jung soo young


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I could really stare at these forever. I could go on forever listing down my reasons why I just love this pair. 


If only I could go back to the time before I became such a stupid idiot infront of the man I was in love with.


Store clerk: You’re buying a bag for your nephew. You must be such a nice aunt.

Soo Young: I’m not his auntie…

Store clerk: Oh, I’m sorry. You’re his noona, right?

Soo Young: I’m not his noona either!

Store clerk: Then what….? Then, is she your mother?

Min Seok: Noona. Auntie!

Soo Young: Let’s go, Oppa!

Store clerk: *mouths* Oppa?

Min Seok: Girlfriend

Hahahahaha! Poor Soo Young. This scene had my stomach in stitches.


Not my gifs.  I’m too lazy to make my own so I “borrowed” others.

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I’m so glad they’re getting married in the finale.  I don’t care if he’s still in high school or if it’s not realistic.  I just want the show to give me a happy ending that implies these two will be together forever without all the kdrama cliches. Soo Young’s fairy tale ending…Cinderella’s happily ever after.

Now, where can I find my own Min Sukkie?


I guess you’ve never been in a one-sided love. Even if the feeling is one-sided you don’t start disliking someone right away. There’s no reason to expose weakness of someone I used to like.

I can't lie...

I want these two to end up together. As sweet at Min Seok is, Soo Young and Jin Woo suit each other better both in terms of age, maturity, and their personalities. She’s the only one that helps him open up; he needs someone like her in his life. 

I’m probably barking up the wrong tree (ship?), but that’s just how I feel. I know I’m not alone.

It does make me wonder what Jin Woo can offer her though. I suppose just as one of the writers in Dramabeans pointed out, she had to consider Min Seok’s temper on deciding whether or not to tell him about the Purse Strap incident. I think to be in a relationship you should be with someone on the same maturity level as you. I feel like she “mummies” him in that sense, and she shouldn’t have to do that with a potential life partner. Such a fiery temper just doesn’t work in the adult world; Min Seok still has some growing up to do.

I do wonder though, maybe they’ll do something along the lines of Flower Boy Ramyun Shop and send him off to the army, to return with a more mature personality. We’ll just have to wait and see.