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INTJ Problems

INTJ: *puts something in bag*

30 seconds later

INTJ: Wait, did I put that thing in my bag or nah? 

INTJ: *tries to remember* Shit, I totally didn’t!

INTJ: *checks* Fjdjbds I knew it! I didn’t put it here. Where did I put it omg

INTJ: *randomly checking different zips* 

INTJ: Oh! It was here all along. I knew I wasn’t a careless person who can’t take care of their things

2 hours later

INTJ: Where did I put that thing

When someone asks if I’m gonna spend the weekend watching dramas and anime...
iKON’s ideas of love.

“In love, the spirit of enquiry towards your partner is essential” - Jinhwan  

Jinhwan who always smoothly says pick up lines to catch a woman’s heart. “If you want to have good love, I think “match (yourself) with me” kind of attitude is wrong. For example, if i call her dearly but she doesn’t usually answer it, I will try to understand her and I will match myself with her. I am the type of person who will study what her wishes are. However, I think all men are too. When I’m with her in public, I want to take the initiative and be manly. In a casual way, just a little bit.” Like the eldest he is, a message with a deep meaning towards girls who’s been hurt. “A wound that’s been hurt by love, can only be healed by love.”

“If you meet someone naturally, that is an ideal love” - Yunhyeong              

“I don’t think true love is something that we should search forcefully. It’s ideal to meet someone we will love naturally. But, it doesn’t come to you if you only wait, so it’s important to actively meet a lot of people. I already met a lot of people, it’s IKONICS!” There’s two prescription for a girl that has been hurt (by love), “first is patiently waits for the time to pass. Another one is meet a new man. I’m the type of person who waits for time to heal (the pain).” Yunhyeong is great at cooking. As expected rather then receiving, “I want to cook for the person that I love.” says Yunhyeong.

“Girls who are honest about her emotions & don’t dress up are beautiful” - Bobby                                                                                                               

“I’m happy with girls who put hard work to look beautiful, but when in front of your lover, it’s more important to show your true self. I want her to be honest with her emotions, see her without any dress up. And yet, even if we get wounded by this love, we’ll climb over the painful times, and  become stronger so there’s no need to worry.” To hurt Bobby’s feelings is “Lies. My heart aches and I get tired… For this reason, I believe everything about the girl.” But it’s known that your room is messy? “Even I hate a messy room, but to clean up is troublesome and I hate that more (lol). So, I’m attracted to girls who are good at cleaning.”

“I believe in love that last forever” - B.I                                                              

“As I live my life, the things that I value the most is trust, hope and love!” After hearing his straight words, Bobby and Yunhyeong can’t help but to chuckle. “No, but I’m serious. In a relationship love is the most important thing. There are people who say “There’s no such thing that can last forever” but to me, I wish that there is. I believe in love that last forever.” B.I is usually the leader who encourage his members. Therefore, about girls “When it’s just the two of us, I want her to be sweet/cute to me. Whenever I become weak, I’ll be happy if she tenderly encourage me. I’m a troublesome type of guy (lol).”  

“A true love doen’t get bothered by appearance” - Donghyuk              

iKON’s fashionista, Donghyuk. “I would like girls to put on effort with their make up and fashion. But if there’s someone that I like, even in any state, it’s automatic to see them cutely. It’s nice if she’s a great cook and good at housework. I want to taste home made dishes cooked by the person that I love!” Cheating is forbidden in a good love relationship. “It’s better if she says it beforehand, but if I meet the guy that she was hiding, at that moment I…. (cries).” Positiveness is important. “The chance to meet the one, will be even wider if you go out and find her yourself. If I meet the one, I want to smile at her a lot and stay next to her.”

“The absolute condition for a long relationship is the effort to understand each other” - JU-NE                                                                                           

“For a love relationship to last long, it’s important to understand each other” stressing his point. “When you start to love, to understand each other comes naturally. But When time passes by, you start to lose the effort. That’s how things turn out bad. Whenever I connect with people, I always think, when, where, what kind of things will occur, things that no one can predict. It’s the same thing with love. You imagine a nice future and work hard for it. Cheating is a NO! It’s natural for a charming lady to be popular, it’s okay if she talks and smiles to other men. But to always keep in touch is out.”

“Currently waiting for your turn to love? Next is yours!” - Chanwoo            

In iKON, many chose “It’s better to actively search to meet the one” but Chanwoo has a different opinion. “I think, even if you search very hard, that doesn’t mean you’ll find good love. If you wait for a nice person to appear, surely your turn will come soon. Don’t want to wait anymore? Then try going to Korea. There’s a lot of cool men.” Well then, a lover that you wish for? “Keeps promises. It’s okay if it’s just once, but if she keeps breaking her promises again and again, I can’t help but to think about breaking up. And one more thing, it’s also because I’m still underage, girls that drink alcohol is a little…. (lol).”

When you’re dieting, but someone makes your favorite food...

I like a guy who appreciates a girl who isn’t afraid to REALLY eat in front of him. ^_^

The Reason Why We Can't Sleep
  • ENFP's Mind During The Day: Hey, look at that! What if you do Thing A or Thing B? It'll definitely make the situation better! Go, go do it!
  • ENFP's Mind When They're Trying To Sleep: Lol what if A and B fails and you end up f*cking everything up and everyone will be pissed and then everything will get worse and OH LOOK WAIT ANOTHER IDEA WHAT IF YOU DO THING C? MAYBE THING D? THING E? WHY NOT ALL OF THEM?? But are they foolproof and such.. *mind rambles on*
After I’m done explaining to someone why I like dramas, but they aren’t convinced to watch...