injured - junhui scenario

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request: (hii i love your blog) how about an injured jun scenario?

a/n: I’m sorry about the wait!

  • probably injured himself after pushing himself too hard when dancing or doing martial arts
  • “hey, seungcheol-hyung, you should carry me”
  • seungcheol probably does it
  • and when he finally gets back to your shared apartment, he’s thinking about how he can abuse this
  • “y/n, I can’t walk, can you please get me food?”
  • “y/n, can you please massage me? I’m in pain”
  • you only did it because you loved him and thought he was actually in a lot of pain
  • jk
  • this smartass probably thinks he’s fine the next day and tries to do dance practice and then injures himself even more
  • a lot of scolding from you and soonyoung and minghao
  • “I was fine this morning though”
  • probably all pouty because you yelled at him
  • then he gets clingy because he’s injured and ‘constantly needs someone to look after him’
  • somehow gets you to massage him again
  • and get him food
  • and you maybe even give him a blowjob because you’re feeling sorry for him
  • begs you to cuddle him
  • begs you to do everything for him
  • “junhui you’re worse than my little sister/brother”
  • probably lives off of pain killers and your love
  • “y/n, it really hurts”
  • “do I need to go to a physio person?”
  • “will I have to do acupuncture?”
  • hella worried over his injury
  • so you have to call seungcheol and beg for jun to have at least a week off to recover
  • “y/n, I don’t know, with the comeback, we need to practice a lot”
  • “I’ll buy you food”
  • “deal. I’ll sort it out.”
  • let’s just say the week you spent with your boyfriend was quite interesting…
  • he spent the majority of his time on the floor because his leg wasn’t functioning like a proper leg
  • “you’re not going to recover if you spend all your time on the floor rolling around like a child”
  • jun is pouty again because you scolded him
  • he also spent majority of the week getting scolded by you for trying to do things that he shouldn’t be
  • “let’s have sex”
  • “I thought your leg was dead?”
  • jun is pouty once again
  • “can’t you just ride me??????????????”
  • “no, that’d put pressure on your muscles”
  • jun couldn’t win
  • so he was kinda thankful when he went back to his idol life
  • but then he pulled a muscle

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While heading to Music Bank, OP called “Wen Junhui” in Cantonese and he looked back. OP’s friend was walking next to him and said “You’re so handsome today” in Cantonese, they saw Jun secretly smiling to himself.

“For the Toronto concert tonight… China line’s fans were pretty much all male fans. Two were sitting behind my friend, one Jun stan was holding up a sign that said ‘Junhui’ in Korean, another one, a The8 stan, was screaming the three characters ‘Xu Minghao’ as though he were from his hometown. Whenever my friend screamed Mun Junfei the Jun stan would also shout Wen Junhui, and as soon as The8 started speaking it was the The8 stan’s turn to scream.
We’ve lost we’ve lost, we lose to guys even in stanning.”