junes department store


Nanako is still the best ⊟

The upbeat, independent Nanako was the absolute best in Persona 4, and now she’s the best in Persona 4 Dancing All Night (coming to PS Vita some time this year). Like, here she is dancing to an extended version of the Junes department store jingle, because of course she is. 

This one isn’t subtitled yet, but PepsimanGB has been subtitling all the P4D videos, for those of you interested in the motivation behind all the dancing.

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June 9, 2016
  1. Sagittarius
     Department store

  2. Aries
     Mystery novel

  3. Gemini
     Pet hotel
     Light blue

  4. Cancer
     Convenience store

  5. Libra

  6. Leo
     Cleaning goods

  7. Pisces

  8. Taurus
     Hair-styling product

  9. Aquarius
     Seafood pasta

  10. Capricorn

  11. Scorpio
     Lunch box

  12. Virgo
(group) ongoing schedule
  • monday - sunday: [jonghyun] blue night radio (12am)
  • thursdays: [key] m!countdown (6pm) [* unless otherwise specified or there's a conflicting / overlapping schedule.]
  • -
  • -
  • june 12th: [jonghyun] shinsegae department store fansign (8:30pm)
  • june 16th: shinee world iv in seoul (dvd release)
  • june 16th: [jonghyun] m!countdown (6pm) (goodbye stage)
  • june 17th: [jonghyun] music bank (5pm) (goodbye stage)
  • june 17th: [jonghyun] suwon k-pop super concert (7pm)
  • june 18th: [jonghyun] music core (3:45pm) (goodbye stage)
  • june 19th: [jonghyun] knowing brothers (11pm) (airing)
  • june 19th: [jonghyun] inkigayo (3:40pm) (goodbye stage)
  • june 20th: (italy) [taemin] milan men's fashion week - diesel black gold (9:30pm)
  • june 22nd: (japan) shinee's fifth anniversary
  • june 24th: [taemin] music bank - half year special (5pm)
  • june 25th: shilla duty free fan festival (7:30pm)
  • june 29th: 「visual music by shinee~music video collection~」 release
  • july 16th: (japan) smtown live world tour iv (kyocera dome, day i)
  • july 17th: (japan) smtown live world tour iv (kyocera dome, day ii)
  • july 18th: taemin's twenty third birthday
  • july 30th: (los angeles) 2016 kcon la
  • july 31st: 『shinee world 2016 ~d×d×d~』 tokyo dome special edition (9pm)
  • august 13th: (japan) smtown live world tour iv (tokyo dome, day i)
  • august 14th: (japan) smtown live world tour iv (tokyo dome, day ii)
  • september 23rd: key's twenty fifth birthday
  • december 9th: minho's twenty fifth birthday
  • december 14th: onew's twenty seventh birthday
  • -
  • -
  • pending - september: [minho] chemistry (release)
  • pending - december: [minho] hwarang: the beginning
  • pending: [minho] two men (release)
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  • if a schedule just has the event listed and nothing in front of it that means that the event is both full group (unless otherwise specified) and held in korea. events in japan are marked with (j). changes in schedule (adding on, cancellation, etc.) are always possible and likely. twitter.com/mbcbluenight updates the weekly guest schedule for blue night every sunday or monday kst, and you can find shinee's official schedule at shinee.smtown.com. (though the official schedule is honestly very slowly updated at times and doesn't include updates for their activities in japan.)