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I’m so happy that Jinwoon is in another drama!! Now, how do we get him to take his shirt off… LOL

OS #6 : How to Make A Man Jealous (ft. 2AM's Jung Jinwoon)
“Ah, chincha! Why do you stay with someone like him? He acts like you don’t exist!” your best friend shrieked.

“Jinwoon-oppa is just busy, okay? I understand that!”

“Muo? So, you’re okay with this? Being treated like nothing, while he’s out having fun with those anorexic idols?”

“Yah! That’s too much! He still comes home you know, it’s not like he disappeared completely!”  you argued back.

“Well, in this pace, I’m sure sooner or later, he will disappear. You shouldn’t be too submissive, you must you know… spice things up!”

“You mean sex?”

“NO! PABO! You must make him recheck his feelings for you!”  she hit you in the head.

You hit her back and you both laughed, “Recheck his feelings? How?”

“You know how they say that ‘Jealousy is the first sign of love’?”

You shook your head, not wanting to go along with this.

“No.” you said with some kind of finality.

“Yes. You are going to do this, I mean, you won’t lose anything, right?”

You thought about it carefully. Jinwoon hasn’t been the best boyfriend recently. He’s too tired or too busy for anything, and though you hated doing it this way, you know you had to do something.

“Ok, what’s the plan?”

“Step 1: Compliment other guys.”

“Woaaaah…” you said loudly, eyes glued to the screen of your laptop.

You were watching ONEDAY’s special stage, and you keep voicing out your amazement.

“Ah, really. Nichkhun-ssi is something, no?” you said as Jinwoon came out of the shower. He clenched his fists behind his back. “Ah, Changmin-oppa is really… Ah, I’m crying. Yah, Jinwoonie! Why can’t you be like this?”

‘Jinwoonie?’ he thought. ‘Not oppa, and when have she called hyung, ‘oppa’?”

He didn’t say anything, and just walked right past you.

“Step 2: Make him see pictures of you and another guy.”

Jinwoon woke up from his sleep and heard the shuffling of papers. He went out of the room, and saw you sitting on the floor with pictures around you.

“Hey, what’s that?” he asked, smiling.

“Nothing,” you said, not looking at him. “…just some old pictures.”

He looked over your shoulder, and saw the picture you were holding. It was you and your gay college friend, but Jinwoon didn’t know that. All he saw was this formidable guy, wrapping a hand around your shoulder and kissing your cheek. He was dared to kiss a woman, and since he was drunk, he did it.

It had happened months ago, but it looked pretty recent.

“Who is this?” he asked waving the picture around.

“Ah, my best boy friend.”

“What?” he raised his voice.

“I mean my best guy friend.” you corrected, a hint of humor in your voice.

He just nodded and went out of the room. He got a glass of water from your kitchen, and pinched the bridge of his nose, calming himself. 

“Just a friend, huh? You’ve got to be kidding me.” he said through gritted teeth.

“Step 3: Ignore some of his calls and don’t decline dates.”

“Yeah, thanks. I had a great time.” you said, lacking the enthusiasm that was supposed to come with it. You just went out with a co-worker who has been asking you out on a date in a weekly basis. Of course, you’ve declined him every time because you had Jinwoon already. 

You sighed. He was not entirely bad, he was quite interesting actually, but the whole time you were there, you just thought about how you’d rather be with Jinwoon.

Speaking of him, he had already placed 17 calls, and you’ve only answered once to tell him that you’ll be home late. It was one of those rare days that he had come home earlier than you, and he almost freaked out when he found the apartment empty.

You closed the door behind you, sighing hopelessly. Jinwoon was there, watching you, arms crossed over his chest. Your eyes met/ His expression was unreadable, but it was clear that he’s not in his best mood.

“It’s late, and you come home only now.” It was clearly not a question, so you didn’t reply and just stepped closer to him.

“I’m sorry.” Making him jealous was out of the picture, all you wanted was for him to take you, in whatever way possible.

You placed a soft, sensual kiss on his lips, then met his eyes once more. He saw how much emotion it held that he forgot why he was even holding back his jealousy and anger, and kissed you back and carried you to the room.

“Ah, I really can’t do this anymore!” you said, sitting in front of your friend.

“What?” she asked, chewing cake. “Drink iced tea?”

“No! This… This ‘making-Jinwoon-jealous’ thing! He doesn’t even show that much signs of jealousy anyway!”

“Has he ignored you, or left the room or something when you did 1 and 2?”

You nodded.

“And he waited for you, then made love after step 3?”

You blushed, then nodded.

“Then, we’re getting there!” she clapped.

“Wha—? How?”

“Well, THAT is jealousy, my dear.”

You recalled the past days and face-palmed yourself. He WAS jealous. God, you found yourself falling head first to the table, wanting to punish yourself for being so stupid.

“Let’s stop, okay? I can’t do this anymore.”

“But we have the last stage planned out!” 

You looked at her, making decisions.

Should you, or should you not? 

a/n: Yes, I am asking you that question! XD