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A Few Thoughts on TRAIN TO BUSAN (Yeon Sang-Ho, 2016) 

1. I thought I have seen the perfect illustration and allegory of society and morality in a train in 2013’s ‘Snowpiercer’ (which was also co-produced in Korea). I was wrong. This movie exceeded my expectations as a zombie flick and as a representation of social unrest, moral polarization, and class rebellion. You have to give it to the Koreans. Wow.

2. So many punchlines about this movie being set in the Philippines, I don’t know where to begin. (Side note: Do you guys know that our maintenance provider for our MRTs is from Busan? Yep. Start making those insane theories. Haha! But I hope to see the light of day when our train will be as efficient, clean, modern, and spacious as theirs.)

3. What happened to Korean Pop Star PSY after “Gangnam Style” and “Gentleman”? He got old, grumpy, and pushed people away to save himself from the hoard of zombies. Damn I hate that guy. He’s worse than any stupid character and treacherous villain on AMC’s The Walking Dead.

4. Speaking of, maybe Rick Grimes and the rest of the gang can learn a thing or two about zombie apocalypse from their Korean counterparts.

5. Some zombie movies suck because of the lack of character development. Maybe future filmmakers and cinephiles should take notes from this movie. That is how you do character development.

6. Zombies who are immobile in the dark? Yeah right. We have an advantage. Zombies who run as fast as Usain Bolt? Say goodbye to this world.

7. Some sequence and scenes are only as good as their musical score. I am no filmmaker nor a film expert but as a teacher of Music in High School, I am impressed. That is how you leave the audience at the edge of their seat.

8. The ending. THE ENDING. That is how you end a movie. How insane was that? Basta, putangina ang ganda. “Perfect” is an understatement.

9. I heard that there was a hint of a sequel. Nah, just leave it as it is. Some movies are better left alone to turn into an instant classic.

[5 Starts. Definitely 5 Stars.]


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