jung in ki

Some of the most iconic things Se Hee has said/done:

Saying “if you have some time, will you marry me?”

His face when he had to say the whole “I will never let your daughter’s hands get wet” thing to Ji Ho’s parents

When he did a whole 180 degrees spin in the air to not fall into an expensive bike

“I’m planning on dying in this house, in fact your room is going to be my resting bed”

“I don’t punch people, that would cost me too much”

Checking the weather app for an hour because he was jealous of bok nam

Dragging bok nam’s ass to hell and back when bok nam tried to be slick and give free cake to his co-workers

Kicking Bok Nam’s bike

Him and Ji Ho giving each other a hand shake in their wedding pictures

Looking at pictures of Ji Ho on his phone and smiling to himself like the soft baby he is

The panic in his eyes when Ji Ho asked him why he wanted to know if she was taking the bus back home

Taking a day off to make kimchi with Ji Ho’s parents

Getting drunk and having to be rescued from the elders by ji ho’s brother and his wife

Being a smug little shit and saying Ji Ho’s kiss at the bus stop was not a kiss, then proceeding to say “this is how you kiss” and kiss her

Him telling Ji Ho her phone was ringing without actually breaking the kiss

Naming his cat “cat”

Waiting to get solid evidence about bok nam because he knew how important Ji Ho’s work was for her

“Just because I’m her husband that doesn’t mean I have a say on her personal life”

“She’s pretty”

Literally taking the bus every day to not expend money but paying a taxi for his cat

“I can’t work extra hours, i have to feed my cat”


Everyone has a youth. A time that’s more beautiful because it’s awkward and clumsy, a time that shines brilliantly. A time when you’re not afraid of anything because you have nothing to lose, and a time when you’re excited because you can have anything, everything. That’s now, age 24, my youth. Although I’m still uneasy and nervous, I’m perfect without needing anything else.