blog makeover for fhlorah! 

what i did

  • changed the theme
  • added an elevator tab
  • added some pixels
  • pop up fask with submit/linkies
  • customization of posts and and sidebar

we hope you like it! feel free to change whatever you want dont hesitate to ask us if you have any questions or want us to change something and dont forget to give credit somewhere on your blog 



#LabRatz #June2k14

sorry the before picture doesnt work anymore -.-

for: poppy

what have I done:

- changed the theme

- added a popup

- added a bubble tab

- changed the colour scheme

- added a favicon

- added a mouse trail

- added a back to the top button

I hope that you like it poppy! xx

if you want a banner, please request one here

anonymous asked:

is there a way for you to show us what it's going to look like before you actually change everything? it's just that i'm super attatched to my current theme but i want to change it up, i'm just not sure what will happen if i decide i want to go back to how it is now...

we can do it on a side blog before we move it over to your actual blog if you want, just ask! 

(answer edited by anna)

anonymous asked:

hey, I just wanted to ask; how can we trust you not to hack? Do we give you our passwords? Not trying to be rude, I love what your doing, I'm just wondering if there is a specific way we can ensure our blogs will be safe? Sorry if I offended you, didn't mean to be rude. Thank you xx

hey, you have to give your password, but we dont do anything else with your account. we only log in for the makeover. we know how it feels if other people look through your things. you can ask other people about there blogmakovers. i dont really know what to say, but i swear that your blog will be safe. no its okay! we understand that we get those questions :) xx sharon