I love that simple minded people don’t understand that same sex marriage doesn’t mean a person is marrying another without ones consent. And they need to understand that both people in these marriages are agreeing to be together because they love one another. So saying because gay marriage is legal it will some how cause Bestiality to be legal are sick idiotic fucks and need to stop being so stupid. LIKE SERIOUSLY PEOPLE NEED TO LEAVE ANIMALS AND PEOPLE ALONE IF SOMEONE DOESN’T WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU THEN FUCK OFF AND STOP BEING A PIECE OF SHIT. AND I CAN’T COMPREHEND HOW PEOPLE ARE SO AGAINST GAY MARRIAGE LIKE NOOO! STOP THAT YOU’RE RUDE LEAVE THEM. EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE HAPPY AS LONG AS IT’S NOT HURTING SOME ONE ELSE AND TRYING TO TAKE AWAY SOMEONE’S PRIVILEGE ISN’T OKAY. BUT SAYING THAT YOUR MARRIAGE WILL BE RUINED BECAUSE SOMEONE ELSE CAN GET MARRIED THAN YOU HAVE YOUR OWN ISSUES.

ROFL. The Aahil and Sanam conversation from Thursday had me in stitches. 

I can’t fault Sanam or Aahil but I did enjoy Aahil’s frustration that she didn’t remember their moment.

It makes sense though. She wouldn’t have done that if she wasn’t out of it.

And what now.

He asked Nida to marry him because he’s mad at Sanam.

OMG this is IPKKND all over again.

I cannot.

I must be fucked in the head to love someone so brutal. What am I doing?
I’m sick of trying,
I’m sick of always crying,
And I’m sick of feeling like I’m worthless.
I really need the strength to get out of this. But I can’t find it.
You have torn me apart and I don’t know what I have left.
How is it possible that through all this, I still love you?
Help me.

June 26th Birthday Personality

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