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We have been in Kdrama drought for months since maybe Strong Woman Do Bong Soon? It’s been a while to have kdrama to watch till I lose myself in it. Now we have few list new kdrama that I’ve been watch. But of course I didn’t plan to watch it from the begining but I don’t think that it is good.

  • This Life is Our First

I watch this because of Jung So Min. She’s been in my heart since Playful Kiss, D-Day and Father Is Strange she’s natural. And turns out this drama was quite lovely. With a weird but charming male lead, Lee Min Ki and strong supporting characters, this drama is too bad to be missed.

  • Witch’s Court

At first I thought meh? another legal drama? again? And then I saw Jung Ryeo Won and Yoon Hyun Min together and it interest me! Since  Bubblegum and Tunnel. I’ve been missed these two so much! 

Turns out this drama was nothing like I was expected at all. With strong female character and its fragile heart inside, Yoon Hyun Min as your hoobae, what could you as for? 

if it is legal drama there must be a case to solve right? and this drama have a lot of new case like I’ve never seen before in any legal drama ofc it is because the two lead has been assigned for Crime Against Girls Units. With only 4 episode they passed 2 digits rating and beat Temperatur Of Love’s Seo Hyun Jin! Try to watct it and you’ll crave for it.

  • Go Back Couple

Do you miss Jang Nara? This baby face actress playing a divorcee Ahjumma (already have a kid) but somehow she’s travel back in time to 1999 when she’s 20 years old and her husband came along too. Didn’t plan to watch it but now I am hooked. Jang Nara who is 36 years old still suited being 20 years old. And I didn’t even know who the male lead (Son Ho Jun) is but he charmed me every episode. 

Don’t forget that you will have quite severe second male lead syndrom here :“ . Maybe this will be your first drama that makes you make the female lead with the second male lead (Chang Ki Young).