It’s been quite the time that I don’t post any wip and stuff…and oh… I have so many things in progress >_< 

so I will move this blog a bit with this steampunk - art nouveau themed illustrations/characters…                                                  

you can also check my deviantart  page for details or more info about this if you want :>

New song! ~

Well, this was the result of some studies  months ago~
I ended up creating a whole setting out of this song (even though I don’t think that other people can actualy related the setting with the song…well..there is the album art for you~ )

-there goes an original composition :>      

-one of the rare ones that aren’t related to any sort of personal project of mine or whatever.. that’s why i’m posting it…       

-I will try to compose now ‘standalone’ songs, so that I can finally begin posting them                                                

-It is a loop                                      

-it is a revised version of an older track of mine