jung giseok


[MV] IM(아이엠)_Sad Story(미치겠어)


For centuries, the world was ruled by spirits. These spirits, gods compared to humans, were the spiritual manifestation of the planet’s animals given sentience and great power.  Every animal, no matter how large or how small, was birthed from these spirits. Each one has their own selection of powers and magick. But even the longest reigns come to an end; The reign of the gods was no exception. As humanity’s population and influence over the world exploded, these spirits were forced to fade into the background, disappearing from the world and from the memories of its inhabitants.

In recent times, the gods have finally awoken from their slumber. The souls of these beings have chosen to fuse with the bodies of select humans, imbuing the person with all their might and magick. Will these fusions cause the world  to be ruled by the spirits again?

Join Seoul Animism as Simon Dominic