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14 Hot K-Actors

This is my opinion. I find the next 14 men very attractive, and they are actors. Thats it. 

- Joo Won

- Seo In Guk

- Lee Hyun Woo

- Lee Soo Hyuk

- Yeo Jin Goo

- Kim Soo Hyun

- Ji Sung

- Ji Chang Wook

- Lee Jun Ki

- Song Joong Ki

- Jung Yong Hwa

- Lee Hong Ki

- Jang Geun Suk

- Lee Jong Suk

Bonus hottie- (not Korean)

- Aaron Yan <3

Just thought you needed some more eye candy. ;)

MY 2016 MEN

Yoo Jung Sunbae (Cheese in the trap)

Captain Yoo Shi Jin (Descendants of the Sun)

Kang Chul (W)

Xiao Nai (Love O2O)

Crown Prince Lee Yeong (Moonlight Drawn By The Clouds)

Kang Ji woon (Cinderella and Four Knights)

4th Prince Wang So (Moon lovers Scarlet Heart: Ryeo)

I LOVE 2016 THANK YOU!!! I can’t wait to add more #bestdramayear What’s your MEN OF 2016?


it’s in the stars
it’s been written in the scars on our hearts

4 promising ongoing kdramas

So after a bit I’m back to watching multiple dramas at a time and by multiple I mean more than I probably should. From those dramas these are the stand outs.

While you were sleeping.

In a post last month, I said I was hoping for the best but expecting the worse in case it wasn’t a good drama. Well as it turns out it wasn’t necessary to lower my expectations. This drama is good at least so far but, unless there’s a weird turn of events, this will definitely be one of the best dramas of the year. The drama is starred by Lee Jong Suk and Suzy, I wasn’t too sure about their chemistry in the first couple of episodes but as the drama went on their chemistry got better and better. The story is about a rookie prosecutor who suddenly dreams about the girl next door. As it turns out she also has very vivid precognitory dreams. 

Revolutionary Love.

Super Junior’s Siwon plays the free spirited son of a chaebol who spents his life making trouble for his friend played by Gong Myung who is forced to clean up his mess. They both are conected to a girl (Kang Sora) that aims to hold as many part time jobs as possible to make a living. I’ve only watched four episodes but so far it’s a really funny drama. I don’t usually like leads that aren’t that bright but the comedy is enough to make me forgive that trait.

Because it’s my first life

This drama reminded me of the movie with Barbra Streisand and Jeff Brides: The mirror has two faces. Lee Min Ki plays an app designer whose ultimate goal in life is to buy an appartment to live alone with his cat and Jung So Min (Playful Kiss) is an aspiring screenplay writer who is having a hard time making a living in Seoul. They both need a roommate and because of a mix up they end up living together. Even if there’s elements to this drama that are very clichéd, it provides a fresh look into the relationships of three friends who just hit 30 and how they struggle to marry their dreams with reality.

Witch’s court.

I was gonna pass on this legal drama but thankfully I got curious and I’m loving it. Ma Ideum (Jung Ryeo Won) is a strong prosecutor who has no problem doing everything in her power to win a case even if it means tricking people. However she decides to testify against her boss and she’s sent to the department that deals with crimes against women. There she will have to work with a new prosecutor (Yoon Hyun Min) who is really passionate about helping the victims of those crimes and goes for a straight lace approach. I thought this drama wouldn’t have romance but I think it will after all. I’m actually really excited about it because the leads are polar opposites which makes me think it’ll get fun. The female character can be morally ambigous at times so it’s not an easy character to like but I love it. The worse she is the more I enjoy it.

June Male Advertisement Model Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed

June Male Advertisement Model Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed

External image

Gong Yoo has topped the male advertisement model brand reputation rankings for the month of June.

The Korean Business Research Institute analyzed 11,469,379 pieces of big data from May 22 to June 23 and measured interaction, communication, and community indexes.

Gong Yoo took first with an interaction index of 102,491, communication index of 962,784, and community index of 1,599,530 for a total…

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