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Attention please! Due to a blockage on our track, we have stopped at East Daegu Station. We should either wait for the rescue team, or we’ll have to reach Busan in another train. As soon as I end this announcement, I will find a working train and put it on left most track. I repeat, left most track. If you’re alive, please transfer safely! Godspeed. 

- Train to Busan; 부산행  (2016)

esquire korea ♡ may ‘17 issue
translation: fantaemsie

shin ki joo
: the live broadcast is particularly soul stealing, isn’t it. at the break of the day, from 12pm 'til 2am, you proceed on a live broadcast and, when coming back home, there’s nothing other than exhaustion to be felt.

jonghyun: perhaps, somehow, it’s an escape with the radio. i don’t really like going outside that much. i also don’t really like meeting people a lot that much. i’d be afraid of doing something new, too. radio seems like my own space now. it became an escape hatch where i can encounter, non awkwardly, new things.

shin ki joo: a strange / unfamiliar world that flows into my familiar space.

jonghyun: even though it became a psychological refuge / hide out i think it was a space of both love and dislike that gave physical exhaustion too.

shin ki joo: the person who was having a hard time in an unfamiliar space like that … somehow, on stage, quickly and thoroughly shed it off. the donsaeng to whom i’d give movie lessons all the time in the sitting room …, seeing him one day on stage showing off his muscular body.

jonghyun: that’s the celebrity profession’s big weapon and weak point. reporter shin is one person among the people who know what kind of person i am and, quite greatly understand my humane side. understanding kim jonghyun like that …, but when seeing my appearance as a singer: it’s different. it’s strange and surprising while looking at that appearance. i’d be thankful if you thought: “so, that’s how kim jonghyun creates kim jonghyun on stage.”

shin ki joo: it’s the same as if thinking: “which one is the real kim jonghyun?”

jonghyun: both of them are the real kim jonghyun. i think what’s important is just which side i’m more comfortable with. a long time ago i think i was more comfortable with the singer kim jonghyun since that kim jonghyun image was the first one to be exposed to the world - because it was familiar with me too. however …, it changed when i started doing radio. by starting to express to people that i’m also human, the image of kim jonghyun that i came to show through radio became very comfortable to me. thanks to blue night i got a change to release my collection album and to hold a concert in a small theater too.

shin ki joo: you got to become more confidentially closer to people.

jung woo sung: as i heard: the radio played such an enormous role.

jonghyun: after awhile …, the collection album two will get released. in the future, in that manner, two types of albums will come out. music to some extent fantasy-like with a possibility of a performance to it; and like the collection album’s songs, music with ballad and jazz, a bit with an acoustic sensibility contained in it.

shin ki joo: shinee’s kim jonghyun and blue night’s kim jonghyun.

jonghyun: i suppose that, inside shinee’s music, i’m in my ideal form and, inside story op’s music, i’m more in my every day humane form. i’m planning on distinguishing between the two of them more clearly from now on.


- Có cần em nói cho anh những điều anh cần phải biết không?
Sinh nhật em là ngày 7 tháng 1. Hồi nhỏ em sống ở Hupyong-dong, thành phố Chuncheon. Em chuyển tới Seoul vào năm lớp 6. Cấp 2 em học lớp 16, cấp 3 em học lớp 21, số hiệu sinh viên thời đại học là 019347. Em dị ứng với lông mèo, bụi sách và đào. Cỡ giày của em là 240, nhưng chân phải có chút to hơn.

- Ngày sinh nhật của em đã qua mất rồi. Hôm nào đó hãy cùng tới Chuncheon. Chúng ta sẽ tới nơi em từng sống. Hồi cấp 2 em học lớp 16, cấp 3 học lớp 21, số hiệu sinh viên thời đại học là 019347. Anh cũng không thích đào. Anh thích mèo, nhưng anh sẽ không nuôi. Anh cũng sẽ cẩn thận với bụi sách.

- Gì thế? Anh nhớ hết sao?

- Không. Chỉ là anh nhớ mọi thứ về em.

| Movie: Don’t forget me |

"The List" Compiles Co-Stars Who Became Real-Life Friends After Acting As Enemies

“The List” Compiles Co-Stars Who Became Real-Life Friends After Acting As Enemies

External image

The April 17 episode of tvN’s “The List 2017” put together a list of actors who went from playing enemies to becoming close friends in real life.

Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook

External image

Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook starred in the hit drama “Goblin,” where they started off bickering but ended up being bromance goals. The two actors proved they were close friends in real life when Gong Yoo appeared as a guestat …

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Korean Ahjussi(s): a list

Lately I’ve been liking older Korean actors (daddy syndrome?? lol jk). But seriously, other than having mad acting skills they also have the looks (or charisma) which ever you like. Not to mention they’re all over 30. So here it is, some of my picks that I think you’ll enjoy as much as I do:

1. Gong Yoo

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2. Jo In Sung

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3. Jung Woo Sung

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4. Ryu Jun Yeol

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5. Song Joong Ki

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6. Sung Hoon

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7. Daniel Henney

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8. Lee Dong Wook

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9. So Ji Sub

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10. Lee Joon Gi

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Solar: Which do you prefer: you’re handsome or you’re pretty?

Moonbyul: I like being called handsome.  There are a lot of pretty people.  I think it’s nice for a woman to be called handsome.

Hwasa: You chose Park Seo Joon as your ideal type, but is it the same now?

MoonbyulIt’s changed.  It’s now Yunho.

HwasaHe’s in the military right now, but if Yunho said you should meet up, would you see him?

MoonbyulI would.

Leeteuk: Would you date him?

MoonbyulI’d date him.

LeeteukWho do you prefer between Jung Woo Sung and Yunho?

Moonbyul: Yunho.

Whee In: If Jung Woo Sung sincerely asked you to date him, would you date him?

MoonbyulI would date him.

Kim Jun Ho: She’s not Moon Byul but Moo Boon Byul (indiscreet).

I’ve got a thing for models, 2015

saucy namjas divided per agency ^^


-Shon Minho, beside being super hot, his smile is freaking adorable ♥

-Nam Yoon Soo, ‘97 liner, the youngest in this agency, cute and fluffy model

-Jung Dohyun, new model of the angency, he’s super cool isn’t he?

YGK+, in the past kplus, but they have a partnership with YG since 2014

-Byun Woo Seok, super damn hot with killer smile

-Choo Sung Hoon, aka Sarang daddy

-Jang Ki Yong, I know this face 2k15, aka third wheel in We broke up

-Nam Joo Hyuk, to me he resembles Baro… just sayin’ d (^‿^✿)

-Park Hyeong Seop, proud baby Dumbo ♥

Model turned actors aka ‘I dunno what agency they belongs to but they deserve to be on this list’ (☞゚∀゚)☞

-Bang Sung Joon, don’t worry, I haven’t forget about you sir

-Kim Young Kwang, sweet gummy smile

-Song Jae Rim, faboulous

-Lee Soo Hyuk, extremely hot *I dunno… what more can I say* 

-Lee Hyeon Jae, purrfect drummer in Shut up flower boyband *one of the reasons to watch that drama lol*

-Lee Jae Joon, JOONJAE~ ヽ(´∇´)ノ (∇´ノ) ヽ(   )ノ (ヽ´∇) ヽ(´∇`)ノ


Bye for now  ˵ ⊚ ◡ ⊚ ˵ 

-admin M

Celebrities Commemorate 3rd Anniversary Of Sewol Ferry Accident

Celebrities Commemorate 3rd Anniversary Of Sewol Ferry Accident

External image

April 16, 2017 marks the third anniversary of the Sewol Ferry Accident, and many celebrities have spoken up in remembrance of the tragedy.

The sinking of the Sewol Ferry was a shocking incident that killed a total of 304 people. Immediately after the ferry capsized, the press incorrectly reported that everyone aboard had been evacuated. However, soon after, news outlets announced that most people…

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First, thank you @aeinmaterial for tagging me is this challenge. I do love to participate in the community! That said, this was hell to figure out…..

According to the instructions, I picked my Top 10 biases (I choose to do it kdrama based only) and randomly pitted 2 against each other.

Here are the results:

Ji sung vs Park Seo-joon: The Oppa Love Fight!
Why choose when these two love each other as much I love them? They even won Best Couple (that’s right) for their awesome and hilarious performances in Heal Me, Kill Me (MBC) back in 2015.

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Yoo Yeon Suk vs Seo In Guk: The Reply Showdown!

Fine, I will choose in this one… and I will have to go with Seo In guk. As much as I love Yoo Yeon-suk and his ever growing career, Seo In guk has a special place in my heart thanks to his boyish charm and killer three piece suit look.

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Jung Kyung ho vs Jung Il woo: The Heart Eye’s Dilemma!

GAH! As much I love Jung Il woo’s heart eyes when he’s on a romcom, I will choose Jung Kuyung ho. For starters, and from a career point of view, I like the choices Jung Kyung ho does much better than Il-woo’s, who I wish went for more diverse work in recent years.

That said, Jung Kyung ho also has an undeniable charm and amazing smile that will make the coldest heart melt. From mafia boss to single father and redeemed entertainer, he is a true chameleon!

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Choi Siwon vs Nam Joo hyuk: The Choco-abs Dynasty!

How can I forget Choi Siwon and his surprisingly growing career as an actor that has proven he is more than just a pretty face or choco abs. And I can talk about this all night long, Siwon did good work in his two last kdramas. 

So, I’m picking Siwon over Nam Joo-hyuk, only for the reason that the latter is still new to the scene. But I have great hopes for Nam Joo-hyuk after his work in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo, which was one of the best dramas of 2016.

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Park Hyungsik vs Jo Jung suk: the Skilfull Oppa conundrum!

I have been following Jo Jung suk career and I always thought he was good, although it wasn’t until Jealousy Incarnate (2016) that he really won my heart. I also adore he loves working on musicals and jumps at any chance to dance.

But my hearts tells me is Park Hyungsik who I should be talking about because I love him. To pieces. AS AN ACTOR. Just to make things clear, I have never heard one song by ZE:A, but I have always been impressed by his acting skills even when he was relative new to the scene. I see a good future for him in Dramaland and I couldn’t be more excited about his first lead role in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon!

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I SURVIVED!!! And now I pass on the challenge to @lavenderbyun @leeskyung @joowons @dingax and @gimme-a-chocolate. Have fun!


Korean Production of the Musical Wicked (2016)


Elphaba: Cha Ji-yeon, Park Hye-na

Glinda: Jeong Sun-ah, Ivy

Fiyero: Go Eun-sung, Min Woo-hyuk

Madame Morrible: Lee Jung-hwa, Kim Young-joo

The Wizard: Nam Kyung-joo, Lee Sang-joon

Nessarose: Lee Ye-eun

Boq: Lee Woo-jong

Doctor Dillamond: Ji Hye-geun

Korean Celebs Say They’d Rather Not Have Yoo Jae Suk As The Next President

Korean Celebs Say They’d Rather Not Have Yoo Jae Suk As The Next President

External image

On April 24, Korea’s National Election Commission uploaded a video as part of the “0509 Rose Project,” which is a campaign meant to encourage Koreans to vote on election day.

In the video, various celebrities are asked to vote for Yoo Jae Suk, Na Young Suk PD, Jang Dong Gun, and more highly esteemed public figures as their next president.

Told to vote for Yoo Jae Suk, TVXQ’s Yunho responded, “I…

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