BTS React To Hearing You Sing

A/N: So, if you think you’re not good at singing, think again. These boys will be in love with your singing. Enjoy~

Jin~ Jin had finished work early and decided to surprise you. Before you had gotten home, he hid in the living room, away from where the door looked. You walked in, and stopped in his tracks. He heard you softly singing to yourself, and sat back down to listen carefully. He smiled as he realized you were singing his solo song. He came up behind you and wrapped his arms around you and kissed the top of your head. 

Jagiya, I had no idea you could sing. Why didn’t you tell me?” You smiled and replied, “I just thought I couldn’t live up to the amazing Kim Seokjin.”(A/N: #givejinmorelines2k17)

Yoongi~ Yoongi had just woken up from the best sleep hes had in a while. As he walks down the stairs, he hears you singing to Blood Sweat & Tears from the kitchen. He stops before he could reach the last step, just to listen to your voice. He smiles as the chorus is over and you start rapping Hoseok’s verse. Before you could do his, he walked in and starting doing it on his own. You turn around and blush, realizing he had heard everything you were doing.

“You need to sing more, jagi. You’re amazing.”

Hoseok~ He had just finished dance practice and you were outside waiting for him. He didn’t want you to see the dance, as he wanted you to be surprised. As he walked out, he heard you singing Am I Wrong. He smiled because of how beautiful your voice sounded while singing the chorus. He turned towards you as you stopped singing and walked towards him. You realized he had heard you and hid your face in embarrassment. 

“Don’t hide your face, y/n. You’re amazing.”

Namjoon~ You had decided to visit Namjoon in the studio. He had been working hard lately and you wanted to make sure he was doing well. When he saw you, his face immediately lit up. “You’re here just on time. I needed a female backup vocal for this new song because Jimin can’t get it right. Would you be willing to do it?” You nod in nervousness, knowing he’s never heard you sing before. You get in the recording booth and you hear a slow paced song playing and learn the words to the song. He restarts the song and tells you how high he needs it to be. Once it’s time for you to come in, you close your eyes and take a deep breath. Once you start singing, Namjoon looks towards you in the booth. He smiles and listens to your beautiful voice. Once you finish, you turn to him and see him staring at you. 

“Was I that bad?” You ask. He walks over and smiles at you.

“You were absolutely amazing.”

Jimin~ Jimin finally had a day with you after he had worked so hard. When he had gotten in your car, he kissed you on the cheek and asked if you wanted to hear his solo song “Lie”, and, of course, you nodded. You listened as his beautiful voice serenaded you through the speakers. Once you had gotten to the second chorus, you had already memorized it, and began to sing it yourself. Jimin listened to you carefully as he realized you were an amazing singer. When the song was over, he turned to you and blushed.

“Maybe you should’ve sang this song instead, jagiya~”

(tfw you use Dark and Wild Jimin for Wings era Jimin)

Taehyung~ You had gotten home from a long day at work and wanted nothing more than to shower and facetime your boyfriend, Taehyung. You stripped off your clothes and got into the shower. While you were showering, you somehow got lost in singing BTS songs, eventually ending up on your boyfriends solo song. When you got out of the shower, you wrapped yourself in a towel and walked out, quickly greeted by Taehyungs face.

“What the hell? I thought you wouldn’t be home until next month!” You shouted.

He laughed and said, “Nevermind that. You can sing! Why didn’t you tell me!”

Jungkook~ It was almost 2 in the morning and Jungkook had decided to stay up with you while you wrote a research paper due the next day. You put on some music to help you focus, but it wasn’t helping at all. When Jungkooks solo song “Begin” came on, you got lost in the lyrics and began to sing them yourself. He stared at you in awe the entire time, without looking away once. Once the song had finished, he spoke up.

“Why didn’t it ever occur to you that I would want to know you can sing? You’re amazing!”

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BTS's reaction to you kissing their cheek? ❤

(I’m going to say that this kiss was somewhat random)


• Probably be surprised but would find it really cute

• “Ah, you just couldn’t resist this handsome face, could you.” 

• But on the inside he would be really happy about you showing your affection

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• Confused

• Probably wonder why kiss him so suddenly

• But he wouldn’t mind it

• Would definitely tease you

• After he was satisfied with the teasing he would ask: You want to kiss somewhere else this time? (only if he was in the mod though)

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• kiss you back on the lips immediately

• Maybe it would escalate

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• Would find it super cute and hug you tightly

• “Aish Jagi, you’re too cute, can I kiss you for real?”

• Cuddling/hugging would ensue

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• Would somehow accidentally turn around and end up kissing you on the lips

• really embarrassed but wouldn’t regret it

• “Can we do it again?”

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Okay, I can see this going two ways

First one:

• omg this lil mochi would be so flustered

• would try to act cool but is bright red

• mochi smiles

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• turns his head and his eyes look back and forth from your eyes to lips

• Slowly leans in to kiss you

• after the kiss, when your faces are still close, he would do that smirk/smile

• “Just go straight for my lips next time jagi”

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• ??????

• Blushing

• Nervous/happy giggling

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still not quite sure how I went from “why the hell do people listen to kpop?? like can you even understand what they’re saying in their songs??” to “ok listen up  everyone keep quiet omg here we gooooo NAE PITTAM NUNMUL, NAE MAJIMAK CHUMEUL DA GAJYEOGAAAAAAAAAAAAA GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” in less than a month but I’m not complaining

Yoonmin Drabble #7

the clock blinks 4:21 A.M. and min yoongi is not asleep because a certain fluffy boyfriend of his has been blasting the same few songs on repeat for hours and he definitely would have screamed at park jimin if only it wasnt his mixtape that the younger was jamming to, repeatedly screaming “GIVE, GIVE IT TO ME.” into the night

god, he loves park jimin

Bts Reaction: Girlfriend only listens to 50′s and 60′s music

Seokjin: You’d be in the car driving to a date when you decide to pop in your favorite Beach Boys cd (me too). It’s nothing like the music he’s heard before and it interests him. He’d listen to it even when you aren’t around to get a feel for it.

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(TBH I just liked the gif)

Yoongi: He’d get home early from work hearing an unfamiliar sound coming from your shared bedroom. Sneaking in he’d see you dancing to Elvis in your pajamas. It wouldn’t suit his taste but he’d tolerate it when you were together to make you happy.

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Namjoon: He’ll respect your music type no matter how different he may think it is. In the end he’d spend time learning more about your ideal music genre.

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Hoseok: He’d be going through you music to find something to listen to when he would come across your Beatles album. Intrigued he’d see all the different albums you have. When you came home that day you’d find him dancing and trying to sing to your music.

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JImin: It wasn’t anything he’d want to listen to a whole lot but when he notices you are feeling down he wouldn’t hesitate to put it on full blast dancing with you.

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Taehyung: You’d probably end up getting tired of it since he now plays your 60′s playlist nonstop even when you aren’t around him.

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Jungkook: He’d wake up to you singing to Buddy Holly in the shower and lay back down. It wasn’t that he didn’t respect your taste in music but that it was early and he’d much rather listen to other songs in the morning.

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