“Thank you Richard,” she smiled cheerfully, exiting the car; a hand reaching for Tommy’s who’d been sandwiched between them. “4:30?” A nod in agreement and they were on their way up the footpath.

Lovely home. Nice neighborhood too. She’d brought butter cookies with her, but found herself wondering if that were enough.

She went over the childrens’ names while climbing the porch steps, the Christmas wreath still fresh and green. “Will, Edith, Brian, Patrick…only four, ” she sighed silently.

Angela cleared her throat, gave her son a last quick onceover, and knocked on the door.


Finally, finally, the day Eli had been looking forward to (since it was all he fuckingthought about) was finally happening. June was on her way up to Chicago to see him after many months of them being apart. He could only see her once every so often, and he treasured these meetings. He tried to make himself look good–shaved and took a bath and cleaned up his hotel room enough to look livable.

But when he stared in the mirror, all he saw was a drunken fool. Of course, this was the only way (yeah, right) that Nucky could make sure if was safe after the murder of Knox. He knew that fucking brother of his had been trying to take his kid, and he succeeded. Now Nuck helped June and the kids out on Eli’s behalf, since Eli couldn’t fucking do anything from up here in fucking nowhere Chicago. 

Uncomfortably, he waited at the train terminal, hands in his pockets, cigarette dangling from his lips. She’d be here any minute now, if there were no delays. His heart was racing. God, he imagined what she looked like. He couldn’t wait to hold her. They deserved so much more than this, but Eli would not dwell on that now. Not when she was so close, when their brief happiness was coming.