jung yu mi


Attention please! Due to a blockage on our track, we have stopped at East Daegu Station. We should either wait for the rescue team, or we’ll have to reach Busan in another train. As soon as I end this announcement, I will find a working train and put it on left most track. I repeat, left most track. If you’re alive, please transfer safely! Godspeed. 

- Train to Busan; 부산행  (2016)




«Can I ask you something? It’s not a big deal… It’s just something I’m curious about. After you broke up with me… why didn’t you date anyone else?»

«I heard men only keep good memories about women. No, actually – I heard that men only keep memories that are beneficial to them. To you, I’m… a tragic female character from the past. I spent all this time missing you. And so I couldn’t date anyone. On top of that, I got divorced. I saw you when I looked at all of those guys. He was garbage too. He can’t make decisions, and he doesn’t want to be the bad guy. Which hurt me even more. After you got discharged from the military.. Did you think I didn’t know that you had your girl (current wife) on your mind? I knew that you wouldn’t ask me to break up with you. Since you didn’t want to be the bad guy. You waited for me to ask you to break up, right? I if you asked me to break up with you, I could have sworn at you. I couldn’t be upset at you because I asked you to break up with me. So even when we were breaking up, you didn’t have to suffer at all. You could be that nice guy. Until the very end.»


Train to Busan (2016)

Directed by Yeon Sang-ho

Cinematography by Lee Hyung-deok