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"The List" Compiles Co-Stars Who Became Real-Life Friends After Acting As Enemies

“The List” Compiles Co-Stars Who Became Real-Life Friends After Acting As Enemies

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The April 17 episode of tvN’s “The List 2017” put together a list of actors who went from playing enemies to becoming close friends in real life.

Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook

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Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook starred in the hit drama “Goblin,” where they started off bickering but ended up being bromance goals. The two actors proved they were close friends in real life when Gong Yoo appeared as a guestat …

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The Liar and His Lover Episode 6

“If all that’s left to do is walk away
Then baby I’m as gone as yesterday
But if there’s something you still need to say
You need to say it now, hurry up and slow me down
Slow me down…”

Chang Young, what are you doing? It seems like your views about music and the industry come from a business man and not a musician. And you talk about how it’s better to lip-sync a bad version of a song than to prove you are bad in real life in front of Crude Play? Can’t you see you are hitting a nerve? Now I can see better why they never made the effort to make you one of them. You kind of aren’t. Why? What made you so cynical about music? Is it because you are a stand in for Han-kyul? Or because you want to be doing something else? And why wouldn’t you make an effort and stay to practice with them even after hours? Relationships are both ways and you all need to make an effort. Also, as a producer, Chang Young, you kind of suck. You should be bringing out So-rim’s best attributes instead of playing it safe.

Watching how So-rim and her band’s song was produced for the tv show, makes me understand how Yoo-na got to be the way she is. And clearly she never had anyone who stood up for her or her music, not even herself, which is why now she’s feels powerless when CEO Yoo completely objectifies her by selling her good looks instead of her talent. I wonder, will we ever see Yoo-na saying enough is enough?

Speaking of CEO Jin-hyuk and CEO Yoo, today’s episode made more clear their business relationship and dynamics. Clearly, Jin-hyuk goes out of the way to make though decisions where he can keep some of the best talents away from CEO Yoo. Look, how she resents him from keeping her from Han-kyeol. Huh, it’s amazing how every week we remove another layer from this character and never get to see the real him. Jin-hyuk’s entire persona is a facade, in my opinion, in order to survive in the industry and make his artist shine. I think he has a talent for finding great musician and in his own way he tries to protect them. The way he was producing So-rim’s song wasn’t it because he wanted her to fail, he didn’t want her to get the attention of CEO Yoo. I think he’s afraid she will try to do the same with So-rim that she did with Yoo-na, and that just can’t happen. No way.

Crude Play’s bromance keeps on giving every week. Theirs are some of the best scenes, whatever they are all together having fun or one on one deep soul crushing conversations, there’s so much heart in these group. The way Han-kyeol could open up about what he’s feeling with Shi-hyun and how in return his friend supported him was a beauty. Theirs is a real friendship, which is why it makes me a little sad how they are keeping the video recordings from Han-kyeol. I think he wants the same as them, but Crude Play clearly doesn’t think so and I’m dying for them to have a real conversation about their music.

Shi-hyun is proving to be a more insightful character than when we were first introduced. He observes everything but doesn’t say anything until he feels like he has to. And I love this little something he has going on with Soo-yeon (his ex classmate and So-rim’s manager). They both care about each other, and since they both know each other before the fame struck, it’s easier for them to be real with each other. I ship it. I ship it hard, guys.

I feel for So-rim. First crushes are hard, especially when you know it’s not mutual and finding out about Han-kyeol’s lie in that way was a shock to her system, still she believed he had a good reason behind the lie. Sadly, what really hit her hard was finding out the song that made her fall for him was actually written while he was thinking about somebody else. I can relate to her pain and embarrassment, but that’s not really on Han-kyeol. There’s nothing he can do to change how things are about this subject, he dated another girl at one point and poured his feelings about the end of that relationship in a song because that’s what he does. He writes from experience which is why his songs are so good and well-received, people relate to them. So I wish So-rim could get pass this.

But I don’t want her to let Han-kyeol get away with any other crap. He has a lot of groveling to do and if he’s sincere about wanting to pursue a relationship with her, about them being the real thing, then he really needs to do better. Ice-cream is not enough, and it was only towards the end of the episode that he finally took the first real steps towards becoming a more improved version of himself.

It’s evident to everyone around them that he has a thing for her, although I’m still not sure if this is about her voice or her. That final conversation between them gave me hope for next week, that the feelings he has for her are because he got to know her on a personal level and his interest is not just professional. He seems to be honest about working hard on both with her. That would be a first for him and I love it because as Han-kyeol is So-rim’s first love, in a way this makes her his first love too. Today they showed us glimpse of what they could be, so I’m looking forward for those cheeky, sweet and honest moments.

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The most stylish Asian men in fashion. From L-R: Daisuke Ueda, Noma Han, Eugene Tong, Danyl Geneciran, Tae Hwan Kim, Hyeong Seop Park, Paolo Roldan, Kim Won Jung, Sang Woo Kim, Sung Jin Park, Do Jin Kim, Dao Yi Chao, Young Jung Koo.


·         You Who Came From The Stars / My Love From Another Star

Kim Soo Hyun x Jun Ji Hyun - Do Min Joon x Cheon Song Yi

·         Descendants Of The Sun

Song Joong Ki x Song Hye Kyo - Big Boss / Yoo Shi Jin x Beauty / Kang Mo Yeon

·         Legend Of The Blue Sea

Lee Min Ho x Jun Ji Hyun - Heo Joon Jae x Shim Cheong

·         W - Two Worlds

Lee Jong Suk  x Han Hyo Joo -  Kang Chul x Oh Yeon Joo

·         Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Nam Joo Hyuk x Lee Sung Kyung - Jung Joon Hyuk x Kim Bok Joo

·         Cinderella And The Four Knights

Jung II Woo x Park So Dam - Kang Ji Woon x Eun Ha Won

Patapos na ako sa CATFK, isusunod ko siguro Goblin, Replay 1988, Great Catsby, tas suggest kayo??? Thank you!!

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¡Hola! estaba buscando un pb asiático (pref coreano) parecido a Kim woo bin, con aires de "malvado" y de unos 18-30 años aproximadamente. Muchas gracias!

¡Hola anon! Te dejamos algunas ideas que se nos vienen a la mente.

Bang Sung Joon
Choi Seung Hyun (TOP)
Han Seung Jae
Hong Jong Hyun 
Jang Woo Young
Kim Ji Won (Bobby)
Kim Won Jung
Lee Joo Heon
Lee Seong Hwa (Gray)
Lee Soo Hyuk
Lee Tae Hwan
Nam Joo Hyuk
Ok Taec Yeon
Park Hyo Shin

Creo que no hace falta que lo diga porque sabrás, pero vaya es: Apellido + Nombre + Nombre, muchas veces los vas a encontrar con los dos nombres juntos o separados por un guión, por si te genera algún tipo de confusión. En algunos sitios los verás “occidentalizados” poniendo el apellido detrás y puede ser un jaleo. Así que bueno, prefiero avisar.

Esperamos que nos digas si te ha servido alguna sugerencia, de lo contrario puedes volver para que busquemos más opciones. Los likes de todo aquel al que le guste, rebloguee o le de uso, serán agradecidos.

The Liar and His Lover Episode 10

“And that’s how it works.
That’s how you get the girl.”

Rub some salt into the wound, will you? If it wasn’t enough for Chan-young feeling down about the song he wrote for MUSH&CO doing so-so in the charts, he now knows for sure Han-kyeol and So-rim are together. Ouch! And I know the guys of Crude Play jokingly commented on how he never had any initiative about doing building up group trip but somehow I feel like they meant it. Then again, I don’t see them making more of an effort either.

And I wish I could feel happy for Yoo-na since I know the troubles and insecurities that constantly surround her in the industry but she’s such a passive-aggressive and envious person, I don’t feel like celebrating her song made it to number one. She broke up with Han-kyeol in the worst way possible and now it’s resentful that he’s not pining over her or at her beck and call. Screw this! If I’m to cheer on for this character, I want her to deserve it.

CEO Yoo was on fire too, rubbing in more passive-aggressive and outright aggressive digs at CEO Choi, who is already making moves to have his revenge. What is the deal between these two? I wish they would just keep away from each other’s paths, which is something CEO Choi seems to want too and it’s CEO Yoo who refuses to backdown. I admire her and resent her for it because she’s a empowering character who calls the important shots, but she has such a bad way to go around things.

Speaking of which, I finally understand a little more about Kang In-woo, who seems to be receiving a lot of music deals but he rejects them because he knows these people don’t appreciate his music. One wants to make amends and the other pay back to the first one, and he has clearly move on from the past. Yes, all Kang In-woo wants is for someone to appreciate his present day music and self. I hope it’s Han-kyeol who gets to do this for his father, he is after all in a position to do so and would be able to protect his music too.

I’m also over the Se-jung subplot, girl needs to go ASAP. Gyoo-sun is already onto her with the whole phone thing and his disappointed face was too much to handle. I know this character is being set up for heartbreak and I can’t take it. He’s precious and must be protected, while she’s a conniving self absorbed leach. I know Gyoo-sun is an assertive and sensitive person, so I’m sure he will tell her off next time he catches her doing something like that, or at least I hope he does.

Meanwhile, Shi-hyun and Soo-yeon need more screen time together, damn it! Their scenes made me squeal more than anything else through the entire hour and they are not even the main couple. I’m a goner and so are they, for each other. I want SOMETHING from this front, soon. Ya hear me show? SOON.

Crude Play remains bro-tastic and I wished they would have show more of their drinking games because, one: they are awesome, and two: Soo-yeon totally won that night. I am sure of it.

Who the hell is that man and what he has done with Han-kyeol? I was not expect he would be so open about his feelings. Who knew he could be this affectionate? So-rim, you lucky gal. He’s still dating up. And I love he still is in shock of Dad’s friendship with So-rim, lol. But I’m even more glad that he has someone and something on a personal level, beyond music, he wants to protect. Han-kyeol was all business before meeting So-rim and now he’s having fun and is happy again, this is something he had lost before Crude Play even debuted and I hope it lasts for a long, long time.

But this week’s star is So-rim. Not only did she stood her ground and told off Yoo-na and her passive-agreesive bitchiness in regards of her past relationship with Han-kyeol (you go, girl!) but also she defended the song Chan-young wrote for her band, which ultimately it’s also her music. It might not be perfect but So-rim and Chan-young are still new at what they are doing, so it’s expect for them to have some setbacks. On this topic, I’m cheering for them. In regards of Chan-young’s feelings for her, I’m afraid the he is setting himself up for even more heartbreak.

So-rim might have a long way before reaching the number one spot in the charts but she’s happy to just being able to sing and work towards her dreams, some of them have already come true. And the greatest one it’s just getting started.

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a few models of color you can follow instead of sad sorry boring models like cara delevingne and adrien sahores

some female models of color

gwen lu

kai newman

xiao wen ju

whoopy beatriz

binx walton

sera park

park ji hye

kang so young

kwak ji young

lee ho jeong

shin hyeon ji

jung ho yeon

chantelle winnie

ysaunny brito

jourdan dunn

senait gidey

mariana santana

imaan hammam

malaika firth

kiko mizuhara

shumika arora

chanel iman

fei fei sun

ming xi

soo joo

tami williams

aya jones

irene kim

dongqi xue

zuri tibby

some male models of color

jang ki yong

park hyeong seop

kim tae hwan

kim woo bin

hong jong hyun

lee soo hyuk

daisuke ueda

kim won joong

kim do jin

min joon ki

keisuke asano

shon min ho

sakagushi kentaro

adonis bosso

park sung jin

keith hernandez

alexander dominguez

cykeem white

gabriel gomieri


jung dong gyu

shun ito

sen mitsuji

jang dong geun

heo jae hyuk

daje barbour

cho min ho

david agbodji

kim pil su

park ji woon

vince harrington

lee chul woo

“My wish is everyone I know becomes happy. In 10 years later, I’ll be holding a party in my house…” - Kim Tan.

The Heirs episode 20


1. London

Kim Sang Woo (6): Burberry Prorsum, Casley Hayford, Nasir Mazhar, YMC, Christopher Shannon, Matthew Miller

2. Milan/Florence

Dae Na (3): Ermanno Scervino, Dolce & Gabbana, No21

Do Byung Wook (2): Vivienne Westwood, Emiliano Rinaldi

Jae Yoo (6): Ermanno Scervino, Tods, Brioni, Hogan, Vivienne Westwood, Dolce & Gabbana

Kim Do Jin (1): Vivienne Westwood

Kim Sung Hyun (1): Tom Rebl

Kim Tae Hwan (6): Dsquared2, Vivienne Westwood, Antonio Marras, John Richmond, Neil Barrett, Les Hommes

Kim Won Jung (3): D. Gnak, Costume National Homme, Corneliani

Min Joon Ki (1): Vivienne Westwood

Park Sung Jin (6): Z Zegna, Vivienne Westwood, Bottega Veneta, Neil Barrett, Dolce & Gabbana, Diesel Black Gold

Seo Kyeong Deok (1): Tom Rebl

3. Paris

Kim Sang Woo (1): Kenzo (Exlucsive)

Kim Tae Hwan (6): John Galliano, Dries van Noten, Carven, Kenzo, Woo Young Mi, Miharayasuhiro

Noma Han (2): Dries van Noten, 22/4 Hommes

Park Hyeong Seop (5): Berluti, Kenzo, Dries van Noten, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Song Zio

Park Sung Jin: Berluti, Kenzo, 3.1 Phillip Lim

Ryoo Seung Bum (Actor): Julien David

In the end, fate and timing do not just happen, out of coincidence.
They are products of earnest, simple choices, that make up miraculous moments.
Being resolute, making decisions without hesitation, that is what makes timing.
—  Kim Jung Hwan - Reply 1988