Only their first day together, and Robin has already trusted Min-june with an operation that could make or break their deal with Maeda Motors, a deal that - we will learn later - means something major to him on an emotional level. And she delivers.

Remember, by this time he would have at least been under the impression that she was someone who weaseled her way out of difficult situations, skivvied off work under false pretexts and possibly didn’t even work hard enough to cover up her lie! Robin is an uncannily perceptive businessman, though, and he recognizes an asset when he sees one. Which is why he originally gives her the idea of doing to the the Remix Holdings executives exactly what she did to him in the morning - pretend not to know English and extract information.

This isn’t the part that interests me. It’s what happens when Min-june blows her cover. As we can see from the gif, he doesn’t make further suggestions (besides a jokey “steal the documents”), but leaves her the space to be creative, think on her feet and come up with an alternative.

And come with an alternative she does. Aware that the rival company is on a slump, she preys on their egos by commenting on past failures. This puts them in an awkward position where they have to prove that their company isn’t a failure, and pretending to be a journalist who promises not to publish the information tips the scales even further in her favour.

I think the seeds to this scene are sown in their first meeting. Min-june has mere minutes to come up with a way to get out of paying for damages to the car - and until she gives him her business card, she almost succeeds. This is something Robin is sure he can use to his advantage in the future. Which is why he compliments her on her “special talent for deception” on the ride back to the office, even though he is surprised that she managed to extract that information so quickly.

But beyond this, Min-june’s true asset is her sense of intuition when it comes to her work. She shows it here, she shows it while creating a unique strategy for the Brighton deal. But her talents come to Robin’s aid the most at the end, when the Maeda deal is almost in danger of being cancelled. There, she goes completely left-field, using the story of Robin’s grandfather to convince Mr Mitsuyoshi (a strategy that Robin would have never agreed to under normal circumstances) to change the company name. It’s a gamble. And it pays off.

Robin Heiden may not think much of Min-june’s approach to love for a huge chunk of the movie, but he surely values what she brings to the table as a professional.


Calke Abbey by Olivia Notter
Via Flickr:
Ticknall, Derby, England | June, 2017




Darling - Hee Hee Hee!

June - What’s so funny?

Darling - Just you, you’re so dirty and greasy!

June - You need to take a look in the mirror, Mama mechanic!

A commission of two hardworking mechanics, my deer Darling and @blazethefox0 ‘s mouse, June, by the amazingly talented @skeletonguys-and-ragdolls ! She’s just recently opened for commissions for the first time, so head on over and pick one up!

Art copyright @skeletonguys-and-ragdolls

Darling belongs to me

June belongs to @blazethefox0