  • : -everyone laughs-
  • Hyoyeon: And so occasionally, I look at our maknae and think, "Wow, she's sexy."
  • : Lee Jaeryong & Jungeun's Good Morning [2009.02.24]