Alice Springs (1923 -

June Newton is an Australian actress and photographer. As an actress she was known professionally as June Brunell and won the Erik Kuttner Award for Best Actress in 1956. Since 1970 she has worked as a photographer under the pseudonym Alice Springs. Her photographs have appeared in publications such as Vanity Fair, Interview, Elle and Vogue.

She first met Berlin-born photographer Helmut Newton in 1947 at his studio in Melbourne. Browne was working as an actress under the surname Brunell and had answered an ad for some modelling work at Helmut’s studio. The couple were married the following year.

As per a 1987 interview with June and her husband, June said Helmut decided that she should use a different name professionally as a photographer. June’s chosen pseudonym, Alice Springs, came from the Australian town by the same name. She selected the name by blindly stabbing a pin into a map of Australia. Alice Springs did find success; by 1974 one of her photographs had appeared on the cover of Elle magazine.

She is currently living in Monte Carlo and is 91 years old

BTS/GOT7member names according to Siri


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Bangtan Sonyeondan: Bang tang song and dumb

Kim Seokjin: Kim sexy ogen/Kim suck your dick

Min Yoongi: megan unity/Been you T E

Kim Namjoon: Kim newton june/Kim neptune

Jung Hoseok: John cut sack/General sick

Park Jimin: Park German/Parchment

Kim Taehyung: Kim take young/Turn terrace, young

Jeon Jungkook: John John cook/young young cook


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GOT7: gap seven

Mark Tuan: Mark Twain/Mac Quan

Im Jaebum: In Jae balvin/Turn who is in the bum

Jackson Wang: hot is jackson bag/*sends a text message*

Park Jinyoung: Parked in young/the do not

Choi Youngjae: Dora Youngjae/who is stupid

Kunpimook Bhuwakul/BamBam: Who is pooping fuck you/Ban Bam

Kim Yugyeom: Kim you liam/who is the beauty of