junge ich liebe dich

Schieb’ dein Haus neben meins, dann sehen wir uns jeden Tag, kommunizieren übers Fenster, treffen uns Nachts zwischen unseren Häusern und reden die ganze Nacht. Wie wär’s?

I am often told that sex with my Boyfriend doesn’t count is sex, because he has no penis and that my Boyfriend is not a boy. -Yes.
Yes my Boyfriend is transsexual. And yes, I sleep with a boy who is physically still not a boy.
But is sex only sex when you put your gender part in a hole? And is someone only a boy when they have a penis? Is this really only determined by a gender part? -No, I do not think so. The gender does not arise between your legs but in your heart.
You want to be a boy and feel like a boy? -You are a boy. Done.
And sex does not mean putting his gender into another. Sex means, trust, close, affection, tenderness and love. Alone a single kiss can mean sex. Sex is love. And I love my Boyfriend more than words can say. My boy is my boy and I love him just as he is, inside and outside. He is my boy.❤👫 @xtranssexualx