Back to life... or tumblr at least!

These past two weeks have been so hectic and filled with exam project writing that I haven’t had time for anything else basically. To give you an idea; from 10 am monday to 4 am wednesday morning I was at my university with my project group and I didn’t get any real sleep because my group insisted on working through the night (2 nights in a row). It was horrible. Sleep deprivation is NOT fun and I would have been more productive if I had gotten some sleep.

Anyway. We handed it in thursday, but then I had to head straight for work. Yesterday I then had 12 hours at work and then 9 today. My apartment is one big mess and I have so much laundry to so, BUT I’m just so glad it’s handed in.

I feel like I have to thank Vicki, Meg and Margo though. I read your Jugenea fics on my breaks and they made my exam project writing days so much better :P

I have been dying to work on my own fic and now I finally can! Hopefully I’ll post another excerpt or maybe even the whole thing within these next few days.