Some love to all of you who have to wait a lot for every new fanart of mine! <3

Well, actually, I wanted to practice some hand drawing. And I kinda like Daehyun’s hand. So, found this photo with this hand heart and couldn’t resist.

I promise I’m working on some stuff that’s worth the waiting. But right now I don’t have as much time as I’d like to spend on it. So you’ll have to wait some more. Hence, the heart.

Hope you guys like it! ^w^

11 Things Introverts Are The Best At

Let’s get real. Extroverts are more valued in our society that introverts, at home, in a relationship or in the workplace. We often speak about the struggles of introversion, but today we are here to rejoice its advantages.

We’ve never met an introvert who didn’t have a high emotional intelligence or deep understanding of thesemlves. Let us enlighten you below on eight wonderful things, which introverts are good at!

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