June 1904 | Artful Deception | Phineas & Gladys

Finding clothing suitable for the vernissage was, in short, frustrating. The event was, more than the art, about the people. Who was there, who was suspiciously absent, and what was everyone wearing. It was exactly the type of event Phineas could have avoided, were he not part of a plan to embarrass the journalists who would most certainly be swarming.

Josiah had, yet again, saved him by gifting him a new suit clearly out of his price range. Phineas declined such a gift, especially one with no purpose other than to cover the fact that he was quite unequal to his peers. But Josiah had insisted, and Phineas resolved then to repay his friend (though he did have to wonder how exactly Josiah had managed it with an even more meager income than his own).

Choosing to Apparate to Gladys’ (it was, after all, far cleaner and quicker than any other mode), he arrived slightly before he was expected, hoping that would not be too much of an inconvenience.

The bell rang as he entered the shop, and he began examining a broom that was on display while waiting for her to appear.

Miss Gladys Boothby and Mr. Phineas Black

June 1904 | Reconnaissance | Phineas & Arcturus

Since his night of drinking with Arc and Sirius, Phineas had been concerned for Arc. He knew well that the pressures of marriage were taxing, and he had yet to really know how his younger brother felt. Those same pressures nearly caused him to marry.

Little did that woman know how lucky she was to escape with just a few tears.

Arc’s situation was certainly different to his, but regardless of the reasons, he was still quite obviously anxious. Phineas could talk him through pure nerves, but if there were instead some deeper reason… Well, surely he could offer some bit of advice to ease the situation.

While he hadn’t specified a location, Phineas thought he would be easy enough to spot, especially with the few number of shoppers out. Still, he scanned the crowds carefully in case his brother had trouble finding him.