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BK: In the middle of the season, the kids come out of hiding and lead a daring invasion. This gave us the opportunity to return them to their iconic looks while updating them with a heroic flair. The armor for Appa and Sokka and the Water Tribe men came from unused toy-idea submissions I did for the consumer products department. Aang’s asymmetrical outfit for the end of the series was inspired by Shaolin monk garb. I wanted him to look like a simple, humble warrior-monk like the great performers in Shaolin: Wheel of Live - vulnerable but strong. Concepts by Bryan Konietzko. Designs by Angela Song Mueller and Jae Woo Kim. Color by Hye Jung Kim. 


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Seokjin - 

“Appa, I need help!” He couldn’t believe his ears at first. Seokjin wished he could have recorded that moment to show you. He sat next to him, his son, and began to explain the math question that was tripping him up. He didn’t want to make the boy upset so he didn’t point it out. Later that day though when you came him he was hugging you and tearing up. For him it was one of the best things to ever happen to him. “He said appa, he finally called me appa! He accepts me…”

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Yoongi -

He was relaxing after working hard at the studio when your little girl came up next to him. “Can you help me brush my hair, appa?” He felt his breath catch in his throat and he stared at her innocent eyes. He did anything she wanted, he was in a fogged state as her simple words echoed in his head over and over again. There wasn’t any words to describe what he was feeling. When he told you about it he looked so star struck. “She asked me for help, [Name]. She called me appa, after so long.”

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Hoseok -

They were playing in the living room while you were taking a shower when it happened. He was chasing the little girl around the table when she hid under it. “You can’t get me under here, appa! I’m on T!” It wouldn’t register right away as he tugged her out with a triumphant sound. But when it hit, he nearly dropped her. He could feel his heart swelling in his chest and a sting of happy tears in his eyes. “[Name]! [Name]! I’m an appa now! She called me appa!”

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Namjoon -

Your son wasn’t terribly young and had been resistant to Namjoon for a very long time. He understood, having a new person come into your tight knit family of two was hard on him. He’d always just been “Namjoon” to the boy. “Appa, have you seen my game? I know I didn’t leave it at Seojun’s…” There was this weightless feeling followed by immense happiness and pride. He’d finally made it to more than “a friend” or “the boyfriend” in his eyes. He would talk to him about it before he talked to you, but when you saw him he was glowing. “He likes me, he finally thinks of me as his parent.”

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Jimin -

Your set of twins had been running wild, with Jimin acting just as crazy. You were sitting on the sofa watching him use the little girls as weights laughing at their antics. “Appa, I want down!” One of them cried making both you and Jimin freeze. “No! I wanna go higher, appa! Higher!” He turned to look at you and you could see the tears welling up in his eyes. He was smiling so wide and his heart was racing. He had hoped but never thought the day would come. “I’m their dad, I’m finally their dad!”

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Taehyung -

He’d never had a problem with you already having a family. Your little boy made him so happy even when it was time for diaper changes. The little toddler knew his words and knew who you were but he never called Taehyung appa. It was always TaeTae. He was fine with that but when he was feeding him and he heard the garbled “appa” he felt his whole world shift. He kissed your son, his baby boy, and could have danced around the apartment. “Yes, that’s right! I’m your appa!”

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Jungkook -

He loved your children all the same. Even when your oldest daughter would slam the door in his face and shout that he wasn’t her dad. When your little boy spilled paint an the rug and almost ate his baby powder. He was shopping with the children when he heard it for the first time. “Appa, can we get this?” She was holding up a small doll and looking timid. He was in awe, Jungkook had finally won her over. When he agreed and she hugged his waist thanking him and calling him appa again he could just feel the ground giving way under him. “She did it, she called me… I have to tell–! YES!” He couldn’t wait to see your face.