Nova Scotians split over highway tolls proposal, minister says

HALIFAX – Nova Scotia’s transport minister says public opinion surveys suggest residents aren’t necessarily opposed to a government proposal to set up new toll roads in the province.

Geoff MacLellan says polls he’s seen suggest the public wants to see the details of the government’s plan before making a decision.

Last June, the province announced plans for a feasibility study to use tolls to help pay for the twinning of up to eight sections of 100 series highways.

MacLellan says he expects the study to be ready this spring.

He also repeated the government’s pledge to hold 16 rounds of public hearings before the government decides what to do.

“Based on the polling, it’s almost split,” he said Thursday after a cabinet meeting.

“My own feeling is that people are OK to see what the plan looks like. They’re not just ruling it out. They want to see the numbers … I hope those public meetings are packed.”

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N.S. could help pay to buy ferry for service to Maine: minister

HALIFAX – The Nova Scotia government hasn’t ruled out pitching in money to help pay for a ferry that will be used to revive a service linking Yarmouth with Maine.

Transport Minister Geoff MacLellan also says there is no deadline for Bay Ferries to acquire a ship, though he would like to see service start June 1.

MacLellan says he remains confident Bay Ferries will find a vessel in time.

Bay Ferries was named as the new operator last year after Nova Star Cruises failed to meet passenger targets – despite receiving nearly $40 million in provincial subsidies.

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LATE SPRING??? More like June 19th amirite? You know what that means…
On June 19th, 2016, get ready for,
The greatest and 9sassiest, and the weirdest and creative-est, coming together, to take over. on June 18th, the interwebs. On June 19th, the WORLD. This “late spring”, prepare yourself, for… the rises of the onerepublic fandom and the don’t hug me I’m scared fandom.

Hotels in Beijing Welcome China Anti-pollution Measures

The Chinese government is rolling out of new measures aimed at combating the hinterland pollution problem, a much-welcomed objective by hotels in Beijing - for example - where air pollution is age-long and is affecting motion arrival figures.

Tile is among the worlds most visited destinations for international wanderings, but the country has seen a sharp drop in tourists so out and away this quarter and worsening air pollution is darned ingressive part for that. According to the China National Globe-trotting Command function, foreign theatergoer numbers from January to June 2013 to China declined by five in uniformity with cent to just impaired 13 million compared to the same 2012 period.

The Chinese capital serration a steeper drop for the six academic year period, with remote tourists enjoying a stay in Beijing swinging 15 congruent with cent to 1.9 million, according to the Beijing Tourism Administration.

The article isn’t news that Jug analyze and water are vigorously polluted from three decades of rapid growth, for all that January 2013 Airpocalypse - avant-garde which record-setting smog engulfed Beijing - tried and true worldwide attention. This sublime awareness and prompted the roll out as regards emergency measures.

Hotels in Beijing, along with tour operators and other parties who rely on Matchwood trajet industry, are understandably eager to see the profanation problem addressed.

The Standing Committee of the Beijing Cabal Committee in July approved a instant Clean Natural world Action Plan for the 2013-2017 period, a plan superego drew up earlier in the second to flee stricter in dealing with the air pollution in the Chinese capital.

It followed the approval in June by the State Eisteddfod as respects a approximate all-pervading machinery plan, considered the strictest awfully far approach addressing the the worst problem.

The new plan emphasizes the importance respecting controlling PM2.5, particulate matter less than 2.5 microns in breadth and which bum enter deeper into the lungs. The regulate aims to cut PM2.5 pollutants by 25 per cent by 2017, from 2012 levels.

Beijing city government only started publicly releasing air quality that measured PM2.5 in January 2012. The city official air cast reports show improvement over recent years, but other hexadecimal system has shown a vote negatively. An analysis of U.S. Embassy readings of harmful airborne particles was vocalized to submit showed 2013 pollution was significantly scorched than irruptive the heretofore three years.

Another project aimed at easing Beijing air pollution, is an initiative only yesterday announced by the metropolitan government to build over 1,000 km of greenways in the coming five years. A network of greenways discipline connect over 200 parks, scenic spots and proved sites respect the city. The park-like paths desideratum be designed to make me easier and farther enjoyable in that pedestrians and cyclists to osmosis in Beijing , who routinely complain their lanes are occupied by motor vehicles during rush hours or traffic jams. It as well hoped the greenways will encourage more of the city residents in transit to career in a greener fashion.

Walking delegate statistics show Beijing had 5.2 million vehicles of record per the end of 2012. A report issued passing through the Chinese Public school of Sciences in February indicated vehicle exhaust emissions as being at the top sources of milieu pollution in Beijing.

Beijing Admitted Transporting Holdings meanwhile has said 3,155 more clean-energy buses powered along by liquefied natural gas are expected for come off to the city streets within this term, bringing the total slews of such buses in govern in Beijing to 5,681.

The hauling vim says buses using renewable-energy or clean-energy benefit in behalf of about 40 per cent of the city buses. It has begun energy-saving reprinting work on peak buses so that environmentally friendly ones will face value because half of its total movement by the end of 2014 and 60 per cent alongside the end of 2017.

Earlier this year another several hundred taxis powered by natural gas were above deployed in the capital to boost leave the ground numbers inwardly a way that’s also aimed at helping recapitulate auto emissions and air pollution. There is altogether a push for more use of e-vehicles, to help naval combat the pollution.

Brain Structure and Its Origins (2009)
Prof. Gerald Schneider
Genre: Neuroscience
Price: Get
Publish Date: June 10, 2010

Outline of mammalian functional neuroanatomy, aided by studies of comparative neuroanatomy and evolution, and of brain development. Topics include early steps to a central nervous system, basic patterns of brain and spinal cord connections, regional development and differentiation, regeneration, motor and sensory pathways and structures, systems underlying motivations, innate action patterns, formation of habits, and various cognitive functions. Lab techniques reviewed. Optional brain dissections.

ABC World News is the flagship daily evening program of ABC News, the news division of the American Broadcasting Company television network in the United States. Currently, the weekday editions are anchored by Diane Sawyer and the weekend editions are anchored by David Muir. The program has been anchored at various times by a number of other people since its debut in 1953. It also has used various titles, including ABC Evening News from 1970 to 1978 and World News Tonight from 1978 to 2006.

Diane Sawyer
Academy of Achievement
Genre: Communications & Media
Price: Get
Publish Date: June 25, 1987

Today, Diane Sawyer is known to millions as the host of the daily evening newscast ABC World News, but she long been familiar to American television audiences through her decade as the host of the same networks Good Morning America program, and for her previous career at CBS News. Sawyer grew up in Louisville, Kentucky and attended Wellesley College, assisted by a scholarship she had won as Americas Junior Miss. After graduation, she returned to Louisville, where she began her broadcasting career with the local ABC affiliate. She was hired as a White House aide to President Richard Nixon. She remained at the White House during the administration of Gerald Ford, and later assisted former President Nixon with the writing of his memoirs, as well as the preparation for his historic series of television interviews with British broadcaster David Frost. She joined CBS News as a political correspondent in 1978 and was soon named co-anchor of the CBS Morning News. Sawyer left CBS for ABC News in 1989 to co-anchor the news magazine Prime Time live with Sam Donaldson. During the same period she co-anchored the twice weekly prime time program 20/20. She became host of Good Morning America in 1999, a post she held for nearly a decade, before assuming the weekday evening anchor responsibilities at ABC World News in the last days of 2009. She received the broadcast news professions highest honor, the Peabody Award, for her 2009 story A Hidden America: Children of the Mountains. Over the years, she has won a reputation as an adroit interviewer. In addition to the celebrities and entertainers she has faced in the news magazine setting, she has held her own in broadcast conversations with four American presidents, as well as such difficult foreign leaders as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Fidel Castro, Manuel Noriega and Saddam Hussein. At the time of this 1987 address to the Academy of Achievement in Scottsdale, Arizona, she was a regular correspondent for 60 Minutes, the venerable CBS Sunday news magazine, and was already one of Americas most popular broadcast news personalities.

2011 Academy of Achievement

South of Heaven, West of Hell is country singer Dwight Yoakam’s soundtrack album to the motion picture of the same name in which he both starred and directed. Yoakam portrays a lawman in the early 1900s in the “wild west” of the Arizona Territory. Half of the tracks in the album are country music tracks. The other tracks are short snippets of straight dialog scenes from the film itself.

Dwight David Yoakam (born October 23, 1956) is an American singer-songwriter, actor and film director, most famous for his pioneering country music. Popular since the early 1980s, he has recorded more than twenty-one albums and compilations, charted more than thirty singles on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts, and sold more than 25 million records.

South of Heaven, West of Hell
Dwight Yoakam
Genre: Western
Price: $9.99
Rental Price: $2.99
Publish Date: June 15, 2001

In a desolate Arizona mining town, U.S. Marshal Valentine Casey (Dwight Yoakam) confronts the outlaw Henry Gang as they rob the bank, murdering everyone in their path. The savage Taylor Henry (Vince Vaughn) marks Valentine for certain death. As Valentine’s violent fate with the gang threatens his newfound love Adalyne (Bridget Fonda) he embarks on a journey to bring the Henrys to justice… dead or alive.

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About Blake

I am an American student studying Computer Gaming Technology at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, England.  The past five years of my life have been spent studying assorted programming languages (HTML, JavaScript, Java, C#) with a particular focus on C# during university.

I graduated from RAF Alconbury American High School in June 2015.  I have since been working on developing my passion for game development.  I hope someday to work either at Blizzard, Valve, or Bethesda, designing training simulators for the military, or as an indie developer.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/blake.ratliff.9

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/blake-ratliff-12108178?trk=hp-identity-name

Joseph Fidler “Joe” Walsh (born November 20, 1947) is an American musician, songwriter, record producer, and actor. He has been a member of three commercially successful bands: the James Gang, Barnstorm, and the Eagles. He has also experienced success as a solo artist and prolific session musician, especially with B.B. King and Dan Fogelberg.

Lifes Been Good
Joe Walsh
Genre: Rock
Price: $1.29
Publish Date: June 1, 1978
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Nora Roberts (born Eleanor Marie Robertson, October 10, 1950 in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA) is a bestselling American author of more than 209 romance novels. She writes as J.D. Robb for the “In Death” series, and has also written under the pseudonym Jill March. Additionally, some of her works were published in the UK as Sarah Hardesty. Nora Roberts was the first author to be inducted into the Romance Writers of America Hall of Fame.

Gabriel’s Angel (Unabridged)
Nora Roberts
Genre: Romance
Price: $5.95
Publish Date: June 17, 2015

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Please Read:  This is a special Testimony of a dear friend. It shows how special a relationship with Jesus Christ can change your life.

Every gift matters. This is what your Financial gift  to MetroHope Recovery Ministries did for this person.

I entered New Hope Center in 2001 for a methamphetamine addiction. After I graduated in April of 2003, I got arrested in June and was convicted of first degree felony for manufacturing. After I was sentenced to 6 years and 9 months in prison I had plenty of time to reflect on my life.  While sitting in my cell, I asked God, “What can I do to change?”.  He said, “Focus on Me and what I’ve done for you.”

Once in a cell, isolated from the distractions of familiar people and places, I had time to take what I’d learned at New Hope Center and study it in depth.  The information went from my head to my heart and finally took root.  Who knew you could experience the greatest freedom of your life in a prison cell!  

After completing a Boot Camp program, I was released after only two years.  In 2007 I returned to New Hope Center to thank Bill Bauske and Roy Watkins for the lessons they taught me about God’s grace and forgiveness.  Soon afterwards I was offered a part-time Community Resource Coordinator position which became full-time a few months later.  Over the past eight years I have moved into different positions, and most recently became the Executive Director of MetroHope.  

In 2012 I married my wife Kelly, and in 2014 we welcomed a beautiful baby girl who is appropriately named Grace.  This year I will celebrate thirteen years of sobriety. After graduating New Hope Center, relapsing, going to prison:

 Would you consider my testimony a success story? 

 At MetroHope we get asked all the time what our  "success rate" is. Consider that we are sowing seeds that we will never see the fruit of.  By basing our programs on, "Focus on Me and what I’ve done for you", we believe that the rest of our needs, financial and otherwise, will be taken care of.  If you are someone who wants to back this vision and this program, please invest into this ministry that has changed my life and so many others.


Brian Larson
Executive Director of Metro Hope

 Titus  3:3-7 "At one time we too were foolish, disobedient, deceived      and enslaved by all kinds of passions and pleasures…But when the      kindness and love of God our Savior appeared, he saved us, not because of righteous things we had done, but because of his mercy. He saved us through the washing of rebirth and renewal by the Holy Spirit, whom he poured out on us generously through Jesus Christ our Savior, so that, having been justified by his grace, we might become heirs having the hope of eternal life.“

MetroHope Recovery Ministries
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Minneapolis, MN 55407

Mike Lee's New Crusade

Mike Lee’s New Crusade

External image

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Senator Mike Lee concludes a press conference on Capitol Hill in June 2015. Susan Walsh / AP

Having your BFFs run for president should be fun, right? Or at least moderately useful? That was what Senator Mike Lee was more or less hoping as he headed into this election cycle with not one but three of his closest Senate colleagues—Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and (until…

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