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0602 - Happy Birthday Jung Yunho!!

 Dear Yunho, you are one of the most inspiring people I’ve ever ‘met’ ( maybe,hopefully, one day in person too). Your undying optimism, enthusiasm and determination to look at this world with love and compassion is what also gets me going. You’ve been through so much, too much for some, things that would make any other person broken and bitter, but it only makes you stronger and more understanding and more generous. Your mind is sharp and strong, but your heart stays pure and filled with love. This world does not deserve you and yet I feel blessed to be alive at the same time as you and be your witness. Stay amazing. Stay healthy and happy!

Jaejoong misses his enlisted Members.
So his Hubby tries to help…

Dedicated to our adorable Duckbutt and the world’s prettiest Catlady: Junsu. ^^

Got a request for some YunjaeSu. And since we are dealing with our Susu here, I decided to go on the Road of CUTE!

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