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People should know those two are very lovable.. and I hope Shiyoon doesn’t try too hard to please the viewers, He simply needs to be who he is and that’s enough.

yehet, negative maknae and positive maknae united.

Debuted Trainees In Produce 101 Season 2 - List

Hopefully I didn’t forget anyone!! But if there is anyone missing feel free to let me know ^^

A lot of people are bashing NU’EST for being there after debuting 5 years ago, but they are not the only trainees there who have debuted already!! There are actually quite a lot, but most people only know about them and Samuel, and sometimes JJCC, TOPPDOGG and HOTSHOT! Just keep in mind that if they’re there, it’s because their debut didn’t really go so well as it probably should have… And they are starting from the bottom. If they’re there, it’s because they didn’t have enough fans to keep the group going, so if they didn’t have them back then, they still don’t have them now, which means, it is not as unfair as some people make it to be!
Remember… Most of these idols are here as a last resort! Most of the groups these idols belong to haver either disbanded, or have like a comeback every year/every two years! So please understand… They’re here because they haven’t achieved their dream yet… You don’t need to support them! I’m asking you not to hate or bash them!
You are free to support and promote whichever trainee you want! As long as you respect all the other trainees! :)

So, to those interested, here is a (hopefully) FULL LIST Of the Debuted Trainees in Produce 101 Season 2!

1. Kim Sanggyun (A-Tom) from TOPPDOGG
2. Kim Samuel (PUNCH) from 1PUNCH and 17TV
3. Yoo Kyungmok (YuA) from BoM and BTL
4. Kang Dongho (Baekho) from NU’EST
5. Hwang Minhyun (Minhyun) from NU’EST
6. Kim Jonghyun (JR) from NU’EST
7. Choi Minki (Ren) from NU’EST
8. Choi Hadon (Sancheong) from JJCC
9. Kim Chanyul (Yul) from JJCC
10. Ha Sungwoon (Sungwoon) from HOTSHOT
11. Noh Taehyun (Kid Monster) from HOTSHOT
12. Kim Namhyung (Kino) from OFFROAD
13. Jeong Dongsu (Rio) from OFFROAD
14. Choi Junyoung (JooEn) from AFOS
15. Lee Seokyu (Seokyu) from PURE BOY
16. Kim Dohyun (Konan) from XTEN
17. Park Heeseok (K-Bean) from XTEN
18. Lee Insoo (Jaguar) from A6P
19. Jung Woncheol (Ado) from A6P
20. Kim Yongjin (Yongjin) from UNDERDOG
21. Ju Wontak (Roel) from UNDERDOG
22. Lee Woojin (Woojin) from THE EAST LIGHT
23. Son Dongmyeong (Dongmyeong) from MAS 0094